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  1. Krim New Member

    Hello thanks for your interest in Greed is Good. We’re Mischief’s premier raiding guild for power players and casual raiders alike. We down all content, have no raid attendance requirements, use GDKP, and strive for a fun and positive gaming environment. Jerks need not apply.

    Currently accepting all classes

    Must be 60

    DZ raid nights are typically Tu/Wed beginning @ 8:00 PM EST
    Open world batphone targets are called as needed
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  2. QelynEQ New Member

    Are you a shaman, enchanter, or monster warrior with a strong burning desire to crush open world targets? Are you any other class who will press their buttons and make things dead? Do you want to make a bunch of plat while still gearing out your characters? Then if so, we want you!
  3. QelynEQ New Member

    Velious is right around the corner and we are still chugging along, full steam ahead! We are still paying out silly amounts of plat every day! Come join in the fun and make a little money on the side!

    Anyone who is able to press their buttons, we want you! Enchanters, shamans, and warriors (especially those that can log on early in the morning), please enjoy the red carpet treatment!
  4. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Gheed is good.
  5. Astral64 Augur

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  6. QelynEQ New Member

    Velious is right around the corner! No better time than now to start getting ready to get some gear and make a bunch of plat as well!
  7. Mojack New Member

    Literally the best guild ever. Qelyn is the father figure that i never had in my life till now and that just shows what a wholesome guild this truly is. Plus it's nice to be raid geared AND rich because we get 99.99% of the dragons :)
  8. MischiefTLP Journeyman

    Since Zaide left, Greed is Good (also operating as Faceless X In Virtue) has killed every Open World dragon in Veeshan's Peak which is about 6 dragons every 3 days but those aren't individually tracked but about 94 kills so far along with 217 individually tracked Open World raid mobs outside of VP. The good loot from those 311 OW kills and our DZ raids is tracked at drilldownbobby.com while hundreds of items are randomly rolled from the raid corpses.

    July 1: Fay x3, Sev, Tal, Gore, VS
    July 2: Trak, Sev
    July 3: Trak, Fay, Gore
    July 4: VS, Sev, Fay, Tal, Trak
    July 5: Sev, Fay, Gore, VS, Trak

    July 6: Tal, Fay x2, Sev, VS
    July 7: Gore, Trak, Fay, Tal, VS
    July 8: Sev, Fay, Trak
    July 9: Tal, Fay
    July 10: Sev, Fay, Tal, Trak

    July 11: Gore, VS, Sev
    July 12: Fay x2, Trak, Tal, Gore
    July 13: VS, Trak
    July 14: Sev, Tal, Gore
    July 15: Sev, Trak, VS

    July 16: Trak
    July 17: Gore, Sev, Fay x2, Trak
    July 18: Gore, Tal, Sev, Fay, Trak
    July 19: Fay x2, Gore, VS, Sev, Tal
    July 20: Trak x2, Fay, VS

    July 21: Gore, Tal, Trak, VS
    July 22: Gore, Sev, Fay x2, Tal, Trak, VS
    July 23: Sev, Gore, Tal, Fay
    July 24: Trak, Fay x2, Tal, Sev, Gore
    July 25: Trak, Tal, Sev, Fay

    July 26: Tal, VS, Gore, Sev, Fay, Trak
    July 27: VS, Fay, Sev, Gore, Trak
    July 28: Fay, VS, Trak
    July 29: Gore, VS, Fay, Trak
    July 30: Sev, Fay, Tal, VS, Trak
    July 31: Sev, Fay x2, Gore, Tal

    Aug 1: Fay x2, VS, Trak, Sev
    Aug 2: Fay x2, Tal, Gore, VS, Trak
    Aug 3: Trak, Fay
    Aug 4: Fay x2, Tal, Gore x2, Sev, Trak, VS
    Aug 5: Fay x2, Tal, Trak, VS, Sev, Gore

    Aug 6: Fay x2, Tal, Trak
    Aug 7: VS, Sev, Fay x2, Gore, Tal
    Aug 8: Fay x2, Sev, Trak, VS
    Aug 9: Fay x2, Tal, Gore, VS, Sev, Trak
    Aug 10: Tal, Sev, VS, Gore

    Aug 11: Fay, Trak, Tal, VS, Sev
    Aug 12: Fay x2, Trak, Gore, Tal, VS
    Aug 13: Fay x2, Tal, Sev, Trak, Gore, VS
    Aug 14: Fay, Tal, Sev, Trak
    Aug 15: VS, Fay x2, Gore, Sev, Tal
    Aug 16: VS, Fay x2, Trak, Gore, Sev

    Thus the killing and the looting were completed in all their vast array. And by the final day Greed is Good had finished their work They had been doing; so on that day They rested from all Their work.

    Starting August 18th there will likely be an increased interest in raiding, if you wish to participate in those raids the information is in the top post. If you wish to kill Kunark OW targets starting August 18th, this is not the guild for you.
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    Is #noscraps still ongoing?
  12. QelynEQ New Member

    Do you dream of being in the #1 guild on the server?
    Do you enjoy killing T1 OW mobs and not just the scraps left behind while waiting for DZs?
    Do you enjoy getting enough loot to completely gear our multiple characters AND still make a boatload of plat?

    Well then you might be in luck! We are currently recruiting a few select classes as we look forward to dominating Luclin like we have every other expansion on this server! We are currently looking for:

    1x Bard
    2x Clerics
    1x Enchanter
    1x Paladin
    2x Wizards

    Please be well geared, press buttons, and be able to follow basic raid instructions. Having a thick skin and a messed up sense of humor, while not required, is encouraged. Check out our Discord to apply!