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  1. mark Augur

    I loved mischief and its free trade and random droops nearly a perfect server .use yelinak unlock timeline,add 6 boxing per pc since half of every raid force group boxes and most clerics on modern tlp are boxes,keep krono and add buy an epic for 50us$ if you have already completed an epic on that account or not.i love starting on new tlp every year.
  2. 3rdconix Elder

    If you love Mischief so much just stay on it. Pretty simple
  3. Duder Augur

    Buy epic for $50? They're that hard? lol. Why not just put a buy AA button? Or buy max BiS full AA char button? Stick to mischief if yer ultra casual, it was made for you and the people still there. If you like to TLP hop, well then, deal with the ideas that come down the line. Some are better than others. The last thing I want is ultra clones with more ultra pay-to-win features.
  4. Trey Elder

    A great many missed the initial launch and would love another chance at such a great server concept and idea.
  5. Appren Gnomercy

    Good thing they can just jump in and catch up in record time due to cheap gear! no new Mischief please!
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  6. Trey Elder

    "Catch up?" Maybe by reaching x-level, but most of those who are saying no 'new Mischief' are only saying that b/c they love the server and don't want to see population drift to a new iteration of it! And, I get it--it's been the smartest, coolest design we've had to date.
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  7. Duder Augur

    *in your opinion. Aradune stomped the success of Mischief my magnitudes never seen in TLP history. Mischief is YOUR casual dream. With that casual dream you have yourself to blame for “missing out”. What’s to say you don’t miss out on the next one? Seriously, step out of yourself for a moment here and realize how much of a Veruca Salt you are behaving like. The server of your dreams is there, what’s the problem besides your fear of having missed out getting the best of you? Man up. Play the server you enjoy and stop crying about all you missed out on due to your own actions.
  8. Duder Augur

    Epics for $50 lol

    Please, someone make a kekw vid on this. Or a great meme
  9. 3rdconix Elder

    It's classic. Relax with the missed memories. You missed nothing because those eras are dead horses by now. All you missed was more brown hallways of Guk and even more trash loot dropping from Naggy and Vox. Wowza so much missed.

    Rerolling every year causes more missed memories than anything.
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  10. Meridian Augur

    Catching up on Mischief is ridiculously easy.
  11. Mrjon3s Augur

    Its not about the catching up its about them missing the krono rush.
  12. Trey Elder

    I disagree! People far ahead on servers like Mischief rarely, hardly EVER, group down to include new players--newbros who are left to fend for themselves and solo the entire game's content before they even get to the point to where they can get charity grouped by anyone. That's a fact.
    What they 'miss' is the opportunity to enjoy group play dynamics on the Mischief ruleset in a game that's all about playing in a group.
  13. 3rdconix Elder

    You didn't miss anything. You group and nameds drop random junk found from other mobs that you've seen 1000000 times prior just dropping from another specific mob. You're spending time in the same handful of zones you usual rerollers always spend in, killing the same mobs, acquiring basically the same loot just from different sources. Woopy doopy.

    What I meant by my statement is you're missing memories of content you haven't done already for the umpteenth time. You are missing out on making actual memories, not obscuring your memories together because you've done nothing more than the same 4 expansions the last million rounds of TLPs.

    And your facts are made up bullsnot. As I type this I'm grouped with friends on Aradune, an old server, making memories. And if people just stopped migrating to the same overdone comfort zone every year there would be plenty of people to group with on the older servers. Big brain thinking right there, huh?
  14. Xeris Augur

    The point of it being easy to catch up is so you can get to where everyone else is and then go enjoy the group game with other humans.

    You don't need a fresh TLP for this, unless you want to group with other people in lguk specifically.
  15. Trey Elder

    I think we should be differentiating between 'easy' and 'fun enough to actually do it.' The distinction shouldn't be ignored. If something isn't fun, being easy is relative at that point b/c few will actually stick around to see it get done. Insomuch that's true--said activity then becomes hard because maintaining interest is a challenge.

    Leveling solo from 1 to the mid-50's sucks and I'd absolutely say it's not 'easy,' even if it's not as challenging as solo leveling in the earlier eras.
  16. Xeris Augur

    I guess it's just a matter of: do you want to play EQ or not? Because if you want to enjoy the mischief ruleset, you could suffer through a week or whatever to catch up, and then you can go ahead and enjoy the server.

    I don't disagree that it's boring and tedious to lvl by yourself but it'd be far easier on Mischief than any other server because you can deck yourself out with gear easily, and with buffs it should be VERY easy for any class to solo up to lvl 50s.
  17. Trey Elder

    Sorta. I'd agree that: "I guess it's just a matter of: do you want to play [SOLO] EQ or not? Hence, the annual rush when new servers are launched. Why are they popular? Groups abound and players are social and actively seeking others to play with--that's absolutely not Mischief's server today though. And, that's cap saying someone can get high enough lvl in a week to find groups. Maybe if they put 8 hours a day in and no-life it...but, we're talking about a very small number of people capable of sinking that kind of time into this game. And, out of that small number you then have to find those who are willing to do it solo on a server that punishes players who don't have 2 disposable computers at hand.

    Na, I do hope they release a new Mischief ruleset--but, skip the Classic experience. Go straight into the holy trinity p99 style for half a year or so and roll from there. Players invested in Mischief will remain right? Or, do you think the allure of players to group with will shred that server beyond repair?
  18. mark Augur

    I cant help myself i love joining a new tlp when it comes out having fun in luclin right now,making new friends catching up with old friends,having fun in discord,i am not on mischief but yelinak and boxing on 1 pc should be like live, i also said you should be able to buy epics on accounts where you have already got an epic on a tlp previosly,i have 3 accounts with current or previus epics and 3 more accounts to go, i am retired not many years left but eq keeps me happy when gaming.
  19. Captain Video Augur

    This has less than zero percent chance of happening. Almost nobody wants to spend 6+ months in Velious. At that stage the game is just a gankfest controlled by Krono farmers. Quite a few TLP players now won't even roll until PoP, and some won't bother until GoD or even TSS. There is a lot more player interest in those starting points than there is in the trilogy era, and the company will decide based on where the money is. If and when there is a second Mischief-rules server (I'm guessing it won't happen for another two years), I wouldn't expect it to start any earlier than PoP; there just isn't enough stuff to randomize before then, which Mischief's history has shown.

    No TLP has that kind of casual pick-up grouping at this stage of the game; the ruleset is irrelevant. There comes a point where everyone who is intent on pressing forward has joined a guild, and it is one's guildmates who provide the pool for grouping when it isn't a raid night. These servers simply do not have the player count to replicate what you remember of the game when it had a couple hundred thousand subscribers. If you won't join a guild, you're going to be much better off, in the long run, on a Live server instead, where you can do whatever you like at your own pace.

    If you want to try and catch up, you're much better off rolling when TSS launches, which is just over a month out on Mischief. With the Hero's Journey questline and Defiant armor and weapon drops unlocked, you can easily go from 1 to 75 solo in a few days at 4 hours/day, any class. You don't even have to spend time trolling the Bazaar for gear, you just kill stuff and wear what drops. Then you do have to decide about choosing a guild, there is really no other option.

    Truebox is a lame excuse if all you want to do is 2-box. EQ can run on a potato you can pick up for under $50.
  20. 3rdconix Elder

    That lasts all of about 2 weeks in classic, 2 weeks in kunark, and 2 weeks in Luclin at most. By the time Luclin hits most people have found their cliques/guilds and are doing everything exclusively with them. What you want is maybe a month worth of gaming per year, regardless of the ruleset. No server will fit your wants...ever. You are not the target audience of TLPs. You are not the business model they should strive for. What you want is ancient history. Move on.

    Nobody wants your trilogy 6 month drool fest. If you want that, go to P99. You won't find your golden chalice of groups and PUGs galore. People will rush to max as they always do and cut back their playtime. That server would be dead because the group content is minimal, people will be bored out of their minds, eventually raid log, get bored of doing the same garbage for 6 months, and find another server or game. Good strategy.