Miragul Heroic Progression Server FAQ [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. VandilIzer Augur

    That's actually not true, they have taken feedback from the community and changed servers before, look at Selo and mangler, when they were first announced they had very different rule sets from what they ended up having. The devs do listen and sometimes will change things. Putting out 2 servers is a huge mistake, the draw for this kind of server was already less than a classic server splitting that again into 2 camps is not a good idea, they need to choose either truebox or not and release 1 server where people can deal with whatever rule set that has and choose to play there or not.
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  2. Rayvorn Elder

    We want a level 85 heroic server though...that is the draw...skipping the expansions that have like 8 TLP's already for them. I have a feeling this new server will be something bazaar like...its a new live server where everyone starts at level 1..but all expansions are unlocked....which is the same was a LIVE server (they just did it in EQ2 so I know it's on their mind). Or they will release the same exact server...where two populations will be split and both servers will be super low. Or they are doing to do a FV loot server....which just split those who want box but dont want FV. So many better ways to of handled this...

    J5 merc...has been a question on here on 15 threads for the past month...zero answers in the FAQ. Which quest line will it be?
    Paid server or Free to play (pretty important)
    Agent of changes in or not?
  3. ntellect Augur

    Selo and Mangler started as true box. Selo and Mangler are still true box. that aspect did not change.
  4. VandilIzer Augur

    True but the idea they wont change anything after they announce it is clearly wrong.
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  5. grodobaggins New Member

    With truebox, probable lack of AoC, autogrant AA restriction/confusion for later eras (discourages future players), and no RAF bonus... there doesn't seem to be a lot of point in rolling up here versus Phinny, Selo (which will be at this content soon enough), or even live.

    It's going to catch up to live in a bit over a year, while being more restrictive than live other than being able to start at level 85. Meanwhile, Selo is going to be at that point at roughly the same time (I think?) with rare spawn bonuses and presumably faster exp rate than live?

    I didn't really know what I wanted. But a combination of the above is definitely not it. It is worse than other TLP in some ways, and worse than live servers in others. If the only draw is starting at level 85, that is not enough. This being another truebox, it probably would've been a good opportunity to go with FV-like ruleset. As is, it's just going to be a failed experiment.
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  6. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    A sad day for TLP'ers indeed.
  7. Warrior007 Augur

  8. VandilIzer Augur

    Hush you!
  9. Lidjet Journeyman

    Two servers is a huge mistake, make a decision and stick with it. Both servers are dead if you have two servers.
  10. MarttinPH Augur

    By my calculations it will take 28 months to get to Torment of Velious Expansion. My math could be wrong.
    17. House of Thule (October 12, 2010) 3 months (likely as it opens with it)
    18. Veil of Alaris (November 15, 2011) 3 months (Level increase to 95)
    19. Rain of Fear (November 28, 2012) 3 months (Level increase to 100)
    20. Call of the Forsaken (October 8, 2013) 2 months
    21. The Darkened Sea (October 28, 2014) 3 months (Level increase to 105)
    22. The Broken Mirror (November 18, 2015) 2 months
    23. Empires of Kunark (November 16, 2016) 2 months
    24. Ring of Scale (December 12, 2017) 3 months (Level increase 110)
    25. The Burning Lands (December 11, 2018) 2 months
    26. Velious (2019): 3 months (Level increase to 115)
    27. Unknown (2020): 2 months
  11. Levy Journeyman

    No one from DBG said 2 servers, it was a poster here. Dreamweaver said there would be a post in the future about the possibility of a non truebox server. Doesn't seem like that is going to be launched with this one.
  12. Levy Journeyman

    Is Phinny past this era? If so, wouldn't it make more sense to allow 1 free heroic char per account on Phinny rather than start a whole new server. This would increase the phinny population and be somewhat in era as it is now.

    Then make some type of separate non-truebox server.
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  13. grodobaggins New Member

    I stand corrected. Still, Selo and Phinny will both reach live ahead of this server, with perks that this server won't have to offer. Personally I just don't see the point with the ruleset as posted. If others do, great, but my excitement is definitely crushed.
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  14. Icaen Elder

    If AOCs aren't needed, Truebox isn't needed. Simple as that.

    House of Thule is one of mine and many others' favorite expansion(s) and you, Daybreak, find a way to make this potentially rich experience as uninspired and uninviting as possible. I will not spend a dime on this server, as the ruleset stands.
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  15. Lidjet Journeyman

    Even hinting at the possibility is going to split the population.
  16. halagren Journeyman

    AGREED. putting out a second server will cannibalize the population even further as it already appeals to a very small audience compared to normal TLP. Please do not put out a second version, either do truebox or dont but do not have a 2nd server!

    Also one clarification dreamweaver, you said no transfers on or off this server. will that restriction lift once this server catches up to live? will it become a standard live server at that point? or will it be stuck on its own? i feel that it needs to evolve by that time or it would no longer be reasonable to play a heroic character on Miragul when you could instead play one on any live server w/o the restrictions and be at the same point.
  17. Zalamyr Augur

    I find the inclusion of truebox peculiar. Truebox was intended as a way to make the TLPs feel more genuine at launch (as multiboxing back in the day generally required multiple computers and wasn't super common to see). By the time we hit House the Thule, nearly everybody that boxed did so on one machine.
  18. Gootak New Member

    As someone with a terrible time zone for me this is a bit disapointing with the truebox call. Even if there are two servers, the rest of the rules and concept have been amazing. If a non-truebox server is made also with even similar rules then its splitting the fanbase/potential population and again disappointing.

    Not posting this to whinge but for a thread requesting feedback, there it is.
  19. Ootax Augur

    This would assume that Phinny and Selos will be able to retain a population to make it to live. Which based on other TLP's is not likely. Both of those servers already have burnout and VoA claimed a couple guilds on Phinny already. This server has a better chance of making it to live due to the era it is launching in, IF it starts with a healthy population it has a better chance on retaining that population over a server that has been out for a couple years.
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  20. Gootak New Member

    Whilst I agree with the thought process of this especially with the free heroics being a point for people starting here at a later date as well, I fear that if population drops to a certain point it will fall hard. If people can't get groups, and people can't have box groups then it will die harder than any live server also.
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