Not A Bug [Mischief] Sky Named dropping 100% normal loot, no randomness.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Happyfeet V91, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. Happyfeet V91 New Member

    Mischief is supposed to be all random. I know that Sky was dropping Kunark loot early on, but you've just reverted it to normal loot. At least randomize the tables within Sky, but preferably between all the raid encounters.

  2. ShaggyG Journeyman

    There also seems to be a massive discrepancy between class specific loot drop rates, shaman and warrior are getting very low drop rates. Hate minis are only dropping their own loot, fear golems dropping nothing.

    My personal suggestion for sky would be to have the island bosses just dropping quest rewards at random instead of quest pieces, but if there's just a ton of random quest pieces it might be just as good.
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    DPG: We've altered the server, pray we don't alter it further.
  4. Happyfeet V91 New Member

    It's 1 month of classic, at least crank up the drops per mob to 5 or 10+, instead of like 2-5, which is the normal.
  5. Happyfeet V91 New Member

  6. niente Developer

    Plane of Sky was intentionally not randomized at launch due to the heavy implementation of quest items, which are handled as a special case in the randomized loot system.
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  7. Protagonist Tank

    This is an exceptionally odd statement given what they were dropping last week.
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