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  1. EQbud Augur

    Yes, everyone should be careful, but sometimes the mistake isn't the looters.

    I've seen the person awarding loot miss a bid and award to the wrong person. Then faster than anyone pointing out the mistake the item is looted.
  2. EverChanter Augur

    EQ Customer Service can continue to help customers (as in their job description) and work with these, or you can change the rules on what Customer Service does. There's no picking and choosing, regardless of how many mistakes someone makes.

    Don't lecture us in game like we're children...just do your job.
  3. Moklianne Augur

    I wonder if they don't have the bodies onhand anymore to do these and everything else that warrants attention.
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  4. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    The obvious solution is to make raid gear attunable.
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  5. Agrippa Augur

    This is but one reason that they should just make all standard gear tradable. Aside of a very few items, most gear was tradable in classic EQ. For some lame reason, they wanted loot to start rotting and all but killed the trading community. Bringing back tradable loot would hurt nothing and solve stupid rot problems like the above.
  6. Fenthen aka Rath

    Clearly. More randomtrash cloak drops, please!
  7. Fenthen aka Rath

    Well sir, the Firiona Vie server is just for you! =P
  8. Mintalie Augur

    The message was necessary. I see this happen quite frequently. I've done it once or twice myself (and TRUST ME, I felt horrible afterward). Customer Service has more important things to worry about than us being dumb.
  9. Eomund New Member

    I'm in officer in a raiding guild on Bristlebane and sometimes a petition for loot transfer is necessary. When a person accidentally loots an item that they can not use or an item they did not bid on during DKP, I would expect the CS department to respond to an officer or guild leader's request to get that loot transferred. Mistakes do happen in this game and my guild rarely makes such a request. It's not such a burden on a GM to transfer a loot for my guild once very 2-3 months.

    If someone ninja loots an item, that shows intent and I can understand why a transfer request would be denied. However, if the officer responsible for DKP bids and the parties involved all petition, there should be no reason a GM should deny the request. If not, then I guess we're gonna have to start placing a huge DKP penalty on mis-loots or something, because controlling 100 part-time raiders 100% of the time is just about impossible. It's inevitable that some newb is going to make a mistake some time, and when that happens, 53 raiders shouldn't have to pay for it. That makes a whole lot of people extremely angry over such a trivial matter.
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  10. Tobynn Augur

    If the same people are involved in such petitions repeatedly, then you can no longer chalk it up to stupidity. Its a pattern of abuse, and repeat offenders should be told no dice and the mislooters can just eat the items in question. Obviously, the situation is happening with such glaring regularity that it warranted a serverwide system message.

    Not many.

    53 raiders should be angry with the moron that has a habit of "accidentally" looting the wrong item once a week. CS doesn't need to devote resources to policing such repeated incidents.
  11. Chantilla New Member

    I have been very offended by this rude MOD for days. I have canceled all 4 accounts and will not be spending the $160 to buy expansion for the 4 that I spend $60 a month to play. If I told someone at my job Sorry, we aren't the "fixing your issue" HQ, I would expect to be fired or in some trouble. I petitioned that I was offended and the final email from a Lead Customer Service agent Remdag was the Following:

    Good Morning,

    Once again, we appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration in future message postings. The current message will not be changed at this time.

    Lead GM Remdag

    So basically no apology that I am offended as a customer that pays $60 a month and your asking to fork out $160 for the expansion. Also hey guess what buddy we aren't going to change it so, SCREW YOU AGAIN!!!! I have called sony HQ and got their physical address to send copies of the petition emails and the MOD. You cant email anyone or call anyone, they just gave me a phone # to call the same ppl that put up the MOD. We all need to voice our grievance with them over showing their lack of respect and frustrations dealing with their paying customers. I wouldn't want to answer petitions either, but that's why I have my job. Guess what Lead GM Remdag It's your J O B. If you make a policy change be nice about it. I understand it sucks dealing with correcting peoples mistakes, but to talk to me with a lack of respect!!!!!!

    Good Luck Everquest, anything short of an apology in form of MOD admitting that the words you used were not the correct ones, I will not be back....
  12. cdarla New Member

    sorry had to do it. seriously all they said was to please be careful while looting. obviously it is to a point where they felt the need to make the MotD. it is not a reason to ragequit just be more carefull I am sure they will as allways handle the petitions they were just saying to be carefull. do I think it is right not really it is their job to do it . but on the same token if they have to repeatedly do it for the same few yes they need to put a stop to it.
  13. Chantilla New Member

    I have never petition for raid misloot, I agree with them in many ways. I am not rage quitting. I am a paying customer that is offended by the WE AREN'T THE "FIXING YOUR ISSUE HQ". You are customer service if you can't help, you say sorry we no longer are able to fix that issue. If you worked a CS phone bank and they listening to you or a recording of you going WE ARENT THE "FIXING YOUR ISSUE" HQ at the end of a call you would more than likely be fired. Truth is all it is... Is anyone at sony/everquest listening to this?
  14. Bauer Augur

    if you are quitting the game because of a message that appeared on your screen it sounds like you had underlying issues and you just cherry picking this as your reason to quit good luck in all your future endeavors
  15. Eomund New Member

    I have never seen a person do this more than once in our guild. Also, it only happens a handful of times per year in our guild, and we raid four days per week. If someone looted a rotting item and petitioned on their own behind our raid leader's back, and the CS department fulfilled their request, that's their own fault. When a person makes a legitimate mistake during a raid, 53 people don't just unleash on that person. They would deguild and quit. They are already eating themselves up with guilt over their own mistake, we don't need to beat them into the ground until they deguild and lose a valuable raider. All the times I've seen someone make a legitimate mistake, they couldn't stop apologizing to the entire raid and the guild. Even the report function could be used as a method for corroborating evidence.

    If that person doesn't make the mistake more than once, then what is the harm? They should have more than enough information to determine if a person has made more than one loot exchange request in their EQ career. Their ticket tracking system is capable of doing exactly that: tracking.
  16. Chantilla New Member

    Yeah I stated my underlining issues, I pay $60 a month to play 4 accounts and had been debating forking out $160 in expansion money for the 4 accounts. This made my decision all that much easier. Do I want to quit? NO, but I vote with my pocket book. I hope they apologize in some form and realize that's no way to address your clients. All the same I'll check in from time to time and see if they change their ways. Im not the only one shocked by their choice of words. In the meantime I have been getting some much needed music time in on my keyboard and enjoying that completely....
  17. TrippedBreaker New Member

    I was talking with someone in game about how I also saw this Message of the Day as unprofessional and rude considering the source it was coming from. Like one of the first responders to this thread, I agree I have never seen anything like this in my many years playing an MMORPGs. I was further shocked to see a Lead GM respond to someone without any compassion for their thoughts on issue and further say, and guess what WE AREN'T CHANGING THE MOD, how do you like that? No thanks for contacting at the end? Someone needs another career. Last thing Everquest needs to be doing is running off players. Last time I checked the Mercenaries don't pay the monthly fee. haha Just my 2 cents
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  18. Summinsmethings Journeyman

    YEs Piestro your right they should be but Sony Employees dont have the right to talk down to us because of a mistake. They group blanked bitched at us for some others making mistakes. If you have a issue with people doing it take it up with the people who ARE doing it not us who dont. I agree with Chantilla we pay an exuberant amount of money to play this stupid game and to have a Sony Employee treat us ALL like we are 5 years old is as about insulting as you can get. I will tell you this if there is another post of this nature I too will be leaving this game and taking my 60 dollars a month and all my money that would be spent on expansions some place else because I have played this game since EQ came out and this is the first time in all those years someone has Spoke to everyone in general insultingly. Sony does owe its players an apology. I doubt anyone at sony has the stones to make one though.
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  19. MrGPAC Augur

    I remember a time when SoE wouldn't fix messed up looting issues at all. I remember how shocked I was the first time I heard they actually did it.

    Is it their job to give you 100% rezzes if you make a mistake kiting a mob and get killed?

    I guess I'm just strange...I'm grateful that they would even consider the idea of correcting our mistakes...

    The better analogy to a banking center example is you buying the wrong product at a store, then calling the credit card company and demanding they fix the situation for you...then getting upset when they say, "Be careful when making purchases! Customer service is not the Item returns HQ."

    I guess to me that doesn't sound disrespectful...just obvious.

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  20. Yther Augur

    Negativity draws more negativity. Keep focusing on how mistreated you've been and never be grateful, you'll get a lot more crap to complain about!

    Yther Ore.
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