Mischief Server looks like it will be the best EQ TLP server ever

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Haldi, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Faydra Augur

    Hopefully they are ready to activate it same day. I remember this happening in the past, maybe it was Combine / Sleeper I'm thinking of.
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  2. Lejaun Augur

    I think the valid concern is that TLPs tend to be a madhouse for the first few weeks. Especially with a brand new ruleset like this one, there is a good chance that this is the most popular server yet.

    Starting off with only one server open, even though there are plans to open a second, seems to be less than optimal over just starting with both open from the beginning.
  3. Lejaun Augur

    Definitely. If they go with only one server at start, I hope they have someone on standby to open up the second ASAP if there are the massive problems such as what Aradune and other TLPs had on opening.
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  4. Kylo Classic Augur

    I don't think they'll need a second server, let alone a third. /wink
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think this is what makes most sense as it would make quests/keying almost impossible considering those items can still be no trade.
  6. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Something I didn't see discussed, and maybe it was in the announcement and I missed it, but... This will merge into FV eventually, right? I mean they aren't going to want two free-trade servers? Or are they? Thoughts?
  7. Lejaun Augur

    I doubt it does, due to the random loot aspect of it.
  8. Loki4567 Lorekeeper

    Will that second server be a permanent fixture? or will it be dumped back into mischeif when the rush is off? Or tbd?
    Dreamweaver tbd for the most part
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  9. Faydra Augur

    It most likely depends what ends up happening with the server population. They don't have a crystal ball either, but it's good they are planning ahead.
  10. Jontrann Augur

    Personally i think epic items should be randomized as well, especially since they are tradeable and yes most epic items on free trade servers are tradeable its just the completed epics that aren't and by doing this they make having a completed epic more rare then what we normally see.
  11. Demetri Augur

    Made a realization earlier - with their use of phrasing, it seems everyone (myself included until a short while ago) is assuming there's ZERO weighting before it goes to the shared table.

    They didn't actually say that - so we may be seeing them biasing their normal table more than the general - lending higher value to some camps, while not completely monopolizing things. Same thing with raids/etc.

    If they do plan for it to be 100% shared table only currently, I'd even suggest that - since it would mitigate many of the problems I've seen mused so far.
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I would guess that they haven't decided that yet and it will depend on server population when it catches up to live. Since this is a special ruleset that would give it reason to stay around after it hits live as depending on how it works out the random loot could be an interesting draw for some.

    Though I do think that FV will be the only server a player can transfer to.
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  13. Rainbowbright Journeyman

    The more I see on the forums here the more I'm worried this might be the first time they have to make 2 backup servers. I really hope one of them is a miragul style of this.
  14. Brunlin Augur

    Ok good to know. Yea I haven't been in game since the first few weeks after Aradune launched. So I couldn't see the calendar. I am glad you pointed that out though and it sounds like you might be right.
  15. MMOer Augur

    I see this choice to make free trade and loot fountains from any boss as a money making scheme. They want krono sales. This will bring krono sales..and farmers.

    I only hope that it backfires and floods the market with loot that would otherwise be rarer and the values tank.

    Really hate to see a game I love treated like this... but my cares are little to none. This cow is almost milked dry and I am just glad to be able to play one more time before it dies.
  16. Chopsuey Augur

    This ruleset definitely has high fun per hour potential. We'll see how it goes. I'm excited though.
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  17. Fixit Journeyman

    It will kill Mangler and Aradune is past the point of a normal death, the hold out on a new server is why it has stayed strong.

    We will be waiting for you.
  18. Kylo Classic Augur

    LOL, hyperbole.
  19. Faydra Augur

    1 week of vacation time on the books! Next stop, snack aisle.
  20. Kylo Classic Augur

    Sure has started a lot of discussions in the forums, and we still don't know any real details about the server.