[Mischief] Name Still TBD

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by MischiefMaker, May 12, 2021.

  1. MischiefMaker New Member

    Mischief Guild, name TBD(not really, but we aren't posting it here so somebody else can troll us by snagging it)
    Raiding: AoC 6pm-10pm EST, Days TBD(Currently we're leaning towards Tues/Fri/Sat)
    Batphones: Discord pings for OW targets during non-raid hours, tubesocks not required
    Loot Style: Zero-Sum DKP*
    Leader: MischiefMaker

    * Note: this does not negate certain items going on prio to certain classes, such as BoC going to warriors during Velious, to avoid any collusion on prio items they will be handled by loot council distribution according to Raid Attendance *
  2. HerpDerp New Member

    Hi Atabishi, we got a website or discord ready?
  3. Attila Augur

    This is a joke right?
  4. Bones malone New Member

    you got a discord? or some way to contact you
  5. MischiefMaker New Member

    We're playing this very much close to our vests until we're up and running. The forums have a function called 'Private messaging' which allows you to contact us.