[Mischief] <Imperceptible Mischief> Sun/Mon/Thurs 7-10pm EST AoC raiding guild now recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Ashenwolf, May 18, 2021.

  1. Ashenwolf New Member

    <Imperceptible Goals> is going to be starting a chapter on the upcoming Mischief server. We previously were on the Coirnav server from Classic through TSS roughly.

    Our goal is to have fun and help each other in the game, while also raiding efficiently and effectively. We are not interested in rushing to clear a new expansions content in the first week or even two, our main goal is to clear all content while it is current and get ready for the next expansion while having fun in a low stress raiding environment.

    We welcome veteran players and new players alike, we have no problem explaining fights and walking people through things they're having trouble with, we just ask that while on raids you give us your attention and try your best. You will need to maintain 30% 30 day Raid Attendance to bid on items. We will be using OpenDKP with a closed bidding system, so if you have the highest bid on an item you will pay what the 2nd highest bid was plus 1 DKP.

    We will raid Sunday/Monday/Thursday from 7:00pm-10:00pm EST. When Kunark launches we will also use Friday nights as optional (non-dkp or attendance) raids to help people that need epic fights and in later expansions it is used to do older content to help gear up newer members and alts/boxes that people have. All classes are open for recruitment at this point, we have a good number of returning players from Coirnav but we also love to meet new like minded people that will enjoy killing internet dragons with us.

    All content in classic is currently down and we're ready and excited for Kunark and Epics!

    Current recruitment needs are as follows:
    • Bard: Medium
    • Cleric: Medium
    • Druid: Medium
    • Enchanter: Low
    • Magician: Medium
    • Monk: Low
    • Necromancer: Low
    • Paladin: Medium
    • Ranger: Medium
    • Rogue: Medium
    • Shadowknight: Low
    • Shaman: Medium
    • Warrior: Low
    • Wizard: Medium
  2. Ashenwolf New Member

    Bump - We've had some great people join up since I posted but we're still looking for more future internet friends!
  3. Ashenwolf New Member

    We're all super excited (and hopeful) for the server launch on Wednesday, come on over and check us out if you haven't made a decision yet on a guild.
  4. Ashenwolf New Member

    Just a few days left!!
  5. Jovone New Member

    My wife and I are both interested in joining. We would be maining a druid and a mage. We are both experienced raiders. I tried the link above , but it said the invite has expired.
  6. LongVin New Member

    I'm interested in joining but your discord link has seemed to expire. Are you still recruiting?
  7. Ashenwolf New Member

  8. Enchy New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a guild and I can make all your Sunday/Monday raid times as I don't work those days. Also, there are chances I can make the Thursday raid times maybe once a month. I don't want to commit to joining right now as I'm the type of guy who joins a guild in EQ and stays in it no matter what their progression is as long as raids continue to go and players are semi-active. I hate opportunists who have no loyalty and therefore I stay with my guild... hence the long drawn out looking for guild post. Here's a quick bio on my experience.

    I'm 37 and I've been playing EQ off and on since 2000; most of my knowledge base is from classic through luclin. I will be rolling an Ench/Druid and plan to hit 50 in roughly 3 weeks, maybe less. After that I will be rolling double Wizard to "utilize" that wonderful AA called mana burn. I'd like to use my Druid/Ench to help get all 4 characters to 50 before Kunark comes out after 1 month but it will be more realistic that I have the Wizards partially the way there and get everything to 60 about 6 weeks into Kunark. Although I plan to put a lot of time into quick grinding I don't mind that you fellows are more laid back, I prefer that actually.

    All I want out of a guild is a decent raid time and therefore ideally am looking to play with my Austrailian mates or maybe a late raid pacific coast guild as I am EST in the USA and generally am busy with work and family until the late evening, however, since you guys plan to raid on my 2 off days I am definitely interested. I have raiding experience in EQ over the years and raided WoW pretty heavily back in the college days... my guild was server first horde to clear BT and eventually was promoted to officer if that's worth anything.

    As far as EQ goes I have knowledge about the mechanics and have participated in everything from raids to AoE stunning whole zone pulls with my ench's 4 color stun spells. I remember back in the day Pandemonium tearing up the PvP servers... I'm also a team player, if you ultimately want me to raid with my two wizards instead of Druid/Ench that's perfectly understandable, thus I only plan to get two chars fully keyed up when it comes to Luclin shards, etc.

    I don't really care about loot beyond the concept of min/maxing my own character and generally prefer guilds with loot councils, as they seem to be more stable and have more loyal players. You guys use DKP and that's fine, I will be able to make your 30% easily as I plan to always go 100% every Sunday/Monday.

    I will work on my ench/druid epics but obv will pass raid specific drops to other ench/druids if I won't be raiding with those classes come later expansions. Besides, this will be my 3rd ench epic and I'm confident I can solo most of it (especially if I get mana burn asap) with maybe a bit of help for the bottlenecks should I be lucky enough to spot them with my level 1 spotters! The last time I did the ench epic it was late on a TLP server after my guild stopped raiding plane of fear and so I carefully cleared the zone to the pyramid when I tracked the wraith of shissar, pulled the whole pyramid and ran a large pre-cleared distance before turning to root/mez the wrath (which runs faster then the other mobs), then ran some more along the wall to gate to just outside the zone, came back in, got a new pet, and learned for the 1st time that this mob was one that I could not pet tank due to aggro going towards me!!... so yeah, i was fortunate enough to find 2 people to help me finish it off as it stood there along the wall near zone in where I stopped it. Ironically I had did the real annoying bottlenecks already before that... the most painful being that fleeing Iksar in the sewers... Fun times.

    I'm very excited for this TLP server because of the new rules. I already am real happy about the change to pick-zoning from last year where u now enter at a specific point instead of where u are /loc wise. This is because of greedy people who try to pick zone all the nameds and pop over 1 minute before PH's spawn. Furthermore, the random loot system will make specific named mobs less critical and the annoying task of finding an L Guk pickzone where AM isn't being semi-AFK camped or having griefers/RMT'ers try to steal it from me is awesome (although the SMR is likely to still be AM specific so ehhhh).

    So if you want a 2 boxer with the potential for double mana burn to help out, I'm your guy. I want to stay on this TLP server longer than before and I think the new ruleset will encourage me to do so... as it is the AFKish campers and named thieves that really pis me off and they will be less relevant to my enjoyment of the game. I'd like a strong guild that doesn't have trouble facerolling through content but can be happy with a guild that struggles to pull the numbers needed to do so... as long as there are some dedicated folks that stick it out with me. We play this game for the challenge after all don't we? I'll hop in your discord some point in the first week... no commitment yet. If I do join I will stay as noted above. Peace.
  9. Ashenwolf New Member

    We would be happy to have you on whatever classes you want to play. Come check us out and look for us in game. We did have to change the name at launch due to someone basically holding our name for ransom, but that's ok. Look forward to seeing you in game.
  10. MischiefQs New Member

    My wife and I are interested in your guild but your discord links seem to be inactive. Is there a fresh link we can use or someone in game we should contact?
  11. Hialmar New Member

    My name is Hialmar. I've played a warrior since 2000 way back when Lanys T'Vyl was still a server. I have raided a lot of content, but quit sometime after the whole Theater of Blood stuff. I just got very disinterested and friends kept quitting. More recently, I played on Agnarr until my guild defeated Quarm and the progression was over for the server.

    I'm not saying I'm the best warrior, but I have fun, and I'm drama free. I don't box in raids, but I have boxed to EXP before. I don't really care much for boxing for my personal play style.

    I don't level real fast, but I get there. On Agnarr, I was the first warrior in my guild to 60, because I'm persistent.

    I'm looking for a whole new group of friends. I still stay in contact with my old friends, but they are scattered. Your times are exactly what I am looking for, for raiding. I'll look for you in game, and if you still need warriors, we can go from there. :)
  12. Ashenwolf New Member

    Updated the discord link again, this one shouldn't expire. I look forward to seeing you on discord and in game :).
  13. Ashenwolf New Member

    We have been having a great time so far leaning about this server and leveling together. Official raids will start on the 10th or 13th depending on how everyone is doing leveling. Still looking for more awesome people to join us for the inaugural slaying of the internet dragons!
  14. Ashenwolf New Member

    First raid in the books, Naggy and Hate cleared (minus Inny). Had a great time, still looking for some more new awesome people to meet and kill internet dragons with!
  15. Zilias New Member

  16. Ashenwolf New Member

    All classic raid content has been cleared, looking forward to Kunark and Epics! Still room for a few more people to round out our raid roster, see the top post for current recruitment needs.

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