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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Uesce, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Uesce Journeyman

    Anyone else kind of excited by that news? I'm hoping that agnarr gets put into mangler near GOD or even oow. I'd move characters over if that happened.
  2. Dulu Augur

    I don’t think they would move a PoP locked server into a full progression server.

    Agnarr and the other POP locked server may get merged.

    The PvP server will be lit though.
  3. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I assumed the mergers were talking mostly about servers like LJ/RF, Live, and MAYBE Brekt/FV. I guess they could dump Fippy into Selo or Phinny if they really wanted to clean up the server list.
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  4. Duality Augur

    Aren't character names in merges always given preference to the oldest toon? I could see where that would be a problem merging fippy into a new server.. It still should happen, as it's not doing much good there in the corner. Just might get interesting.
  5. sumnayin Augur

    Not one word was uttered about merging TLPs...literally not one. Aren't the only 2 servers with the same rule-sets Ragefire and Lockjaw?
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  6. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    They go by recent login and highest minutes played. Below is from the failed 2017 Vulak into Fippy merge where they had to manually restore a lot of characters. I would assume the rules will be similar:

    Naming Conflicts

    If two characters have the same name as a result of the server merge, the player that has logged in within the 60 days before the merge will retain the original character name. If there are still conflicts, the character with the higher number of minutes played will retain the original character name.

    What happens to my character name if someone else has the same name as me and gets to keep it?

    If you have to change names due to a conflict, you will be granted one free rename for your character. You will not have to buy a name change potion.
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  7. Chikkin Augur


    So I'm out of touch, having returned in December, but what are the obvious choices for live server merges? I hear some mentions of which TLP servers, but which live ones?

    I guess this is in the wrong forum, but no thread been made on Veteran's Lounge.
  8. Zansobar Augur

    All live servers but FV are low pop so as many as those that can be merged should be. Same for the TLP servers. Pretty much any non-truebox should be merged and any true-box that have the same rulesets (exclude Agnar with is pop-locked, for example) should be merged if population warrants it. The fewer inactive servers the better, and it should make it easier for them to open up more TLP servers of varying rulesets.
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  9. DeseanJackson Augur

    Not all live servers are low pop, a decent chunk are medium and a few high during peak hours.

    My guess is LJ merges into RF, maybe Brekt into FV, and the rest will be standard servers.
  10. Pikollo Augur

    Correct me if I am wrong but Selo will catch up to Miragul in RoF? Be a good time to merge Miragul into Selo using the Selo ruleset.
  11. Zansobar Augur

    It appears they could get rid of around 5 or so (of the 11) regular live servers via merging due to low population. On the special servers (including TLPs) it's trickier given some have different rule sets. But they should at least be able to merge 4 to 6 or so and that would remove 2 or 3 servers. I don't think they will touch the PvP server or Agnarr due to unique rule sets, though both should probably just be eliminated due to the very low player demand. The rest is going to depend on where they are in progression compared to another TLP and whether any are true-box vs non-true-box. But yeah I hope they clean house and that this opens the way for more TLP server launches.
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  12. Tymeless Augur

    An interesting experiment they could do is just release a new live server with heroic character deactivated for say 6 months maybe longer. Maybe give it a better exp rate initially and just let everyone start on a fresh live server. Let everyone level up together, let this server establish its culture, and see what happens. No server transfers onto the server for awhile. I bet it wouldn't work but it would be more likely to get someone to give live a try than joining a server that is established with only top level players.
  13. Ghostv24 New Member

    Part of this work includes tackling some server merges between now and late spring to position us well for new progression servers.

    You’re right it was actually 22 words.
  14. Silver-Crow Augur

    To be honest, 'special' rulesets don't matter too much for TLP's that are dead anyway. They all really aren't that different, and any XP bonus to start is gone by the time TSS hits and you're on to live xp rates.

    Change Agnarr to a pvp server and you've got your pvp tlp where getting to max level and isn't a problem and gear differences aren't so huge. PVP is about PVP not content, so being stuck on LDON really isn't an issue.

    It also probably wouldn't be awful if all the TLP's hitting the end of TSS were then just just merged into Miragul (assuming they aren't ahead of miragul). All classes/races are unlocked and It gives a TLP a finite lifespan, so they're not left hanging with a skeleton force. Additionally the biggest dropoff of players is usually that lvl 70 'bump' so post bump is a good time.

    Server merges do need to happen, and i'm glad it's now on the table.
  15. Marton Augur

    Xegony, Bristle and Cazic are not low pop.
  16. DeseanJackson Augur

    I’d rather not see any severs merged into Miragul, they are slow paced relative to Selo and have no AoCs. That’s a serious downgrade for my preferences and I want to do content in era, not forced ahead to where group content drops higher HEM items than previous raid content (TSS by your suggestions).

    Only dead TLPs (Fippy, maybe LJ) and those with identically rulesets should be merged. Outside that, no thank you.
  17. Dahaman Augur

    Yes, it would be awful...

    TLPs are very specifically defined how they will progress to live server status. People on the TLPs are playing on them with very clear expectations.

    Suddenly ending TLPs at TSS out of the blue would be akin to announcing they will delete all live server characters (but giving them a level 75 heroic character of the exact same class with the same name... how thoughtful!) when they release the next expansion this coming fall while also releasing a brand new live server. Live server people would be rightfully and righteously ticked at such a thing.

    DPG has been adamant about not messing with the TLP rules. I trust they would not implement a drastic change of that nature against the established TLPs. I do urge them to be cautious and overly communicative with a change like this.
  18. Sinzz-Wickedley Lorekeeper

    I think the easiest way to merge servers would be to use a new tag behind the name like sinzz of Fv or whatever, then you could have folks with same names but different servers , would probebly be easiest way to do it that didn't tick folks off .
  19. Zansobar Augur

    It would be if their code would support that, it may not.
  20. Volas New Member

    .... did you seriously just say "MAYBE Lockjaw" was a dead TLP? Hooo boy, you need to do your research before you post.

    LJ's fuggin BEYOND dead. One of the last 2 raiding guilds left on the server packed up and headed to RF almost a year ago. (Dead Halfling Society.)

    The only people left on lockjaw are ... I dunno.. doing their best Tumbleweed impression someplace.. but they sure as hell arent clearing content

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