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    The Faceless
    Server: Mischief
    Discord: https://discord.gg/mHvQ8sutZr
    Loot Policy: Open-Bid DKP + occasional GDKP raids

    About Faceless:
    Faceless is a longstanding hardcore progression guild which has been raiding on TLP servers since our inception in February 2011. Over the past 10 straight years there has never been a time when Faceless was not raiding progression content in Everquest. Over that time we’ve had hundreds of server firsts; and we were the second progression server guild to ever hit live in the 14 years since EQ began it’s progression servers.

    Our Goals:
    1. Complete progression content as aggressively as possible each expansion
    2. Complete all Everquest content; reaching live with a robust team of motivated raiders
    3. Maintain a fair and transparent organization where rules are clear
    4. Maximize the gear intake for our team
    5. Distribute loot as quickly as possible, with all loot being bid out live every night.

    Why Faceless?
    If your goal is to complete every EQ expansion and reach live, there is no safer bet than Faceless. Given our history, you can rest assured that this is a long-term guild that isn’t going to suddenly fold, vanish or disappear.

    Our system combines DKP with weekly GDKP raids, harnessing Mischief's ruleset to build the best raid force possible, and the best experience for our members. We will work together as a guild -- in and out of raids -- to progress as aggressively as possible through each expansion.

    Raid Schedule:
    Wednesday - 8:30pm EST
    Thursday - 8:30pm EST
    Saturday - 8:30pm EST

    We feature an optional batphone which allows us to pursue additional targets in the open world throughout the week in order to maximize the loot intake of our guild.

    1. You must have real gear in every slot.
    2. You are expected to maintain a stock of raid relevant clickies and potions at all times.
    3. You may not sell items won at DKP raids until you've acquired an upgrade for that item.
    4. Level 51+
    5. 0% RA required

    Find more details at our discord: https://discord.gg/mHvQ8sutZr


    Apply today: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXmqodx92zYSk5AmMH0lqeNWY3L7uJaUof6fx3dltjzYyisw/viewform
  2. Protocol Augur

    This is what we do. Six guilds spanning eight servers for over ten years. Come join us and take another trip to live EQ.
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  3. Gheed Augur

    GDKP based loot didn't work out huh? Who would've thought
  4. Sylph New Member

    There's a lot of old names in those screen shots, the band is getting back together and making some new friends along the way.
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  5. Rizlowder New Member

    whos the leader
  6. Protocol Augur

    For a lot of people it does work; the people here prefer DKP and a more team oriented atmosphere though.
  7. Ootax Augur

    The other guild disband completely? I guess what is the difference between this guild and the other Faceless guild?
  8. Cassiera New Member

    No, FXIV still exists. The Faceless just has a different atmosphere/goals. We're trying to build an outstanding raid force, they're trying to make plat. Nothing wrong with that, but a very different direction.

    If you want to learn more, check out our discord, and feel free to send me a PM there: https://discord.gg/mHvQ8sutZr
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  9. FranktheBank Augur

  10. Broaming New Member

    How does your guild handle epic items?
  11. Finchy Augur

    Great group of folks with a very solid and experienced officer core.
  12. Basak Augur

    Nice. What servers were they all on? The only time I was a member was on Test server.
  13. Cassiera New Member

    We're on the Mischief TLP server! It's an interesting ruleset to explore - you should come join us! :)
  14. Basak Augur

    I am on Mischief, three boxing SK, Shaman, Cleric. Currently only 14 though so a bit of ways to go.
  15. sieger Augur

    I'm the guild leader of the current live version of Faceless on Bertoxx and was formerly one of the guild leaders of Agnarr Faceless, while we will continue to raid our regular live schedule we do have several members in this guild (including myself) and I give it my full endorsement. While Mischief is a very different server and will have many unique scenarios to work through, they have a good leadership crew here that includes raid leadership from Agnarr.

    We have a long history of keeping guilds active, there has been a Faceless guild continuously raiding since 2011. We also have a long history of leadership with integrity, being an officer in a Faceless guild is a responsibility that people take on, it is not a way to steal krono or manipulate the guild for your personal benefit like it is in so many TLP guilds. People have asked me before why I've stayed loyal to Faceless all these years and that is the core reason.
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  16. Shevah New Member

    Is there a minimum level for alts? Or a maximum number of alts someone can have?
  17. Cassiera New Member

    Nope! Feel free to bring your crew :)
  18. Cassiera New Member

    After our first few raids, the force is REALLY coming together nicely.

    Join us now! Experience the fun, efficiency, and LOOT of a truly great group of raiders!
  19. TheGoblin Elder

    Do you guys kill OW targets also?
  20. Protocol Augur

    Yes we do!
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