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  1. Leerah Augur

    It's actually a step up in customer service! I remember spending 5 hours to get a signet to drop for Anguish flagging, only to get over-excited and loot it on the wrong toon. CS refused to help. If they're helping, I'm willing to listen to complaining, just not every time I zone!
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  3. Fitzee New Member

    SOE if I am going to pay a monthly fee I think I deserve either a game that allows the raid leader to distribute loot or CS that does their job.
  4. Sinestra Augur

    You know there is a message of the day so there is no reason you can't scroll back and find it easily.

    I don't agree with the idea that CS won't help if there is a looting problem unless it is something that is happening too often in certain guilds. If certain guilds are having this problem repeatedly, then they should be dealt with.

    If you are having problems in your own guild, the person who missloots the item, or the person who incorrectly told them to loot it, gets double or triple charged the DKP for the item and not allowed to bid on the next raid for anything, but require their presence.

    Mistakes happen, but if people would pay attention, they wouldn't make them. I just got a speeding ticket because I was going 15 miles over the speed limit. There hadn't been a speed limit sign in over five miles, but explaining that to the judge didn't get me out of the ticket.
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  5. Dre. Augur

    If they would stop putting so much NO TRADE garbage on trash mobs, people would be able to leave their loot confirmation boxes on. The frequency of these petitions would drop dramatically.
  6. Sinestra Augur

    I honestly would prefer they drop no trade entirely and/or make everything heirloom. Even if they came up with a new system that made only raid items or raid and upper tier items in an expansion no drop for a specific amount of time that would be great.

    I never turn off my no trade confirmation. I don't care how much no drop stuff I have to loot.
  7. Technitis New Member

    Modern MMOs have a way to distribute loot without looting a corpse to prevent this. Either CS needs to work or Devs need to.

    To the dev that hasn't miss looted in the pass 3 years
    8 drops per kill and most guilds only have 6 useful targets (rest are farmed out or not worth the effort outside progression flags) there are 48 drops per week. So lets say you loot once a week in a raid guild. Between server down times, holidays, and being sick you might raid 50 weeks a year.
    If on a full chest there is a 1% chance you miss loot and the chance declines linearly until only 1 item remains you have an average off about 0.5% chance of miss looting per week. That equates to a 47% chance of 0 miss loots over 3 years... congrats you flipped a coin and it came up HEADS

    Emarr has 5 major raid guilds and one pick up raiding group so 6 raid forces. If each of these take down 6 targets a week there are 288 chances for loot to go wrong per week. That is 43200 over the 3 year period you bring up. Even if 1% is 10x what the actual chance is there are people involved and there will be issues.

    BTW have no major health issues so I don't see why do you need insurance? Oh, over a period of time with a large enough population someone will get cancer and need it!!! So just because I don't have cancer doesn't mean no one has cancer?
  8. Sinzz Augur

    I think the cs is doing there job,
    proof you guys that are complaining are such big babys , is the whining here you are doing, sorry but imho it should be 50.00 usd for a item removal and transfer , then lets see how many people " accidently" loot on the wrong toon :).
    if you are all such adults then why cant you follow the easiest thing and not touch something that don't belong to you ? I think we learned that in kindergarten?:)
    I agree sorry it isn't a cs issue its a don't be a dbag issue in most cases .
  9. Tobynn Augur

    In 13 years of raiding, I have never "accidentally" looted something. Never.

    If people refuse to verify the item name a first time via mouseover of the item they are about to loot, if people refuse to use the nodrop confirmation, if people refuse to read the item name a second time within that confirmation, then there is no accident. Just a case of willful ignorance and a total disregard for taking even the slightest of precautions.

    Yes, its a shame that EQ doesn't have any measures in place to prevent "accidents" --- oh wait, yes they do, several. Nevermind.
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  10. Piestro Augur

    Let's look at the cost to you for us to handle this:

    CS can answer so many tickets an hour. If CS answers tickets on this topic, that will add X tickets. Tickets on this topic can be divided into two groups: 98% occurring from preventable player error (i.e. the player did something they weren't supposed to that already has a prevention mechanic, i.e. the loot confirmation window), and 2% caused by player malfeasance (which also has a player solution, don't invite that person to raids anymore). How much longer do you want your tickets for real issues to wait so we can take care of 2% of inquiry x?

    Note that any resolution to these tickets requires a substantial amount of verification. Seeing what time someone logged on, seeing if they were flagged for a particular DZ, potentially talking to involved parties. These tickets took a lot of time for problems that were only very occasionally actual problems. Often it was players trying to scam GMs into transferring items to a character that couldn't have participated anyways.

    We looked at the numbers of these tickets, the number of these tickets that were valid, the amount of time this was consuming, and the impact of this on players. The rational solution was to stop taking these tickets, so we could spend more time on tickets that are actual problems.This is a change from how we've done things in the past, but it's a smart change that benefits players overall.

    A couple years ago I found out we answered tickets where someone accidentally double bought something and got charged 20pp extra. I argued then that we shouldn't answer those tickets either (it takes less time for the player to resolve than for them to put in a petition about it). Us answering those tickets has a cost to you as well. Making smart decisions about which petitions to answer is our responsibility to you, and we're doing that.
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  11. Coruth Augur

    I think this is the heart of your paragraph and heart of an issue.

    Like What do you consider "Actual Problems"???

    And are you 100% sure how YOU/Developers prioritize and define "Actual Problems" is same as how we the players do?

    Without more concrete examples, you are tilting at proverbial windmills.

    Speaking Personally, I have multiple paid gold accts, and no joke thousands of hours of time and 10+ years of playing this game, and I have used petitions across accounts and times maybe 10 times. But other than 1 about Kronos, they were all related to loot/accidents/raids I ran.

    So frankly from my point of view, there isn't anything that benefits me than CS spent this way.
    And you might as well shut the CS department completely.
  12. savrin Augur

    This stuff is entirely SoEs fault for making all raid drops impossible to distribute amongst the guild. Modern games let the raid leader decide who gets an item. It's SoEs fault we must petition for this stuff in the first place. Raid gear is so restricted that only CS can distribute it properly if someone misloots something.

    SoE may not think its a big deal, but when a person bids on something and thinks they won it, and then another loots by accident(most likely case unless doing pickup raids) it only makes people angry when they cannot get the item they won.
  13. Piestro Augur

    My rough understanding:

    Things keeping people from playing are the biggest actual problems.

    Second rank of problems would be gating issues, i.e. someone can play but can't advance for some reason.

    Third rank of problems would be non gating game play problems.

    Fourth rank of problems would be player error.

    In game behavior issues can range between 2 and 4, depending on frequency and severity.

    It's good you haven't had other issues, that makes us happy. But that doesn't mean that others have not had issues that required CS involvement.
  14. Settun New Member

    I'll address this straight to you as you seem to be the one who is most directly responsible/accountable for this. I too am an officer in the guild where we had an item mislooted, Normally we'd charge that person for the item until such time as the petition went through granting it to the correct winner.
    Now this doesn't seem bad, to say WAIT the item will drop again... However, in this case the item dropped from a Time sensitive event (HH2013: Lord Nagafen)... As a raid target it is only going to be available for a very brief time, so we're not likely to see another "free" drop of the item, so the person who incorrectly looted gets to keep it, the person who should have received the item becomes disgruntled, and we are left with very unhappy people at large.

    Yes this seems like a perfect solution to your problem: of to many tickets being submitted, kill off the need for them by driving away your customers. Oh by the way, in case this little point eluded you... *YOU* provide a Service.
    *WE* as Consumers of the service pay a fee for that service.
    The fee that we pay directly affects your company's revenue.
    Your company's revenue, is what ultimately pays your salary.
    But then again, perhaps your intention is to lower your company's revenue, resulting in further cutbacks, resulting in further loss to revenue, resulting in further cutbacks, until you yourself find yourself cut from the workforce?
  15. Sinestra Augur

    Well it didn't take long to escalate to the "we pay your salary" argument.
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  16. Tobynn Augur

    Amusing the way some players feel they are somehow entitled to dictate what sort of services will be provided.
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  17. CaptAmazing Augur

    But customers are able to dictate the level of service. If a customer doesn't like the level of service and aren't able to get any satisfaction they stop being customers. Enough people,follow suit, the offending company changes or fades away.
  18. CaptAmazing Augur

    I'm just want to know how often this was happening. Once a night. Once a month? What
  19. Sinestra Augur

    I think they still should correct some looting issues, but if I have to wait even ten minutes stuck, unable to finish a quest not due to my own mistake, or pretty much any other thing I didn't cause myself because someone is too stupid to turn on their loot notification or too oblivious to pay attention then I won't be a happy camper.

    Accidents happen, but the majority if not all of them are entirely player error. Acting like you are entitled to attention every time it is a bit much.
  20. Agrippa Augur

    They also leave out that the only reason they added the no trade tag to items was to annoy the consumer base and create problems such as this.