Mid Level Caster Focus

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  1. Karanthal Augur

    Does anyone have a list or a link to a good resource for mid-level caster focus items. I'm particularly looking for improved healing/damage (2/3) and mana preservation for mid 30s-40s.

    Ideally I'm looking for something I can camp myself with my 3 man team war/sham/mage all around lv37.
  2. Punchis-themonk Elder

    For mana pres:
    Blackened alloy medallion you can get exp while camping it.
  3. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    IH2: Book of Obulus, Meditative Blanket
    IH3: Idol of the Underking
    ID2: Book of Tactics, Imperial Wardog Collar, Polished Mithril Mask, Wurm Scale Coat
    ID3: Mask of the Dragon Slayer, White Dragonscale Cloak
    MP2: Black Alloy Medallion, Dustscryer's Crystal Ball, Silver Dragon Tattoo, Orb of Draconic Energy
    MP3: Decisive Boots of the Kin, Obulus Death Shroud

    Maybe some others I forgot. Just search whatever effect you're looking for on ZAM, and click each item to see from which zone/era it is.
  4. Polekn Augur

    From what I saw on the last 3 TLPs this zone will be perma-camped by krono farmers and you will not be able to get anything there while exping. Expect to pay some krono for it in EC tunnel.
  5. Punchis-themonk Elder

    Guess it depends on server... I'm sure it's uncamped on Phinny.
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    It's uncamped on Phinigel now. But during classic it's packed to the brim with farmers.
  10. Illusory Augur

    Why would he be trolling? The original poster never stated the server he wanted to camp it on and since Agnarr is on myth status, one can only assume a current TLP (Phinny.)
  11. Smak Augur

    The harla dar talisman has improved damage 3 on it, I know you will not be able to group harla dar at your level but you might find someone willing to kill her for you. Someone may kill her because she drops a lot of high level spells and may not need the neck item and let you have it.
  12. Mowens Elder

    Why would he be trolling? I dunno I guess the other option is he's clueless like most of the playerbase.
  13. Smak Augur

    OP said they had 3 classes around level 37, I cannot think of any server right now that is overcamped at that level. Then you say in classic its packed with farmers, no server is in classic right now. So the only thing left is that you think the OP is asking what mobs to camp on agnarr with very specific level range characters?

    I don't even know why I bothered to post this.
  14. Punchis-themonk Elder

    Sounds like a case of the pot and the kettle. Reading is hard.