Miragul Heroic Progression Server FAQ [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. Echokid New Member

    I second this for phinny.
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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    In 6 years time they may not even be an EQ, the future of this server is not something which I've even thought about.

    I really really really want to raid again in House of Thule raids, group in House of Thule, even if they put heroics on Phinny this wouldn't be possible as the majority of the player base would be past that. Therefore Phinny wasn't and will never be an option for me.

    Phinny drop outs or not, we are all equal, doesn't really matter where the players come from, returning from a break or other coming from other TLP or live servers, we are all starting afresh. Personally I am a live dropout. Nearly 19 years since I started playing, only had 1 month of non play due to the server hacks so not through my choice. My main on live has 989 days played (never been used as a baz mule or left on AFK anywhere), I have more alts than I care to admit, I run 5 accounts which get played for 2 boxing on main PC and laptop, been doing this for years have no intention of changing now. I mainly play a single char even though I have the ability to box. My playtime is insanly high, but then I'd rather play EQ that watch rubbish on the TV in the evening. My work is seasonal so from now until May I think I have something like 10 days of work, which means I can play all day every day for weeks if I so desired. I work hard for 6 months and have 6 months to relax and play EQ. :)

    I could easily redo all the House of Thule raids on my live server but Miragul is going to far more fun, with everyone being at the level it was intended. :)

    I have a few concerns with this server, which I'm hoping Dreamweaver will have answer for next week.
  3. Warrior007 Augur

    This has happened and will continue to happen. There is less money to be made on mid-era TLPs (No expansions to purchase, no early game rush/potions/bags, ect), we will see a continued trend here. If the profitability of TLPs exceeds live (if it has not yet), there will be way more focus on these servers.

    I support converting Fippy into an event server! That would be pretty neat.

    also come home boys!
  4. Houseofpain New Member

    I understand your desire for the server to see hot at the level range intended. I just think its not gonna play out in the manner you hope it will. The reason where the player bases comes from is important is burn out. 30-60% of this servers raid population just did the hot expansion a few months ago. The raids are a drag and most people are gonna spend hot getting back into form for voa and rof. Getting epics,clickies aa's etc etc. Them launching this server so close on the heels of phinny completing it isn't a good idea. I am sure there will be atleast one batphone raid all the time guild on the server. But the vast majority is gonna skip most of this expac for sure mainly getting t-4 group gear.
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  5. That0neguy Augur

    Bro that is some next level statistical analysis of a server that hasn't even launched yet. I am 87.59% impressed by your skills.
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  6. Rayvorn Elder

    One guild post for recruiting on the new server. Says a lot about the popularity.
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  7. Houseofpain New Member

    Yeah it is almost as if they have done this tlp thing before. Almost as if the same predictable pattern repeating itself server after server. It is almost as if there is a competing post on this very forum ganging interest in a new server that will do to miragul's as is happening to phinny right now. Like wow man. I am 37% shocked
  8. That0neguy Augur

    Yep. was 100% predictable they would launch a new TLP for EQ2's aniv. And we all knew it was gonna be a heroic server. Same as all the other TLP's. LOLZ
  9. Machen New Member

    They have never done a TLP remotely like this before. There is no pattern, not when it comes to this server. I think there are good reasons to suspect it will be a flop, but I don't think any of us can say with any kind of certainty until it launches and we see what happens.
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  10. Houseofpain New Member

    Well yeah if your hyper specific on your criteria for the sake of being misleading of coarse. But lets say you were not trying to be. Almost every single tlp server launch has been tied to an event. Expansion launches or anniversary events being the big ones. Within weeks for most of them. Now on to the heroic aspect of this. Some tlp's have launched with vastly different formats before.So whats your point with predicting the herioc nature of this server? See the part that your glossing over is i am talking about the predictable pattern of one server DESTROYING the populations and viability of the ones that came before it. Doesn't mattern one rats behind on miragul's format. Selo's and mangler did just as much damage in these regards. Miragul is unique in the fact of the 85th heroics is pointless to the discussion
  11. ntellect Augur

    Actually it doesnt say much because it is just one data point. You could also look at it as people wanting play on this server dont care about raiding. Or the guilds that form arent going to advertise.

    This is going to be a casual server. And you keep missing the grouping benefit or fail to acknowledge it. If you rush to max level on a classic TLP you cant group with a fresh level 1. There is a timeframe of grouping that if missed leaves the player playing alone in a group based game

    This server will have max level people playing with fresh 85s for at least 2 expansions. As even a level 100 can group with a fresh 85. That creates opportunity and a longer window for people to play in. Leveling in 85 tier content is more varied than leveling in classic content (AA grinding being one).

    We have never had this type of TLP experience before
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  12. Dabrixmgp Augur

    why would u want lvl 70 gear at lvl 85
  13. Ootax Augur

    For the click, I think necro's had to use their for the focus for a while or something along those lines. Although I think they finally did something about that.

    But no, heroic characters do not come with epics.
  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Your not a melee wanting shaman epic click every time it refreshs or a bard click, there are a few others that are still used at level 110 so yeah there are some which will be wanted at level 85.

    Epic is high on my list of things I want on Miragul, would be nice to know in advance to I can plan where I start.
  15. Silver-Crow Augur

    It did strike me that moving en-masse would reinvigorate any guild moving there from Phinny, especially since it's not actually that far behind. However....

    There're no AOC's, so all you need is one or two batphone guilds and the remaining guilds don't get a look in on the new content, and will have to settle for older content.

    It's been said many times, that Heroic toons should just have been enabled on Phinny, but this was never about the players, it was always about bag sales and cashing in on the 'new server' rush. I for one am getting a bit cynical of the number of TLP's opening up all of a sudden.... that's 3 this year, with another possible non-truebox server making it 4. There's absolutely no point starting on these servers as they all tend to just die as soon as the next 'shiny' server opens.

    I vote we boycott all new TLP's and leave it to the krono lords and bot armies who will soon go away when they realise there's no-one to peddle their wares to. Stick with your current servers and make them live!!!
  16. Garmr Augur

    All of the raid content HoT and onward (most before as well) is instanced, no need for AoC's. AoC's pretty much went the way of the dodo awhile ago.
  17. ntellect Augur

    I'm not quite sure Miragul will go the way as other TLPs simply because it's not starting in classic. Classic TLPs die because people who love classic stop playing (for the most part) after it progresses past a certain expansion.

    This server is well past that era. From personal experience, I've played on all the TLPs and with my play schedule each time I got left behind, except for Mangler which still has active people to group with in the 20s (which I found surprising).

    My goal has always been to get to max level so I can play current content. That is daunting on TLPs (which tend to be fun due to the initial rush) and painful on live (you have to molo most of the way and content becomes painful by yourself around the 80s).

    This TLP basically starts where I consistently leave off, gives me that initial rush that makes the game fun, and puts me within 25 levels of max from day 1. That has longevity to me
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  18. Aegir Augur

    Dunno if that's a reference to servers without AoC in general or just speaking about Miragul and Phinny.

    The last Open World Raid Bottlenecks are in Prophecy of Ro, the final expansion during the infamous lv 70 Era. Miragul will already be way beyond any content blocking, unless people really make a devious toxic effort to disrupt other people's group progression in OW zones.

    But yeah, I Agree with a lot of the people here. DBG should really dedicate the next year to optimize the current TLP's - Instead of launching 2-3 Brand new TLP's. It's really starting to water out - and break up communities. Now you probably say that Miragul will save a guild from going cold on Phinigel... Well If you just kept optimising current TLP's for their current progression era's, this wouldn't had needed to happen in the first place.

    I doubt the "Higher ups" would agree to that and are probably just yelling "Get as much out of this Nostalgia Cash Cow trend while it's hot".
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  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Depends if Heroics come with epics, if they don't there will be big demand for some of the earlier zones which without AoCs is going to be a pita to get done.
  20. Drayman Elder

    Because it is impractical to make a "no box" server I applaud the true box idea for this server.

    I just want a server for people who want to play with other people.
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