Miraguls - Kerafyrm Awakening/Kill

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    On TLPs, historically there's never been a legitimate shot at killing Kerafyrm due to multiple factors.

    With Miragul's launching, that changes. As heroic characters, there is a good chance that if he is killable, we'll be able to pull it off. Otherwise, we'll certainly enjoy the show of this iconic moment in EQ history as he rampages through Velious (or just sleepers!)

    As such, I'm inviting anyone and everyone that is interested in the Awakening and possible kill of Kerafyrm to head on over to Sleeper's Tomb on Miragul's server as soon as it launches, on Tuesday, November 5, at 1200/Noon Pacific. That's a little over a week from now - Plan accordingly!


    Q: How will this be organized?
    I've setup a discord, and the invite is below for more accessible communication. Feel free to share this with everyone. We'll setup a raid, which will be first come first serve on slots for those inside of Sleepers. I'm also welcoming creative guild names, so if you've got a creative guild name, show it off during this event! We'll communicate ingame using shout.


    Q: Isn't Sleepers locked?
    Sleepers is historically locked, however once a TLP server is generally 4 expansions out, all the prior locked. Sleepers should be an open zone for everyone. I recall on Fippy that Sleeper's briefly reverted to the original states around the TSS era, and toons without keys were able to freely zone in even then. This shouldn't be an issue.

    Q: Why wake the Sleeper?
    On a server where a character or two can freely go and wake him anyways, I think it's nice to rally those interested in watching and participating in the awakening event in the flesh if they have not in the past, and potentially even kill Kerafyrm!

    Q: What are we doing with the traditional iconic loot?
    The items are all obsolete, and are generally obtainable through other methods even past awakening. If our raid does obtain any items, we'll random it off for those that want to keep it for sentimental reasons that were there from start to finish. If Kerafyrm is killable, we'll award whoever gets the Killshot on Kerafyrm with their pick of Warder loot, followed by the cleric with most effective rezzes during the fight, followed by the top damage done on Kerafyrm. Any further items will be randomed. I plan on embezzling a cloth cap if Kerafyrm does drop one.

    Q: Are there any plans after this event?
    None. Just good memories! This shouldn't take more than an hour, and we'll in good faith make an effort to see if he's killable or not. Make a friend or hundred. Have fun - Enjoy the show!

    See you all there!
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  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If anyone was on the fence, Sleeper was going to be awakened within minutes anyways.

    This is a cool idea.
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  3. Warrior007 53 61 74 6f 73 68 69

    I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of bards!
  4. qweasy Augur

    Sleepers opened at different points on Agnarr and Selo pointing to it being a timed released vs unlock as soon as expansion X opens. There's a good chance it wont be open as soon as the server launches.
  5. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Maybe someone can just warp to sleepers on the server start and wake him up.
    Ya that might be worth a single krono. :D
  6. That0neguy Augur

    No Sleepers opened right when Vel launched on at least coirnav and selo.
  7. Warrior007 53 61 74 6f 73 68 69

    It takes Kerafyrm quite some time to wander through the entire zone before he eventually despawns near the zone in, so anyone should be able to participate in the attempted killing even if the Warders are sniped :)
  8. qweasy Augur

    Yes but you needed a key. On Agnarr it unlocked in LDoN or LoY? and Selo wasn't until maybe GoD.
    Meaning it may be coded to unlock 1 month after LoY opens or something like that just like Howling Stones unlocks 1 month after Luclin open. So on Miragul it may not unlock to zone in without a key until 1 month after the server opens.

    I'm probably getting those expansions wrong but I know it didn't unlock on Selo until after the point Agnarr was already locked.
  9. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Should be very easy to kill with level 85's. We did it on Test 6 years ago and the only deaths were from DT. Fight lasted like 60 seconds.

    He means keyless entry.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    They said all zones will be the same as live.

    That would mean no sleeper.
  11. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Sleeper was asleep and freely able to be zoned into as of the first couple days on Quarm which was in Omens.
  12. Machen New Member

    Every live server had sleeper until he was awakened...
  13. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Q: What are we doing with the traditional iconic loot?
    Whichever bard has the fastest PC/most luck at login screen will get all the Dropable loot Gnome masks.

    Anyway GLHF he will die in under 2 mins and will be beyond trivial.
  14. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Such disappoint.
  15. VandilIzer Augur

    LOTA had already planned on form something up and invite everyone from the server so happy to join in with Dima and crew. If possible I think we should try to hold off until the evening to allow more people who have to work on a Tuesday to join in for the event since not many ever have had the chance to witness it. While not a huge deal on this kind of server the whole thing is better if we can bring more people to enjoy it. That is of course assuming some doesn't show up and try to rush past to kill it earlier in which case we just do it with whoever is there.
  16. Machen New Member

    You aren't going to be able to hold off. It will take a single player to wake the sleeper. Someone will do it immediately. You can either be there or not.
  17. Gootak New Member

    Completely agree. I can imagine theres a tonne of box armies who circumvent truebox or not ready to pounce on this to have a crack just coz they can who likely aren't interested in the server at all itself but hey... free 85 heroics puts it right in front of them. Who knows what will screw this up however I honestly believe that the only thing that will do this is being there on launch and doing it in a group asap.
  18. That0neguy Augur

    It only takes 1 toon at this level to wake the sleeper.
  19. code-zero Augur

    You seem to have a thing about warping and krono. Does this mean you're going to be on Miragul now?
  20. Gootak New Member

    Oh for sure, but I meant to attempt to kill rather than just wake. What would that take at this level with aa's etc?