Mischief Server looks like it will be the best EQ TLP server ever

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    For sure. XP is always king. I'd guess the most effective path will still be to xp where the rate is best, and then move to where the easiest high level rares are once you are max level.
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  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Almost exactly like EQ was before we knew everything.
  3. Machen New Member

    While I think generally this is true, some places are going to drop so much loot that it will be hard to pass up. 10-15 named an hour in hs north wing, most of which currently drop crap loot, but which may now occasionally drop a fungi tunic or ods? People will give up good xp for that. Named density will be critical.
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  4. Machen New Member

    Yeah, but without the ability to ever learn anything. Learning was half the fun. Or knowing something that most of the players didn't. You won't have that here.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    xp has been through multiple normalizations but i think the best way to do it is by how much travelling it takes to get somewhere and how easy it is to get out of there.

    So you have outdoor xp, dungeon xp, dz xp....then you add on a bonus depending on distance from major travel points, be that pok books, nexus spires, or druid/wizard port locations.

    A deep dungeon with awkward or difficult exit points that is as far away as you can get from a travel point should have slightly better xp than anything else for example.

    An outdoor zone with a bunch of easy travel points would be the baseline xp and no more.
  6. jeskola pheerie

    so like most current TLP players...
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  7. KrakenReality Augur

    Right, but it’s going to be harder to make money on this server. FV still generates a lot of RMT, but the value is more limited based on all the options. Raid gear is always at a premium on FV, because it’s a more limited supply but group gear drops in value much quicker. Some recent examples:

    TBL very challenging expansion for the average player, which dramatically reduced group gear supply and had higher prices.

    GMM added as anniversary content that was very easy and rewarding, had high value at first due to the demand from TBL scarcity but quickly tanked to tribute, give away, or destroy status.

    ToV very easy expansion, essentially a loot piñata to the most casual and undergeared players made it so T1 gear had no value to even try to sell and difficult to giveaway.

    The point is that the very best items will have demand like raid items that are more scarce, due to availability versus group content that will quickly flood the inventories of players dropping the market. There’s money to be made, but it’s going to be more difficult with the randomized loot and all targets becoming valuable.

    It’s honestly one of their best efforts towards curbing RMT.
  8. Vicus Augur

    True but I think as you stated before this will give RMT peeps an advantage....it will get nerfed and once they get the bugs all figured out (probably an expansion to late), it will be about XP. I don't see this lasting much after PoP though, by the major raid guilds are extremely established they will have complete gear sets for "new recruits" once they pass trials and such. Will be no need for people to buy things. I had friends on FV basically tell me come join them and to focus on AA, gear will be just given to you. There are so many "rot" items in peoples bank that a new recruit can just say "anyone have some necro gear laying around" and boom full parcel box.
  9. a_librarian Augur

    oh honey
  10. Faydra Augur

    ??? If no one has any need to buy anything, why will RMT'ers have an advantage? FV rules encourage sharing loot between friends, guilds and new recruits as you said.
  11. Vicus Augur

    You can make all the plans in the world but the RMT people drastically outnumber the CS team/Devs. DBG have to follow their own rules and guidelines, the RMT's dont. The bad guys always have an advantage over the good guys because they know what rules they are going to break and the good guys have to "catch" them.

    If DBG wanted to curb RMT they would just make a no krono server, secretly I think they enjoy the spoils they receive from the practice. They are literally Gamestop. **Krono analogy** DBG sells a game for 59.99$, that person beats the game...and sells it to a friend for 5$ and that friend (RMT) sells it to someone else for 25$. No matter what DBG wins. They only kick the RMT guys who get to big and greedy and try to open up shop right next to their Gamestop.
  12. Vicus Augur

    Which is also why I said they won't last past PoP. When the game first launches not everyone will be in a guild of trustworthy and established friends who are willing to give stuff they earned away so quickly.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    RMT was happening in the game since the beginning, removing krono will just change where it happens.
  14. Aegir Augur

    Eye of Veeshan is lv 70. Will it drop AoW and Vulak loot? :)
  15. Vicus Augur

    This exactly. DBG is the government benefiting off the tax dollars of the new "legal" "Green" Krono.
  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    But do the RMT people collectively outnumber all of the other players? because that's who their competition will be on this server

    You must be new here, RMT was rampant prior to Krono, all Krono did was let SoE/Daybreak get a slice of the pie and provide greater safety to the players doing it.

    That's the whole point of Krono, and while DBG wins the future of EQ is secured.

    You can support this with evidence?
  17. brickz Augur

    Raids will drop loot from other raid NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion.
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  18. Lejaun Augur

    No. Different expansions.
  19. Aegir Augur

    lv 70 loot-table in Velious is going to be one big lottery, lol.

    Lv 66 is kind of a Joker too. Kill Velketor for Dozekar Tears or Tunare loot.
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  20. SunDrake Augur

    1. The unlocks are a bit better, but still slow if you are starting in classic. 12 months until GoD.
    2. Free Trade

    1. True Box, with no announced plan to drop the restriction after a certain point. I really thought this might be one they'd get right this time.
    2. The random loot is really gimmicky and its primary appeal is in the first few expansions.
    3. The success or failure of this server will serve as the test of Free Trade on TLP. Its been mentioned numerous times, but I also felt that Free Trade shouldn't be tangled up with other novelty factors.

    Either way, it's different. At least its not another Aradune?