Mischief and Thornblade - Simultaneous Launch

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, May 10, 2021.

  1. Thatoneguy666 Lorekeeper

    It always boils down to finances. To them, it doesn't matter if the experience is absolutely miserable for the players, as long as they 'fix it' in time to keep them on the hook. The .1% chance that a second server isn't needed is worth it to them if they think the suckers will just keep on the hook. They're probably right. A two server launch is clearly the correct decision, and will make the potential players have a better experience. But what if they could save that money?? Oh lord have mercy, just think how erect the penny pinchers milking EQ for every last dollar must get imagining all those bags, potions, krono, and subscription purchases, and for only the cost of a single server.

    If the reason is not wholly financial, then these people are truly out of touch with reality. As is I just see them as being greedy and calculating.
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  2. Angelus New Member

    I've been a part of almost all of the TLP's. I would much rather play than have to battle the queue for the entire evening. Please consider releasing both at the same time!
  3. andross77 Elder

    This is clearly 100% right. It's seems dumb and obvious to mention that a FOR PROFIT company is.....FOR PROFITS, but lots of people seem to forget that on these forums. You could make the argument that it hurts profits to have such a terrible launch and therefore bad PR but I think EQ is just such a different beast in that the people that are playing it have either been playing it for 22 years with no plans of stopping literally no matter what happens in the world OR they are people that played 20 years ago and come back every few years to get some childhood gaming nostalgia fix. Neither of these people groups will not play EQ because of day 1 or week 1 server queue blues.
  4. Batwing New Member

    I support this . You have a chance to not disappoint !
  5. Magician9001 Augur

    Anyone know where the dislike button is on these forums?
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  6. Pyne New Member

    wow very sus that all of a sudden we have a plethora of new members clamoring for 2 servers - hahahah almost to good to be believed

    says the new member
  7. Rflagg080 New Member

    I am sorry I never felt like this place was worth my time before this server announcement, but I don't think that should make my concerns/opinions not count
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  8. Atrebe New Member

    Not sure how one is given a "New Member" status on these forums, but I for one have played off and on since Velious on Live and I've jumped on almost every single TLP they've released. I just seldom post on the forums.

    This, for once, seemed like something to show support for...
  9. Snar Lorekeeper

    Honestly at the end of the day we all know what new TLP server are like and we all are hoping that maybe THIS TIME we will have a better experience. I am not expecting miracles but would be nice to see the team show they are giving it their best effort to provide a good experience.
  10. ASDAprice Lorekeeper

    bobbybic said so.
  11. Nebby Lorekeeper

    Once daybreak took over the forums. Your account got reset. That's why it has a lot of old players set as new members.
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  12. Angelus New Member

    It's almost like people make fresh accounts for new TLP's or something. Insanity, right?
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  13. Thatoneguy666 Lorekeeper

    yeah, the problem is the 'eq team' isn't the ones making this decision, in all likelihood. I'd sure hope they would be on the side of the players and plan for two servers, with a future merge if and when it's necessary. Seems reasonable, forward thinking, and would indicate some degree of learning from the horrible and poorly executed TLP launches of the past.

    I doubt they have any ability or much ability, to put pressure on the executives who make the budget decisions.

    "Now now, we can't be certain of interest levels until launch. Those costs are unnecessary at the current time. As data comes in regarding the player experience, we can have a solution ready to deploy if and when necessary."

    Odds are that exact same sentiment is being regurgitated internally to anyone who questions the 'single server' launch. The purpose of this thread as I see it, is to try and make this issue visible enough and loud enough that someone higher up the totem pole takes notice and decides to actually bet on their product, instead of against it. Please folks, make the correct assessment that more servers is going to create more retention and more enthusiasm and and ultimately, more money.
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  14. taliefer Augur

    Easily enough interest in this ruleset to support 2 servers long term, without the need to merge them at all. not sure why they wouldnt just open up both servers at once.

    and since im not a new account, my opinion actually matters, amirightthread?
  15. Pyne New Member

    says clone account 143
  16. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Make it so !
  17. JostanP New Member

    Really hoping this happens, especially after the Aradune debacle
  18. Lejaun Augur

    Agreed. A second server on startup is needed. Even in the worst case scenario (a realistic worst case scenario), there is going to be a huge demand for the server on opening. There will be massive queues and massive lag. You know its going to happen, we know its going to happen.

    Instead of having hundreds or thousands of angry customers, lets try to start off with a very smooth TLP launch. Let the forums be flooded with "Elite guild KS'd my named or trained me" posts instead of "I can't log in the server, I quit" posts.
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  19. Runes Augur

    2 servers are needed at launch and pre announced like its been said over and over by people that actually play the game and have years of TLP experience. Its too bad bystanders and tone deaf decision makers are the ones in charge.
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  20. Xygor New Member

    An Aradune repeat would spell disaster, and discontent the player base to an even greater extent....please don't make this mistake by creating one server for what will be the most popular TLP in a long time.
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