<Mischief> Noble Heroes of Mischief is recruiting!!

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Vack, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. Vack Elder

    Updated the class needs.

    We would love more raiders but we are a casual and fun guild. We have people that just hang out as well as raid. Come become part of an awesome EQ family.
  2. Vack Elder

    We are always looking for more good people. Come talk to us! Become part of an everquest family.
  3. CrzyAzn New Member

    We are always looking for good, like minded people. Come talk to us and become part of the family!
  4. RedChief New Member

    Is there a updated discord invite?
  5. Nire New Member

  6. Bonemelter Nemesis Enforcer

    The first experience bonus of the summer is over, so if you're looking for a little more content and social interactions than the usual group grind, consider coming on over and joining up for some good times and meeting some new people.
    Driving ahead fast on raid content so don't delay :)
  7. Bonemelter Nemesis Enforcer

    Best guild for no drama fun, grouping and friendships. Raiding current end game content, raiding is encouraged but not required. Mature players who understand that real life comes first sometimes. If you want to be included and not just treated like a number try Noble Heroes of Mischief.
  8. Vack Elder

    ** Updated the raid needs - We have a couple of slots. We clear all content and we are looking for awesome people who want a fun and casual experience raiding. Talk to us in game!! **
  9. Worm New Member

    How hard would it be to catch up on Mischief? My static quit playing and I love the next few expacs. Would love to find a home somewhere on mischief.
  10. Vack Elder

    @worm it is super easy to catch up. With the no drop gear being tradable and the random loot this server is amazing.
  11. Vack Elder

    Downing all content in era but at a causal pace. No drama just fun! If you are looking for your permanent home we would love to have you!
  12. Ruphino New Member

    We are always recruiting. It doesn't mean our numbers are low though. It just means we want more friends to hang out with.
  13. Ruphino New Member

    Looking for more for either raiding or group content.
  14. Vack Elder

    We love returning players. Come join your EQ family.
  15. Ruphino New Member

    Just a little bump to remind people that we are always excepting more players.
  16. Vack Elder

    We could use a couple more bards to fill out a bard in every group.
  17. Vack Elder

    This is the perfect time to join Mischief. Send us a tell in game for more details.
  18. Vack Elder

    Who plays Wizards nowadays? Do you? If so we want to talk to you!!!
  19. Vack Elder

    A great weekend to catch back up!
  20. Vack Elder

    Updated needs - We are always looking for casual players. But we have a couple of slots to replace boxes on raids. If you are a fun person to be around, we would like you to come hang out. Talk to us in game!! And see you soon!