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  1. Protocol Augur


    The Faceless
    Server: Mischief
    Discord: https://discord.gg/mHvQ8sutZr
    Loot Policy: Open-Bid DKP + optional raids

    About Faceless:
    Faceless is a longstanding hardcore progression guild which has been raiding on TLP servers since our inception in February 2011. Over the past 10 straight years there has never been a time when Faceless was not raiding progression content in Everquest. Over that time we’ve had hundreds of server firsts; and we were the second progression server guild to ever hit live in the 14 years since EQ began it’s progression servers.

    Our Goals:
    1. Complete progression content as aggressively as possible each expansion
    2. Complete all Everquest content; reaching live with a robust team of motivated raiders
    3. Maintain a fair and transparent organization where rules are clear
    4. Maximize the gear intake for our team
    5. Distribute loot as quickly as possible, with all loot being bid out live every night.

    Why Faceless?
    If your goal is to complete every EQ expansion and reach live, there is no safer bet than Faceless. Given our history, you can rest assured that this is a long-term guild that isn’t going to suddenly fold, vanish or disappear.

    Our team has already established itself as a successful raiding guild on Mischief with over 200 open world kills, the second overall completion of Velious and the first overall completion of Luclin. We're here for the long haul and we're excited to continue crushing content with our friends.

    Raid Schedule:
    Wednesday - 8:30pm EST
    Thursday - 8:30pm EST
    Saturday - 8:30pm EST

    1. You must have real gear in every slot.
    2. You are expected to maintain a stock of raid relevant clickies and potions at all times.
    3. You may not sell items won at DKP raids until you've acquired an upgrade for that item.
    4. Level 65
    5. 0% RA required

    Find more details at our discord: https://discord.gg/vADbqc6uGM

    Apply today: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXmqodx92zYSk5AmMH0lqeNWY3L7uJaUof6fx3dltjzYyisw/viewform
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  3. Protocol Augur

    We are now splitting all Luclin content and enjoying the occasional T1 open world side dish. Come join in the fun.

  4. Broaming New Member

    +1 my time with Faceless has been really incredible so far. Easily the most fun I have had in EQ on any progression server.
  5. TLP Addict Augur

    Lol at the pet named Bajablast
  6. Protocol Augur

    We're still on the lookout for talented players who plan to stick around all the way to live.

    You can join our Turret Team
  7. Intelliment New Member

    is this a new Recruiting thread started by you guys? Didnt you have an older longer one from months ago with a different person recruiting? Just curious.
  8. Protocol Augur

    Hey, this is a new thread. I had the old thread deleted and started a new one when we brought on a new recruitment officer.
  9. Blastoff Augur

    Super fun guild, really efficient raiding and great crew to raid with (lots of eq lore)...splitting vt and ssra in 3 hours. My alt got a hammer of thought (clr/dru/shm theft of thought proc) for 1/10 of a raid night. The c*** wasn't even in the raid. BIS loot going for 2 dkp ticks till live how can you miss out.
  10. Oppressive New Member

    Have you ever witnessed 50 frogs beating on Emperor?
    It's quite a sight.

    <The Faceless> froggy raids.

  11. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    I bet there is not a single wizard and probably only one mage in that screenshot.

    Anyone want to level up a wizard or a mage?
  12. Airburrito Devourer of tacos

    Even fewer Druids! We could use a handful of Druids.
  13. Hirbow Augur

  14. Protocol Augur

    All are welcome to apply but we are especially interested in more Druids, Mages, Wizards and one or two Paladins. Get in before PoP launch!
  15. Protocol Augur

    PoP launch was a tremendous success here at Faceless. We ran two split raids from the moment the expansion launched and kept them together from Grummus to Phase 3 of Plane of Time. This allowed us to flag over 140 characters for the Elemental Planes and over 100 characters for Plane of Time itself. This allowed us to ensure that any member who wanted to participate in the launch was able to come out and raid even in Plane of Time during the first few days. No players left behind!
    On top of being able to bring almost our entire guild to the Elemental Planes and Plane of time for our first run we had the added bonus of getting the server first Rallos Zek the Warlord, Agnarr, and Aerin Dar kills as well as the tremendous fun of killing Rallos Zek three times on opening night!
    Are you disappointed with your guilds progress in PoP? Do you feel like your guild left you behind while they pushed 72 through raids? Apply to Faceless today!
  16. Blastoff Augur

    Our dkp is still worth more than your plat split.
  17. Protocol Augur

    With PoP in full swing and LDoN + GoD right around the corner it's time for you to ensure you're in the right guild!

    Is your guild clearing just one PoTime per week? Just two? Are you benching players and boxes or struggling to field a raid? Don't die a slow death to attrition; join Faceless today and be with a guild you know is going to go the distance.


    We're the only guild on the server full 3x splitting Plane of Time. Don't spend another 3+ months riding a bench or zerging content with 72 warm bodies. Join Faceless today!
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  18. Blastoff Augur

    Killing more bosses than trash mobs in plane of fire...250 pof/pow/poe drops in 2hrs and a full night's dkp.
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  19. Protocol Augur

    Are you in a guild on it's deathbed that is struggling to clear Plane of Time with one Warrior and two SK's for tanks? Sad that your guild is only doing two splits of Plane of Fire with 25 people each? Tired of raids ending at midnight every night? It's only going to get worse as fewer new players roll on Mischief and new TLP's come out this summer.

    Join Faceless today to get set up with the longest running and healthiest guild on the server!
  20. Destro New Member

    We’re coming out of PoP thiccc as hell. It’s a great time to join the fun and pick up tons of best in slot gear right off the bat!