Miragul - For the love of god, please! :(

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vucru, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Lidjet Journeyman

    Miragul was created with a zone save from Live, so im guessing it wont.
  2. Lidjet Journeyman

    Im not talking purely about AoCs, we cant even get into open world old zones withotu doing every flag.

    AoC's arent needed but they are definitely nice.
  3. Machen Augur

    That's not how this works...
  4. Lidjet Journeyman

    It is tho, thats why we got the new merc quest and augs that doesnt unlock to CoTF typically. It was a quick fix from Daybreak

    From FAQ even says it:

    Q: Which versions of zones will be on Miragul? All open world zones will be the same versions as those on Live servers.
  5. Machen Augur

    That's not a zone save. I don't even know what a zone save is. That's them changing which version of the zones will be available at what expansion. It has nothing to do with the flagging issues.
  6. Lidjet Journeyman

    Your assumption is as good as mine then.

    Either way, if it was going to release December 5 (Which I'm pretty sure it wont) , they could just say this and end this whole discussion.

    Every other TLP has the 4 expansion unlock except this one, so obviously SOMETHING is different.
  7. Machen Augur

    Every other TLP has had to wait a month after expansion unlocks for the 4 expansion behind flagging issue to resolve. You effectively had every expansion launch Nov. 5. If Bobbybic and I are correct, it isn't any different than any other server, except that you had more expansions launch on the same day than any previous TLP.

    Quarm had the same issue iirc.
  8. Lidjet Journeyman

    Well, I sure hope you're right. Everything right now is hearsay. Some dev confirmation would still be nice tho.
  9. Gherig Augur

    Is DoN unlocked or does the server have to do the unlocking?
  10. Hythos Lorekeeper

    I went through and completed the Enchanter 1.0. Took 8hrs of effort, with 2 of that waiting on Felia to spawn.
    So with all of the 100's of hours we've spent when it was "in-era", the 1.0 effectively was just 5-1/2 to 6hrs of real "work".

    I have no idea what it would take to do 1.5 or 2.0 (never played Velious)... but I could imagine collecting pages may take half a day each, at best(?)
  11. Machen Augur

    The problem is that by you doing it in 6 hours, you've effectively prevented anyone else from doing it in less than ~3-4 days, unless they wait til 3-4 days from now to start. Some of the mobs you didn't have to wait for won't be up again for that long.

    On the other hand, the enchanter 1.5 prequest is also potentially blocked with no aoc. But at least the respawn in Pohate is much shorter.
  12. Garmr Elder

    Eh, I expect the zones to unlock around Dec.5 as noted above. That said, the frustration with some trivial shiz is real. Running a zerker this time tryin to do 1.5, run to Seb, cant zone in. Have to do the old key quest. Granted I had it done in 10 mins, it's just clicking on that orb and getting a "you dont have the key" message is irritating.

    Worse, was going to farm items needed for the quest in Kod'Taz and the ground spawns in Yx. Cant zone in, need Tipt flag. No problem, except Tipt takes 3 real bodies in the zone to actually get the events running. Luckily I 2 box, and then logged in my girlfriends never played toon and set her to autofollow to complete.

    Yeah, not the end of the world and I expect them to all unlock soon(ish), just a bit irritating, I get the OP's frustration.

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