[Mischief] <Dargons> Mid-Core - GDKP - No Main Locking - Box Friendly - Tues/Thurs/Sat 10pm-1am EST

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  1. EQDude Elder

    <Dargons> are looking for players and raiders. We are a fun first guild focused on enjoying content at a relaxed pace, while still enabling everyone to clear raid content.

    We do a lot of things differently when it comes to raiding; it boils down to the concept that every member is equal every raid.
    • Open Raids: We allow any level capped character on the server to join us (if there is room available)
    • Platinum Bids: Bid platinum instead of DKP. Every raid attendee is given an even split at the end of the night.
    • Bid How You Like: Bid on any item you can equip or trade. Everyone wants different items for different reasons, we are not here to judge you for it.
    • Play when you want: Weekly attendance is not factored into loot. Take a break if you need to.
    • No Mains: Play the character you want to play. Want to main swap from monk to magician? Feel free.
    • Chill: Our interest is in creating a fun environment where anyone can participate and share progress. We clear content, but we are not interested in competing with other guilds. We do not require that our players have advanced knowledge of content and will explain all strategies nightly and provide any consumables required. There is a strictly enforced no bickering policy (especially with regards to loot bids).
    Current Schedule

    Main Raid Nights:
    Tuesday / Thursday -- 10pm-1am EST

    Cleanup/Fun/Etc Night:

    Saturday -- 10pm - ??? (those who leave at 1am will still receive a full payout).
    Raid Rules
    • Discord mandatory for listening to instruction and bidding on items.
    • Raid dumps taken three times: Start, half way, and completion. 2/3 ticks earns a half split, 3/3 ticks earns a full split.
    • Invite priority for on time & level capped characters is Members > Friends > Outsiders > Boxes
    • A single box is allowed on an as needed basis, will be expected to perform their role FULLY, and are rewarded a full split.
    • Items are blind bid at the end of raid via our discord auction bot.
    • Winning bidder pays second place +minimum bid increment.
    • All platinum is evenly split nightly via parcels.
    The Website

    Our website has a rapid item lookup with every EverQuest item , as well as a database which tracks every raid, item drop, and winning bid. You can search for an item to see its bid history, or find out what the total was for a particular raid night. Everything is recorded and loaded into the database for public access.

    How Do I Join?
    Join discord to get with us and organize pre-launch.


    • Seriously, platinum bids?
    Platinum bids allows rewards to be made value proportionate, fungible, and incremental.

    Breaking that down, value proportionate means that each raider will be rewarded in proportion to the value of all total drops that night. Instead of whichever folks were lucky enough to get to spend their DKP on loot, everyone gets an equal reward.

    Fungibility means that instead of imaginary points controlled arbitrarily by a guild leader, your rewards are real and tradeable. This means I will never show favoritism in the form of “bonus DKP” etc. It also means you don’t have to hit any magic numbers or suffer any systems (Raid 2-4 weeks on “trial” status before you can roll on loot sound familiar to anyone?)

    Finally, because rewards are handed out incrementally each raid night I don’t need to track DKP or attendance. This means that each raid is self-contained and past attendance is irrelevant, allowing the more casual player a chance to complete raid content.

    • Aren’t you just going to steal all of our money?
    Every single transaction is recorded as a matter of public record on our website. During Classic-Kunark on Aradune we parceled out 1,900,965 platinum.

    • But will I be able to get loot if I’m platinum poor?
    Our system actually favors these players. By simply showing up to raid you will accumulate quite a lot of currency. In this way the players that are willing to pay high get their items sooner, and the players that are patient will get a significant platinum income while having cheaper items. This also allows players to pay for their EverQuest subscription by raiding.
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  2. EQDude Elder

    Made the new post to update some minor rule changes and the new raid times (30 minutes later than they were previously)
  3. EQDude Elder


    I understand that static groups are difficult to pull off because of time differences and server difficulties at start.
    However I want to provide incentive for members to group up and help the leveling process.

    With this being said I will provide a 1 krono reward for any static group that meets the final criteria:
    - 4 human players (so, only two boxes)
    - ALL players reach level 50 by the end of the second weekend after launch (we'll call it Monday morning after I wake up to be safe)

    I'll send the krono to the designated party leader, this person will be responsible for selling/splitting the plat.
    Hopefully in this way even if your group gets separated by queue there will be enough time and incentive to get everyone caught up

    Sign up for statics from the spreadsheet available in the discord.
  4. EQDude Elder

    Dargons are planning to remain on the Mischief server.
  5. EQDude Elder

    Still plenty of room, would love to see some more DPS classes.

    (We will run splits if needed)
  6. Kiluudar3 New Member

    I just asked this elsewhere, but trying to get a handle on it with the Mischief ruleset.

    If most raid items wont be no drop, does that mean that everyone can bid on everything? Or are there additional rules there?

    Would kind of suck to to lose out on items, especially BIS stuff, to a guildie that can't use it, just to have them go sell it at the EC Tunnel for more than they bid.
  7. EQDude Elder

    This is exactly how it works. That person has their own reasons for bidding on that item and we don't care what they are. If they are selling it at EC tunnel it means no one else bid at least market value for the item. In fact, if you have a couple of players vying to sell things in the tunnel it only ensures that raiders are getting paid maximum potential value for drops. Keep in mind everyone in the raid splits the plat evenly.

    It is quite a different loot system than your typical EQ guild.
  8. EQDude Elder

    One week to go!!!

    We have multiple officers prepared to lead split raids, and plenty of room for more raiders (even casual ones).
  9. EQDude Elder

    That day is creeping up on us!
  10. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Several static groups have formed already, and there is plenty of opportunity to put together more.
  11. EQDude Elder

  12. EQDude Elder

  13. Tranced New Member

  14. EQDude Elder

    The first week is down, we're clearing instances with small groups. Official (split) raiding starts on the 10th and we want YOU.

  15. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    I haven't had this much fun in years. Made good friends already, and can't wait to make even more.
  16. EQDude Elder

    Still recruiting all classes for leveling and raiding alike.

    We've downed everything on our target list each night and we're only getting better!
  17. EQDude Elder

    Casuals, raiders, come one come all!
    (bring your clerics and bards with you, please and thanks)
  18. EQDude Elder

    Last classic raid Tuesday night! Come join us in preparation for Kunark.
  19. EQDude Elder

    Time for split raiding!
    We are seeking all classes, but these are in high demand:


    Backup raid leader for split nights
    Backup raid officer for split nights.

    Send me a message in discord.
  20. Tranced New Member

    We're running splits now and clearing content quite easily.

    Still open to any players casual and raider alike, especially raid warriors and clerics.

    Also looking for one more player who is comfortable using the raid tool and running a split raid (We have three primary raid leaders, I want four.)

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