Fixed Internally Minor+Trivial: Welcome to 85 message is out of date (T5 Merc Quest)

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  1. TarewMarrForever Augur

    The popup / email message you receive for reaching level 85 is out of date

    In particular, the second and third sentences about speaking with Investigator Drolmer in Feerott the Dream are no longer accurate, as there are no longer Tiers of Mercenaries as of the May 18th patch.

    As of that patch, every All Access member will already have access to the Journeyman Tier 5. Furthermore non-All Access members who do this quest, don't get the flag, because they are limited to Apprentice mercs. So, suggesting this quest is misleading at best.

    I recommend simply yanking them, resulting in the following copy:

    Congratulations! You have achieved the level of 85!
    We recommend you try your hand at exploring the adventure friendly zone of Old Bloodfields.
    Note: This is a Hot Zone for experience gain for this level.
    You may also enjoy the Overseer system. Just type /overseer or look under Quests in the EQ menu.
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