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    LGBTQIA+ friendly, woke AF.
    Woodwinds is a very Democratic, forward-thinking, and tolerant focused guild aimed at having a good time in a safe place. It is a brand new guild looking for officers to help manage recruiting and raiding. Loot (including raid loot) is NBG because let's be honest, Mischief is a loot pinata and there's no shortage of gear and no one is going to be making $$$ with such high supply, krono farmers need not apply. Being a member of Woodwinds means you are definitely not a Trumpeteer as they are members of the brass section. It's a video game, these item pixels get replaced with each expansion so relax. It's the company we keep that matters.

    Region: North America
    Server: Mischief
    Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 6pm-9pm PST
    Loot rules: NBG and everyone (including boxes) gets loot (1 piece of loot per char til everyone wins something, then 2, etc)
    Contact: Endless
    Discord: https://discord.gg/bdTfkGkfH7
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    Hey this guild looks like it would be right up my ally. My cleric is 44 but working to level up fast. Love the NBG loot system and the views you represent..

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