Mischief and Thornblade - Simultaneous Launch

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, May 10, 2021.

  1. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Respectfully requesting DPG make the move to have Thornblade (a Mischief clone currently set as an overflow server) be made into a simultaneous launch alongside Mischief. This could have a profound impact on the queue times and overall launch performance for these servers.

    Ideally they will launch at the same time and we will have advanced notice of it so players and guilds can make an informed and deliberate plan as to which server they will play on.
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  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Fully agree, and pre-emptively suggesting that you rename Thornblade to Mayhem so we have Mischief and Mayhem.
  3. Relentless Insomnia

    I fully support this.

    Some of us just want to be able to play the game.

    Over-crowding from a server ruleset this popular is going to be a profound issue even IF the servers are somehow stable on day 1. We all know that's not going to be the case though, so the launch delays that players will suffer are going to be legendary without a second server at launch.

    Let players plan in advance so both server communities can remain healthier in the long run. An unannounced overflow server ALWAYS ends up being an unhealthy server to play on down the road. Announce a second ahead of time and it won't be.
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  4. Kywen Augur

    Fully agree... Mischief and Mayhem for Truebox, make Thornblade the non-Truebox.
  5. Xygor New Member

    If this doesn't happen, and the servers are slammed a la Aradune 2.0, I'm likely going to be disgruntled and not play. So I'm hoping this happens!
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  6. Himlopilop New Member

    I agree need to make 2 servers the same the population is too big for 1 server
  7. Saturi New Member

    Please do this, Aradune was unplayable, lost my subs after 2 months of trying with those queues.
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  8. MichaelPants Journeyman

    It only makes too much sense.
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  9. Atrebe New Member

    Yes! Fully agree. Thank you for posting this.
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  10. kinian New Member

    You lost multiple subscribers when my friends I had invited to come play on Aradune decided to go a different direction when servers were so backed up. Don’t be like WoW, be better
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  11. Gnothappening Augur

    Aradune was unplayable for a lot of reasons other than login ques.
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  12. Tutu New Member

    Fully Agree we need 2 servers at launch. Based on the numbers I am seeing from the guild discords that have posted on the forums, this server stands to have even more people on launch than Aradune. Many of my friends quit the game during Aradune release because they couldn't connect, I convinced most of them to come back PLEASE USE THIS SECOND CHANCE WISELY.
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  13. Shadowlight New Member

    YES, We are going to need 2 servers for sure
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  14. Grimblades New Member

    100% on the need for 2 servers at the same time
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  15. Serial experiments New Member

    Without two servers it’s going to be constant crashing and extremely long queue times. A lot of us take of work to enjoy launches getting stuck on a 8 hour queue is down right deplorable when you guys can and have the ability to keep this from happening. Bring up two servers that are exactly the same and the exact same time , set a date ahead of time to merge these together preferably between Velious and luclin. If you don’t not only are you going to deal with all the server crap that comes from over old but the amount of tickets you are going to have to deal with from having all these no lifers playing at the same time. Be smart and open up a second server and announce it ahead of time
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  16. Shadowling New Member

    Yeah 2 servers would help a ton and its still going to be rough, but at least only half as bad;)
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  17. brickz Augur

    looks like someone directed people to this thread since it got so many likes so quickly. still, it's a good idea
  18. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    A lot of suspicious "new member" accounts in here. My Mischief guild with over 1500 signed up took a poll and over 80% want only one server on launch. I am here to represent that 80% of over 1500 real people. #nochanges
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  19. Kywen Augur

    They quit dealing with tickets years ago. Just saying.
  20. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    This is probably the one thing everybody can actually agree on for Mischief, interest is very high, unless some major things have changed, this server is going to get slammed.
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