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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    The dev's team spoken.

    Multiple times on this very topic. Its never gonna happen again..

    I see no need to further keep bringing this topic up, an its annoying.. for two reasons.

    Reason the first - I don't play at the same time as everyone else (excuse) so move YOUR toon to a server that better suit's your play time..

    Reason the second - This server's nearly dead .. (excuse) so move YOUR toon to a server that better suit's your play time..

    a couple "new players to the game" aka .. "new forum members" who constantly bring this topic up.. would rather move entire population's ..

    Rather then they themselves .. buy a move token to move to a more populated server .. These people are ignorant. Thats my opinion.
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  2. CatsPaws Augur

    As a heads up, we currently don't have any additional server merges slated.
    Of course, more can always happen in the future if we at any point feel that another merge is something that would be a sensible decision for our playerbases.
    Roxxlyy, Nov 14, 2017
  3. Zunnoab Augur


    I personally don't like moving servers due to friends and acquaintances. Merges help keep people together while increasing population. Many times we get recruits that are returning players we've known. Many times I see a name from years ago that I may not have been all that close to but I recognize, so I say hello. Those kind of things I would suspect really help bring returning players back into the game. Losing that is pretty significant when moving servers. I'm not one to talk considering I've never left an active raid guild ever, but I still stand by that opinion.
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Thats the thing I can't think of any where they responded.
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    So maybe its my comprehension of the English language that is at fault but that seems to simply say we don't have any planned but that could change if they felt it should. That does not say no way there will never be mergers again.

    It seems to actually suggest that things could change and at some point they MAY consider server merges.

    I was pretty sure they never said it will never happen.
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    450 characters logged in is not the same as 450 players. And how do you get a number of 450?
  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Reading the quote below it doesn't seem to say it will never happen. I recall when they have addressed epics never happening but I can only remembering them saying at various times they didn't have plans at that time to do mergers. Do I think its likely they will do them? No... so no harm talking about them. I really think sometimes people think the devs will see folks asking for mergers and just do it for that reason. Personally, I think if they will ever do mergers it will be because they think they should. Totally cool to say no you don't want them but less fair to just shut down the discussion I think.

    And if we only talked about things they Devs WOULD do it would be a much smaller forum :)

    As a heads up, we currently don't have any additional server merges slated.
    Of course, more can always happen in the future if we at any point feel that another merge is something that would be a sensible decision for our playerbases.
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  8. Aurastrider Augur

    I think a potential better idea to merging servers is actually making more servers. I touched on this in another thread but I think something as follows might work. The level ranges and the exact rules for these servers could be debated but something as follows.

    Low level server 1-65
    Mid level server 65-85
    High level server 85-105

    - Only players that meet the server level requirements can be on said server meaning a Level 1 cant be on the mid and high level server and a level 105 cant be on the mid and low level servers.
    -Once you hit the level limit for said server no further xp will be gained. You could stay to farm gear to help you on your next journey or help out friends who need to catch up to you but you will do so at the expense of level advancement.
    -Allow a free transfer to and from these servers assuming you meet the level requirements to do so.
    -Disable the bazaar, ability to trade, and make all gear no drop. This will allow for DBG to still make money on cross server sellers buying transfer tokens since they wont be able to trade. Shared bank should also be disabled to further limit any potential abuse.
    -Expansion locks could be a possibility
    -Faster xp rates could also be discussed

    The idea would be to have three distinct servers to filter players based on level ranges with the ability to filter into the next level range server as they progress and finally find a home on one of the live servers of their choice once they reach what ever level it is they feel like leaving these servers.

    Disabling trade is designed to cut down on farmers and those looking to exploit said server. These servers would be designed with leveling in mind not an economy. Toons could still transfer back to a normal server to obtain gear should they need help in that department.

    Obviously there is still potential for farming gear on these servers to transfer back to another server but I am sure there is something creative that could be thought up to limit this.
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  9. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Never have I seen such a blatant troll thread. Thanks op, you got first place.
  10. Yimin Augur

    Don't need to merge all live server just a few . and the two free trade server should be merged !

  11. CatsPaws Augur

    The general chat channel is capped at 400 so if you are getting bumped to general chat on the second channel when you log in it stands to reason that the first one must be full of the 400 people.

    Especially when you have another character logged in who is in that first channel and can see the 400 count.

    Then you log in another character and it shows 50 on that general chat.

    So 400 from the first + 50 from the second = 450. The 50 are used as examples and not exact. At the time mine showed 67. When you log in or zone it shows you how many are in your general chat (if you have access to that).

    And yes, as I stated not all of them are players but could be baz toons or it could be higher since many do not log into general chat at all.

    For the free to play - who cannot get into general chat - you can also factor in the Steam report here:
  12. Baldur Augur

    Ever since they started adding pick zones to old zones and putting them in all new expansions I figured they would merge all servers with same rulesets eventually.

    Put AoCs in the old world raid stuff and have load balancing in every zone and then merge all servers with the same ruleset.

    No idea if they ever will, but makes more sense that way, no reason to have separate servers with same rulesets.
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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    So subtract boxes, subtract those who only box, subtract afk folk and I suspect the changes of getting a group may seem to be much less then the 450 number suggests. Plus we are heading into the summer slow down.
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  14. code-zero Augur

    So if I'm 3 boxing that means that I will never group? One of my characters has friends who'll send /tells to invite to groups grinding exp and stuff. Odd I know but I'll usually tell them if I can get free after running an HA or whatever and join up

    There are some people who I know who occasionally ask to join my boxed crew if I'm doing something that they can join and I'll almost always send then an invite.

    Boxing doesn't mean I'm totally anti social, just picky
  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Nope just because you are three boxing it doesn't mean you will never group. If you will read it again you will see I said "subtract those who will only box" I did not say everyone who boxes will not group.
  16. snailish Augur

    1. Only dev quote put forth in the thread doesn't say it is never going to happen. I wouldn't see that quote as big hope or endorsement of mergers happening soon (tm). Debating whether it should is fair game (though arguably a waste of time, but then you never know...). It these threads bother a person, don't read them?

    2. As I said in a different post, I basically agree with the notion that an unhappy player should solve their own fate and not wait for a merge that may never happen.

    3. My quote that the above quote was posted to... was about my disputing of the notion that an entire dev team would be stalled out to do mergers at the expense of a future expac. Maybe a dev did say that in a podcast --if so it likely belongs in the "ship to ship" combat category of facts.

    Merging live server X into Drinal would likely fall on one person, whoever did the Vulak the Fippy merger (Quarm to Brekt must not have used the same process? --I assume because it was not into an existing with characters server...).
  17. Fluid Augur

    hehe, I visited my original server and noticed PoK was deserted. I did a /w and it terminated at 27, most of which seemed to be AFK. I did a /w all and it choked short. Turned out a ton of people were Bazaar vendors. So AFK and Bazaar.

    I am one of those weenies who complains about freaking name changes! Irritates the hell out of me. My problem is I take breaks or don't play characters for years, so I lose the name game. Some of my characters created the first month the game was out have double XXs behind their name. Sheesh! Most recent login wins. If they do another freaking server merge, I will probably end up with quadruple Xs behind some of my characters' name. If I had a clue this was going to be a policy, I would have started a character named Malcolm!
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