Mischief or FV clone?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by bartolomo, Sep 10, 2022.

  1. bartolomo Noxious Iksar

    I was just curious what the general consensus would be for a Mischief clone (or close to it) or an FV clone (or close to it) with maybe a few different modifications. To me they have the healthiest server economy, until krono's become so expensive that you have to do every sale outside of bazaar. It would be nice if they gave us another free-trade server this spring/summer with a few new things that no one has seen yet. I'd even be happy with a simple clone of either of those servers, but that is just an opinion, and I am sure I will get judged for it accordingly in this post :p
  2. Appren Gnomercy

    As I play on Mischief currently, and loving it - no thanks, no more free trade servers next spring please, I want Mischief to be healthy for another few years! (Free trade is awesome!)
  3. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    I would love a TLP that has No Drop removed from all items. And I mean ALL items. Everything.

    Along with voting, where each month the players decide when the expansions release.
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  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That will never happen, they have good reasons for leaving that tag on some items.
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  5. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I loved the free trade aspect, but disliked the random and especially the extra loot aspects.

    I would definitely be interested in a free trade only server but without the random and bonus loots.
  6. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I loved the extra loot and random loot aspect. Really perfect for a casual server or one where people play when not on their main server, as it reduces time needed.

    But there is a reason that whenever it becomes or is merged into a live server those rules will poof, because it makes things too easy and take too little time. Which is fine when expansions come out every 2 months, not so much on live.
  7. Zygone Lorekeeper

    Lol yeah why do people keep asking for mischief clones when the server is still so popular? We all hope it remains this way all the way to live so they can see that there are plenty of people interested in this content when done right.
  8. Appren Gnomercy

    TLP recyclers..."teH gaem suks afteR planes of powR"
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  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Krono-Farmer Paradise.

    Let the Mischief server hit live before making another IMO.
  10. Nozraku Lorekeeper

    How about keep the random + extra loot, but next time don't have free trade? Could even go in the other direction: only items that can be traded are tradeskill mats and items made by players.

    Edit: Call it the tradeskill server and open up recipes earlier where possible.
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I can already see the complaints about every item that drop isn't usable by anyone who took part in the kill. Won't happen as much on raids but can be a big problem for group content.
  12. Brildon Augur

    Honestly, I find the random/extra loot of mischief to be the more impactful part, unless youre big on alts or KR farming. Getting all the gear people both need or want before the next xpack I think is what keeps the spirit so high on Mischief/Thornblade, but I think launching similar rulesets too soon will both dilute the special draw of it as well really hinder Mischief's population/longeveity.

    Mischief may be the first TLP to have a real chance of making it to live with a healthy population intact... People should hop on board and try it out instead of petitioning for a duplicate new server. We are only at DoN so its not like newcomers would be missing out on anything but the content most have done numerous times
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you are a Classic to PoP re-roller you get a new server every year to scratch that itch, though the ruleset will vary.

    Cannibalising TLP by releasing the same ruleset before the prior server has reached live is short sighted & selfish on the part of the reroller crew, if you really want to reroll that's already facilitated anyway.
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  14. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    I skipped mischief because of the random+extra loot. I would roll a FV clone, which is what most ppl advocating for free trade originally asked for.
  15. MileyVyrus Augur

    With the success of Mischief it was *surprising* that they were able to launch a new server without random loot at all.

    It's absolutely the only breath of fresh air in tlp to have random loot in existence. Having the death beetle sometimes drop better than djarn or every single popped name in Griegs have a small chance to drop a shrink wand is just good for everything and everyone.... pause....

    Except krono farming and monopolization! It's a grass roots way Daybreak has tripped and fallen forward into actually helping casuals and power gamers alike have a refreshing experience and an ability to do good and fun things each time they log in.

    Yelinak has been a pretty solid reminder that that status quo on a dwindling game is to.. dwindle.. in both results and future expectations. everyone piles into the same couple zones over and over because thats where the predetermined loot and non-healing monsters are.

    Anyone calling for no more random loot until Mischief is live is adorable. Anything that angers the handful of post-POP TLP message board stans is universally good for the game. Daybreak is a publicly traded company. The success of random loot (and free trade, fwiw) has been a financial success..

    Their two options are : put that success behind a glass case and never again speak of it except to bask in their greatest success....

    Or to clone the living bejesus out of it.

    We all know which is more likely. Embrace it.
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  16. Treeconix Elder

    Soooo your idea of getting rid of the status quo is...creating a new one by creating multiple yearly TLPs with free trade/random loot? How does that solve anything?

    All you'll accomplish is shifting the same server-cannibalizing cycle from one type of TLP to another. The very same thing will happen where you are left with half a dozen servers with scattered populations. It's better to keep Mischief unrivaled to maintain it's population. That's smart business. It's bad business splitting your population among multiple servers. It's a waste of resources and dev time.
  17. Ishbu Augur

    Why do people act like Mischief has 10x the population of any other server? It doesnt.

    Its a niche server that is popular as far as niches go. There are still more people playing on standard ho hum servers than play on Mischief, because most people dont want one or more of random loot/bonus loot/free trade.

    As it is popular for a special one of, let it get to live and then make another. Dont water it down.
  18. Brildon Augur

    based off what indications are you using that "standard ho hum" servers have a higher population then Mischief? It is pretty easy to see on EQ Resource the 2 servers that spend all their time at high population is Mischief and Firona Vie.

    Now I agree that the ruleset is niche, and an over abundance of servers with this ruleset will not succeed the way people think. Leave Mischief as a unique server and its population will likely survive strong til live
  19. Ishbu Augur

    Of all the TLPs like mischief you have itself and Thornblade. For the ho hum ones you would have to add the population of mangler, aradune, rizlona, corinav, yelinak, its definitely higher than Mischief and its not close. The ho hum ones are spread out because as a whole they are massively more popular than any niche one.

    Now releasing one every year might be spreading the population out too thin, and really what people who love Mischief should want to avoid doing to themselves. If you had a Mischief clone as often as youve had a phinny clone, it by the time you got to the Mangler/Aradune/Yelinak equivalent, the servers would be even more dead per era. Mischief sustains its high population by being unique.

    EDIT - It also probably helps that many of the complains by the community have been addressed for Mischief just as they hit or usually before they hit a new era. Its become a running joke on other servers that anything that is clearly broken on their server wont be fixed until it would affect Mischief.
  20. Brildon Augur

    No one said Mischief had a higher population then the rest of the servers combined. As an individual server, it has done great in comparison to the other recent TLPs which can contributed to it's uniqueness.

    Also there is no evidence that shows the "ho hum" servers are massively more popular than Mischief. If that was the case Yelinak wouldn't of been dead on arrival.

    And as I stated before, mischief clones would dilute the interest in it and cause its strong server presence to weaken over multiple servers which is why I think they should let Mischief be its own thing. The more "standard ho hum" TLPs they release the better for Mischief.