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  1. Gragas Augur

    Ok, let's throw a wrench at this whole scenario that will lead to less "Customer Service" from your CS department.

    Let's say 54 people are in a raid encounter with a 6 hour up time on the expedition, it is a new event, still learning stuff, the event itself takes about 2 hours to do because of mechanics built into it (Triunity).
    First couple/three times your guild wipes after about an hour or 2 leading to an eventual win with about 6 minutes remaining before the expedition collapses.
    Event drops quite a bit of loot, no way you can do bids if in a DKP guild or decide loot if in a merit guild so guild leader loots all and bids are held after the expedition collapses and the loot gets sorted out via petitions.
    Now that is not a valid option now is it?
    Maybe expand expedition up time to 12 hours if you are going to straight up decide that CS is not going to handle loot redistribution for whatever whim that decision was made over?
    Just does not seem like much thought went into this decision (besides it will reduce our workload, therefore reducing our workload which will lead to less cost, doubt these CS reps clock out and go home if they have no tickets to answer do they?) nor was any type of customer input sought before making such a decision?

    We all know things have been tough around ya'll's offices, but please reconsider, would rather have to wait to get a petition answered than just totally denied.
  2. Tallanor-emarr Journeyman

    My whole problem here is that this message of the day and change of community service stance, COMPLETELY OPENS THE DOOR FOR NINJA LOOTING. You have in effect taken any reprisals away from the act of ninja looting. There has to be some grey area here, where reprisals for ninja looting must have some teeth. Otherwise ninja looters will just cycle around, and change names, servers every time they get a chance to do their deed. Guild leaders, officers, and raid leaders are powerless to prevent one person screwing over the other 54. Please change this hardline stance to something with some grey area that allows for reprisals for ninja looting.
  3. Leerah Augur

    Most people learn how to spell 'babies' and 'their' in 3rd grade but we're not busting on you for it. Punctuation is 4th grade.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    I for one am glad SoE's customer service is being straight up. I'm glad they have decided to treat the gaming community here at EQ as mature adults instead of baby kids that need constant attention for the simplest of things like looting.
  5. serverhelper Journeyman

    Here is a crazy idea, why not just add a tool so that the RL can fix said problem themselves? I mean they are in a position of power (being trusted by the 53 other people) why not just have a feature that allows them to transfer items as long as the event is active? Someone loots wrong item "by mistake or other wise" RL fixes the issue with in 5 mins.... no more tickets required for this type of thing.
  6. Mrya New Member

    It wouldn't surprise me if the folks that are in this thread applauding the CS edict are are potential future Ninja Looters. It would be the only reason someone would agree with this policy. If they had malicious intent of some sort planned for the future.

    Another example: What if there was a policy that came out stating "We are no longer going to watch for players that use unapproved software." There would be another thread like this with folks complaing and applauding. The folks applauding would most likely be those that plan on using 3rd party unapproved software. It would be the only reason to applaud such an edict.

    I understand that it might take time for CS to answer/research these matters. Then we need to have some other sort of loot process implemented first.

    SOE has always had an eye out for the honest good non cheating player. Ninja Looting is cheating IMO. Currently, their efforts have been aided.
  7. Tarvas Augur

    You caught us out! I can't wait to raid tonight and ninja loot everything now that there are no repercussions :p
  8. Tallanor-emarr Journeyman

    Maybe you should actually read the thread, if they are changing there stance on this issue because the majority of loot transfer petitions are scams and waste their man hours, scamming and ninja looting is apparently a big problem. If legitimate mistakes and loot transfers are only a small percentage of these type of petitions then they are cutting off a percentage of worthwhile customer service petitions. But all cases of loot issues they can solve. Personally I would love to see a breakdown, of how much percentage wise these encompass of total petitions, but I severely doubt they will even broach that number. I think this whole policy change is largely probably due to incidents in nagafens' lair and mistmore with the introduction of the chase items that THEY PUT INTO THE GAME. Items that are clearly changing the face of the game and completely changing player behavior in the game. So they changed their policy so they wouldn't have to deal with it. I can in no way believe that the total percentage of loot transfers, ninja loots, etc is so high a number that it would be swamping their customer service representatives.
  9. Tarvas Augur

  10. Cyantune Journeyman

    In other MMOs it requires both the leader and the looter to approve the item to be looted. Because of how statistic works the amount of error that removes is HUGE.. like massively huge. If SOE can not or will not provide a modern system for loot they need to maintain their antiquated system in such a way that it does not destroy the game.

    The easy way to do this that reduces the cost to CS is limit the impact any player can have on CS. If a player does something that can be avoided (miss loot, destroyed an item, ..., or gave a quest item to a pets). Evaluate the issue and make a note on the account...
    6/18/2013 - human error ticket processed request (granted/denied)
    Regardless of the result if they request any human error ticket in the next 12 months (the math is easy guys) you deny the request and add the entry.

    You reduce false claims because people will understand there is a opportunity cost for trying to trick you vs a legit claim they might get.
    You reduce legit claims because people that make mistakes that are not super costly to them will view the opportunity cost vs a later more costly error.
    You maintain the integrity of the game without adding a modern MMO loot system.

    I bet you get
    80% of the cost saving your new policy might save you
    80% of the players you would loose to new policy adversely effecting them you don't loose
    and I bet the combination of those two is more then the savings from your new policy alone.
  11. Starla Elder

    Maybe there would be a way on raid loot windows to get rid of the "loot all tab". In all my years of EQ I have never seen that tab used except when raiding very old content.
  12. Lily Augur

    On a related note, wouldn't it benefit Sony to give us 2 or 3 Tokens of Reclamation per month to avoid dealing with petitions for destroyed loot? Seems to me it would save a lot of CS time dealing with people who prefer to wait for a petition to be answered than to purchase the tokens. Unless of course, Sony decides CS will no longer address accidentally-destroyed loot.