[Mischief] Primeval Might

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Velzira, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Velzira Journeyman

  2. Velzira Journeyman

    Update: We killed Phinny today!
  3. CorazonoDellaNoche Journeyman

    This is perfect schedule for us. Look for in game my name is Sigmora the ROG
  4. Velzira Journeyman

    Contacted and brought into the guild! Thanks for seeking us out!
  5. Velzira Journeyman

    Updated some info
  6. Velzira Journeyman

    Only one raid day left until Kunark comes out and we are still going strong in recruitment. Up to 179 members now; killing bosses and raiding regularly! Come be part of the fun!
  7. Velzira Journeyman

    Kunark comes out today and we are really thrilled with our progress. We started with only 24 members and through classic grew into a real family! There's still room for more members so if you've been thinking of us, come give us a try!
  8. Velzira Journeyman

    We have, as a guild, decided to prioritize getting folks their epics over raiding VP in Kunark. This means if you are the type of person that works their epic, there will be a 3x a week raiding force ready to assist you! Great time to join guys!

    Also updated the member count to "210"
  9. Velzira Journeyman

    We are still growing! We just made it to 235 members!
  10. Velzira Journeyman

    We just hit 300 members, bump!
  11. Velzira Journeyman

    I usually wait a little longer to bump our recruitment post but I just had to stop in and let everyone know our raiding has really picked up. Yesterday we killed Nagafen, Vox, and Master Yael in one sitting. Come join a family style guild that still gets stuff done!
  12. Velzira Journeyman

    We downed Innoruuk today!
  13. Velzira Journeyman

    We downed Chardok Royals last night!