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  1. Amalie New Member

    Hello everyone!

    Rivervale Metro Police is a new PST raiding guild recruiting all classes, minimum level 46.

    We are a DKP-based guild raiding Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10pm PST. Additional days will be added on an as needed basis to clear content on weekends tbd.

    We are here to have fun and kick in that order. This is not a batphone or super leet guild. We will not be achieving server-firsts and hopefully nobody will poop in a sock. Our goal is to provide a friendly, cooperative, fun, and small, tightly-knit raiding environment for people who want to kill internet dragons old enough to drink. The leadership has been in world-first bleeding edge guilds in a misspent youth but nobody has time for that anymore. We have jobs. We have families. We have responsibility in the world beyond Norrath now. But we still feel the draw and the nostalgia of the magical games of our youth and so this guild was created to be a welcoming home to kindred spirits who want more game-life balance in their dragon slaying.

    In order to achieve this goal we are looking for raid members who exhibit the following qualities. Maturity, empathy, and competency. Be a good human, treat each other with respect and compassion, and be reasonably good at the game. Those who cause unnecessary drama or cannot get along with other humans trying their best are not welcome here. We plan to keep guild and raid sizes small so teamwork and individual contribution will be important.

    Join our discord to say hi and find out more about us at https://tinyurl.com/rivervalempd
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    EDIT: Outdated info. Visit the Discord for the latest Class Needs.
  3. Vindaven Elder


    EDIT: Outdated Info. Visit the Discord for the latest Class Needs.
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    im surprised by the amount of quality players in this guild, its cliche but we get stuff done with less.
  5. uk6999 Augur

    Raiding two nights a week until Velious. Tues/Wed 7pm PST clearing all of Kunark. Will add Sunday as well when Velious starts. We pretty much have what we need for Velious but there is still room for a few spots/classes. Namely:


    Enchanter, Monk, Necromancer, Ranger, Shadowknight and Shaman are currently closed.
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