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    Ya, big pug group scene happens for maybe 2-3 weeks per TLP tops. It just seems silly to want to wait for that, but that's me. Otherwise ya, there's no point in anyone being here if that's what you want. Just mark your calendar for whatever mid/end of May when new TLP comes out and forget about EQ till then. Fire it up and go nuts in Guk with 500 people and then peace out till next year.
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    Players are only quitting and restarting because they know another TLP server with a favorable ruleset is just around the corner. If Daybreak came out and said, "Mischief's ruleset will not be rehashed for another five years," then players will be more likely to stick it out. I wish they'd release a two year plus timeline, so we can all make an informed TLP decision. It would really help with guild recruitment too.

    Yelinak's server population will crumble once GoD launches, but it could survive like Mischief has survived if Daybreak said, "we aren't doing anymore Phinny clones for a few years." We could have a strong and solid community on each server if there was only one version of it for quite awhile.

    I really hope that Daybreak releases more "wild" rulesets, so the older previous rulesets can mature. I love having lot's of choices.

    What about a Mischief/Yelinak hybrid. All items are free-trade except quest items and raid loot.
    What about a Yelinak/Hardcore hybrid. DZ's can only have a max of 25 players in it. OW becomes highly contested.
    What about a Level-Locked server. The max level for Classic, Kunark, and Velious is level 50. The max level for GoD is level 60.
    What about a Selo hybrid. The TLP zips through classic to TSS and then slows down to a regular pace.

    I think we're all looking for "my server" if we haven't already found it.
  3. Gnomie Denser than most

    You're right. I don't wanna see our population drift to a new TLP just like ours. Mischief has a UNIQUE ruleset, that I hope they never copy again until it's merged into Firiona Vie. The only bonus would be finally getting this AFK kick removed.
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    Jeskola i hope your having a great time these holidays i wish you the best,happy holidays.
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