<Mess> on Mangler is recruiting!

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  1. Byun Lorekeeper

    <Mess> is recruiting!

    We are a RL comes first type of guild, but when it comes to raiding we are competitive and efficient. We are looking for serious raiders that want a nice clean schedule.

    We were a top ranked guild on Agnarr from start to finish. We consistently finished near the top overall and were usually the fastest guild with the least amount of time raided.

    On Mangler so far we finished Classic first and Kunark second behind a batphone guild. We technically were first to clear all Kunark content.

    What is your loot system?
    Open bid dkp

    What is your raid schedule?
    We raid Tues and Thursday at 9EST and Sunday at 7EST

    Will you do open world raids?
    Yes, if time/availability permits.

    What will your attendance requirements be like?
    50% over 30 days to maintain member.

    Do you have any rules?
    We do, these are available on our discord/website.

    Do you bring boxes to raids?
    No, we don't. We rarely bring a bard or cleric if needed, but they do not earn DKP/Loot. This is not a box friendly guild in terms of raiding. We move at a high pace to make up for this to keep people from getting bored.

    What can I expect from this guild?
    Leadership that doesn't mess around. We focus on being quick, keeping the raid moving and killing mobs to get loot and move onto the next target. Some consider us over organized.

    • We have no batphones
    • Manageable raid attendance
    • We raid on a schedule
    • We clear on time or early
    • We let you live your real life otherwise
    • A non box raid setting
    How long are raids generally?
    During Kunark, we raided about 2 hours a week. We did Trak, Split VP, VS, Talendor, Sev and popped picks.

    Do you use voice chat?
    Yes, we do. It is required to be on Discord for raids.

    Feel free to jump into discord to chat us up or ask any questions. - https://discord.gg/Way9UcX

    Current Needs:
    Druid - 1
    Magician - 1
    Necro - 1
    Rogue - 2
    Wizard - 2

    Any other exceptional players feel free to hit us up.

    Or hit up our website @ www.messmangler.com
  2. Mirix New Member

    These guys are really organized . So organized they couldn’t kill the first Nagafen on their own, so they had to ask their competition to tank it for them !
  3. Byun Lorekeeper

    Vulak, AoW, tunare dead.

    Still LF for a few DPS to join us and a solid warrior.
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  4. Byun Lorekeeper

    Warders dead now as well. LF a few dps... Mages, Wizards, Rogues, necros
  5. Byun Lorekeeper

    Bump. Still LF for a few dps.
  6. Byun Lorekeeper

  7. Byun Lorekeeper

    Still looking for some sexy individuals

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