[Mischief] Dragon Food Recruiting

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Zandermill, Sep 22, 2021.

  1. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Guess who got Emperor down?! Dragon Food did! Here we come Vex Thal! Wooo Candy Land!!! All the blow we can do in a six hour window!
  2. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Have cleared almost complete first floor of Vex Thal Candy-land! Woooo
  3. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Khati-Sha down now! Wooo Tier 1 bosses !
  4. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Sunday Funday! If thinking about coming on board we do Candy Land Vex Thal on Sundays!

    Please reach out to us if you are looking to come be Dragon Food!!!
  5. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Does the idea of sneaking around excite you? When given the option, would you rather hit some flimsy kick, or would you rather hit the all powerful Buttstab! (Backstab) button!

    Well, you are in luck. We have opening's for Makeup Artists, and Rouges! (Rogues!!)
    Please check in if you are interested. We can help you level from 40+
  6. Fabeoo New Member

    Hi there i have a Mage i made on server today and would like to join a active friendly guild with discord, have not played since 2002 and would like to see planed of power and on. If you don't mind a returning player i would like to join.
  7. Checks&Balance New Member

    Are you recruiting for PoP? I am interested in a guild that will clear PoTime but won’t be racing through progression and will enjoy the content on the way
  8. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    We have every intent to clear everything in Time. We are not a hardcore guild, and we have already started clearing 2nd floor of VT with the intent to kill AHR before PoP.

    Please reach out if interested and talk with anyone listed on the first page and we will chat.
  9. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Sunday is VT fun day! Come on out if you are keyed and check out Candyland with Dragon Food!
  10. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Do you like casting Magic Missile at the darkness? Did Gandalf KSing the Balrog make you feel special? Do you oftentimes find yourself putting on your Sorting hat and wishing you could join Slytherin house? Well, I can't help you with any of that, however Dragon Food is the home for Wizards like you!
  11. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Friends, as we stumble out of our meat sweats induced haze. Remember, bonus xp weekend is upon us! Bank AA's for POP! More importantly! Come kill everything in Vex Thal with Dragon Food! FOR FRODO!
  12. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Aten Ha Ra dooooowwwnnnnn!
  13. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Are you a monk?
    You want a Black Belt? 10KR, Want to learn Kaio-Ken? X2? X5? X20? 35 KR!

    You want to become Super Saiyin Puller and punch or kick Vegeta in the junk?

    Dragon Food is for you!

    We want to be the very best, like no one ever was, to catch all the monks is our real test, to train them is our cause!

    We raid Sunday through Wednesday! 5pm PST to 8PM PST. (8pm est to 11pm est) We use DKP. We want you to FD for us long long time!

    If you arent max level, that aint no thing, as long as your willing to commit! Strike First, Strike Hard Dragon Food Kai!
  14. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Hurray Today is PoP day!
    We are giving DKP out tonight for flaggging! Perfect time to join us if you were ever interested, get an early start on PoP and start killing in Thunder!
  15. Theldrin New Member

    I like the humor in your recruitment posts lol….so kudos.

    Do you have any raid attendance requirements? Or you just get dkp for whatever you are on for? Currently I would be able to make sunday, and during summer there shouldn’t be a issue ( work schedule etc).
    I have a 60 sk with a few AA ( hit 60 just before pop then did epic) how many sk’s are in the raid compared to rangers? Or are exceptions made?

    Thanks for your time.
  16. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    We always make exceptions my friend. After all hungry monsters care not what flavor their snacks are! Please reach out to one of the many inca.. erm I mean highly incompot.,.. Recruiters, yes. recruiters mentioned in post 1!
  17. Plinkko New Member

    Hey, looking to get more information on joining. First question were raid days sunday and wednesday or sunday through wednesday? Also I'm currently a 59 about to be 60 by the time you read this SK. New to the server but my old home was phinigel up to velious. My goal for this server is to experience PoP and beyond up to live. Do you guys have plans on going past PoP?
  18. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    We plan to go beyond pop, and our raid days are Sunday through Wednesday. However its not mandatory attendance, but we do use dkp.
  19. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    This Sunday - Sunday - Sunday we will be doing Water and Earth! Who wants to join and get some Time Keys and then come with us to Time Candy land next week?!
  20. Zandermill Lorekeeper

    Oh Noes! Guess who just got into Time?! Wooo Here comes Candy Land 2.0! We're ready to make Quarm our loot piñata! Who wants to get in on some kicking of butt and chewing of bubble gum?! Woooo