[Mischief] <Imperceptible Goals> is Recruiting.

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  1. Dandamek Lorekeeper

    <Imperceptible Goals> is recruiting on the Mischief Server.

    There is a high need for ALL classes and ALL skill levels.

    Raid Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern.

    Loot System: Closed Bid +1 OpenDKP

    How to Apply: Please go to the Guild's Discord Server Https://Discord.gg/5zdrXcEdPS and post in the # Submit-Your-App-Here channel. Please answer/fill out the following information.
    1. Name and Class of your main character and your 2nd main(Raid Alt) if you plan to play one.
    2. Do you have any past TLP experience, if so what kind of experience (up to what expansion)?
    3. Do our raid days/times work for you? To bid more than 20dkp, you need to maintain %40 30-day Raid Attendance.
    4. What are your goals for this server?

    If there are any questions or assistance that you may need please reach out to us in-game. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Frisket New Member

    ALSO - we raid casual 8-11pm friday nights (rolled loot)

    VERY friendly community.
  3. Harass New Member

    Bump for many wizard corpses.
  4. Dandamek Lorekeeper