[Mischief] Dead of Night - Tuesday/Tuesday 9PM PST

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    Server: Mischief
    Raid Nights: Tue/Thu 9PM-12AM (PST)
    Loot System: Custom Created Automated DKP/Bid System
    RA: There is no RA requirement to bid on items.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rj7gUXSd

    About us:
    We have a solid core of raiders that like to enjoy the game and have fun while still clearing current content. The bulk of our members are 40+ with kids and family. We fully understand with real life commitments 100% RA is not always possible. A lot of us have been raiding together for the last few years. Recently we have found our numbers dwindling and need to add a few more bodies to our ranks in order to continue to clear each tier every expansion. We allow 1st and 2nd mains that both will earn DKP.

    Each Expansion Progression:
    We are semi casual in nature and give folks ample time to complete progression each expansion prior to the first official raid of each expansion. Most nights you will find members ready to pull progression tasks or help fellow members directly to complete required progression tasks.

    Currently our highest need is main Healers and DPS who enjoy pushing the top of the charts for friendly in guild competition. But we are open to any class - folks willing to learn. Happy to invite friends, family to the guild as well. You can find our current class needs in the list below.

    How to Join:
    If you'd like to join -- please join our discord link above and speak up in the #⁠applications with your

    Character Name
    No. of AA
    Anything else!

    Or you can reach out to Tnak or Thawak directly in game.

    ♾️ Brd - Always
    ✅Ber - High Need
    ✅Rog - High Need
    ✅ Mag - Open
    ✅ Mnk - Open
    ✅ Clr - High Need
    ✅Dru - High Need
    ✅ Wiz - Open
    ✅Nec - High Need
    ✅ Bst - Open
    ✅ Rng - Open
    ⏸️ Enc - Low Need
    ✅ Pal - Open
    ⏸️ Shm - Low Need
    ⏸️ War - Low Need
    ❌ Shd - Closed
  2. Tnak New Member

    We are about to kick off raiding in HOT Tonight. Still looking for more to join us. Please reach out on discord or in game if interested. Thanks.
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  3. Lineater Augur

    Great group of people. Late nighters, come join the fun!