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  1. jiri_ Augur

    Yeah, while we're talking about the initial design philosophy let's talk about not having every spawn location marked on your map and programs that time everything out for you. Let's talk about having multiple GMs on every server enforcing the PNP. And let's talk about the devs having basically no expectation that the endgame would ever continue beyond level 60.
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  2. Febb Augur

    It's a good thing they fixed all these issues in the later better designed expansions. But, many don't want to play in those expansions for some odd reason. So it's a vicious cycle of people that keep restarting on every new TLP and then they come here on the forums and and moan about the terrible design of the early game.
  3. Demetri Augur

    I can quote at least 100 different people between Mischief and Thornblade that rode out Phinigel to the end - that "some odd reason" is literally a previous TLP ending. I'd imagine Selo's experienced similar as well. And I hardly knew everyone that was left on late Phinny.
  4. Atomos Augur

    EQ was originally designed when instancing wasn't a thing yet. If EQ had been designed a few years later, I doubt the "competition" you speak of (which frankly only existed because the game was way more popular than expected) would've existed at all since instancing would've been in from the start.

    A lot of design decisions for early MMOs don't take population into account because no one knows how popular or unpopular their game is going to be. Instancing for the most part negates that.

    The Play Nice Policy was also very anti-competition, it unfortunately required a lot of manpower to function properly.
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    I was there until the end (so to speak). I suppose I should kill one mob in CoV to say I made it to Live. I'll get there eventually.
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  6. Demetri Augur

    I didn't realize you were another that went down with the ship on Phin - from the timings you mention, I assume Rosengard since they faltered just before CoV hit?
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    Nope, just me, myself, and I. I don't raid. Sailed that casual (/sarcasm) ship all the way to port. :)
  8. Demetri Augur

    Ah, and you survived TBL doing the solo-ish route? Yeeeeouch.
  9. Wordor New Member

    Remove the PH for bergurgle and grim. Give them 100% spawn rate and/or 2 pieces that drop per. Flood the server with crowns. No reason or time on this server to allow people to monopolize content.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    Didn't love it. Truth is, I logged in one day and found myself in the non-instanced version of Smoke. From there I could zone into Empyr. I disliked the expansion enough that I just stayed in Empyr and geared up without ever having completed the trials or hunting in any other zone.
  11. Demetri Augur

    Yea the group content was brutal (and the raids were even moreso) - honestly made me feel like original GoD tuning was easy mode afterwards, but it's been so long my memory could be flawed.
  12. Machen New Member

    Do it. Let's see 100 names. Preferably with public dkp logs. I'll grant you Accipiter with no logs.
  13. Demetri Augur

    Literally to the end? No - but for those that played the last year or so? Absolutely. About 40 from Reso, 40 from OGC and around 20 from Rosen. And wasn't counting Accipiter at that time, didn't know he was Phinny beforehand.

    And don't have DKP logs for other guilds =P

    And some are playing super casual, some hardcore - and a few in between - not everyone went serious to serious. But for example it's easy enough to find most of the US Rosen in <Not Quite Uber> on Thornblade (as well as some Reso - 15ish at last count) and most of the OGC in <Cowboys & Camels> (~20ish early on, but not been up to date recently).

    Mischief is less "clustered" with folks reguilding together. Seems almost every guild on Mischief has a few Phinny folk.