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  1. Millianna Augur

    With the latest update, mercenaries finally got an update that made them a more viable option in EoK. We received new AAs, gear, and HP and mitigation update. However, most of the update was white noise - the new gear and AAs doesn't affect overall efficiency much at all and devs missed point of community's complaints. Sometimes, I feel I spend more time micromanaging my mercs, rather than playing my own characters. Instead of increasing there efficiency, why not add more control? When all poop breaks lose and mobs add, I should be able direct the mercs attention to the proper target without micromanaging roles and assist keys. Also, there spell and ability list needs updated to better align with new content. I shouldn't have to block spells and micromanage stances. Who in there right mind would keep a real player that constantly needs to be told how to play? Mercs are not replacements for real players, but why should they require the supervision of a three year old? Just my 2 cents.
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  2. Coronay Augur

    Mercs are fine where they are. Maybe try to find some friends to play with.
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  3. svann Augur

    Id like to see visible merc gear added.
  4. Ninelder Augur

    You have never seen a tank merc in action then. Fully AAd, Fully geared, raid buffed. Still auto-dies to one blue con add with 3 healers in group. Worthless.
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  5. Toriann Journeyman

    You don't need a merc to tank for you. Just use Nine. ;)
  6. Millianna Augur

    I'm not asking for mercs to be buffed. I just want better control over them so I don't die to stupid actions that not even my four year old son does. I think most others have been requesting that as well.
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  7. Ninelder Augur

    Can't the chanter -nerf ruined everything.
  8. Toriann Journeyman

    That's some BS. Maybe you can use the doodad to tank. :p
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  9. Whulfgar Augur

    That's weird then .. cause on my TBM grp geared (not 1 single raid item what so ever) enchanter. I can still tank every trash in game no prob bob ..
  10. Cerpoxx Lorekeeper

    Dies to a blue con with 3 healers rofl. Mine with about 3/4 of its tank aa's tanks just fine with One cleric merc... Exactly how I'd like to keep them. Enough to get by, but definitely less desirable than a real player. And not sure of the micro managing that's referenced. Cleric mercs are fantastic. Set on reactive and go to town. Dps mercs are great. Set on burn. Set mt and MA and puller and go to town...... I actually don't recall the last time I micro managed it, rather than setting on passive during across the zone pulls in chardok.........
  11. Coronay Augur

    My tank merc can handle yellow giants in scorched woods with no buffs and a healer merc.

    /shrug. Is it the merc or the person the merc is grouped with? :p
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  12. Ninelder Augur

    One blue con add, ADD repeat til it sinks in.

    A real tank can tank multiple mobs as nauseum; a tank merc auto-dies to one add, they always have. Which means unless you can always ensure that they are only facing a SINGLE mob they will die, no matter how buffed no matter how many heals are coming their way. And given their want to run out at a mob being pulled for no reason whatsoever, this happens all the time.

    Those who are stupid enough to try and use tank mercs in current content spend more time waiting to revive and rebuff the merc, and rez the toons it killed than they do playing. How fun is that? How functional is that? What would the community outrage be if healer mercs were as functional as tank mercs?
  13. Cerpoxx Lorekeeper

    Mine doesn't die to ONE add lol.
  14. Sheex Augur

    So wait, you want more controls or you don't? First post says you don't want to "micromanage" by having to do things like block one buff or use an assist call key. The second post says you want "better control over their behavior".

    Which is it? And you realize that them adding more controls means you have to manage more aspects of their behavior, eh?

    Clr/wiz mercs have been acting just fine for me, and while I'm sure tank mercs would probably benefit from some logic changes/additional control, you make it sound like using all mercs is attention consuming. (Hint: it's not)

    Ps: if you're rocking a tank merc, does that mean you made that plunge to the next flavor of the month class? If so I salute you, new_shaman_01, and wish you a happy few months until new_zerker_01 emerges from the salt.
  15. Tatanka Augur

    The biggest change I'd like to see is the 5 minute timer after a death. I have no quibble with the 5 minute timer if I dismiss the merc, but if we wipe, why do I have to wait 5 minutes to rez the merc? Wastes time in the worst way... nothing else to do at the moment, so I'm staring at my screen for 5 minutes. Brilliant.
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  16. Coronay Augur

    That is the penalty for being in a situation that allows your merc to die.
  17. Sinzz-Wickedley Lorekeeper

    they want you to mourn the loss of said merc, out of respect 5 mins of silence....:)
  18. Bigstomp Augur

    3 healers cannot keep a tank up vs 2 mobs? The tank isn't the problem...
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  19. Smokezz Augur

    If those are real healers, your healers suck then. I used a merc tank for everything until recently, including Slayer of CoTF, TDS, TBM, EoK. Single trash mobs, I never used my real healers. Merc healer did the work. The tank merc almost never died. Named, it was pretty easy to keep a merc tank up with my Cleric/Shaman.
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  20. Millianna Augur

    Can you actually read what I said? Stop trolling...

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