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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-innoe, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-innoe Guest

    Ill start by saying I played EQ from beta up to the beginning of PoP. Was in the top raiding guild on the server at the time, so when i left, I gave the character to the guild. Three days ago I decided I was tired of the kiddie lands of other games and come back. I am enjoying the crap out of it.Theres just one problem...

    Mercenary upkeep cost.

    Now hear me out. I am a totally new account starting from scratch. At lvl 20 the mercenary began to have a cost and by lvl 30(which i made last night) it is up to 3p/15 mins. Thats 12p an hour. For a new account that is barely breaking even with drops at that lvl.
    This sum may not be a big deal to most people. To a true newbie, this doesnt leave anything for shopping and you are left with whatever drops you get that you can use for gear.
    I would suggest maybe cutting merc upkeep in half or instead of lvl 20 when they start costing anything, make it lvl 30. This in both cases would allow a true newbie to amass at least a little more pp for gear upgrades and/or pad the wallet for when the merc start to cost.
  2. ARCHIVED-Redeemer Guest

    Fair enough suggestion. If you stick to TSS expansion zones though (Blightfire Moors for your level), you'll easily make that much and far more in an hour of hunting there from the cash loots. Some of those mobs drop loot worth 20pp or more.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mardy Guest

    I recently came back to the game as well, I find the upkeep cost just fine, it's like sharing your coins with a group member. Since mercs are supposed to act like a group member, taking a group slot and all, it eats money when you use them.
    At the levels you mentioned, you can easily get 3pp per mob kill. Even if you don't get the coin drop right away from mobs, if you loot everything you pickup and sell them, you will get more than enough money to cover the cost as well as train/get your spells.
    A couple of things that are important to remember when using mercs...
    1. Suspend it or put it on passive when you don't need them. You have to remember this, put it on a post it note if you need to. Too many people drag their merc around forgetting that they do charge you if you don't put them on passive or suspend them. They aren't a pet, they are a mercenary, so only use them when you need them.
    2. Loot and sell everything. I know it's fun to let a merc loose and watch them kill everything for you. It's quite awesome and they are amazingly powerful at lower levels. But seriously, you gotta loot. That research page no longer used? Loot it and sell it, because it'll give you a couple of plats each. That rune no longer used? Loot it and sell it, again, they will net you good coins.
    As long as you remember to suspend them/put them on passive when you don't need them, and you loot & sell everything, you will find the cost of mercs a joke. Compared to what they can do for you, I think the cost is more tha justified imo.
  4. ARCHIVED-Skrax_Swifttail Guest

    innoe wrote:
    My guess is the problem isn't that you cannot make the money, its that you are playing the game as it was 4+ years ago. You are correct, there aren't a ton of drops at the early levels that will get you 12pp an hour for a newbie in the "old world" zones.
    Take that same toon to Blightfire Moors and Gorukar Mesa (perfect for the levels you mentioned), lay waste to the various animals and you will easily make 2X that much an hour, just by looting and selling all the "trash drops". The rats drop "section of Rat Pancreas" which sells for 2+pp each as well as the occasional low level gem (peridot for example). Snakes drop shimmering snake scales (2-3 pp each when sold to vendors), etc . . . the trash drops get even better in the Mesa.
    The trash drops in the newer zones appropriate for your level offer excellent coin and with a merc at that level you can really lay waste to lots of mobs.
    Granted you can lay even more waste to easier to kill mobs of appropriate levels in the Luclin and earlier expansion zones, but you aren't going to be making nearly as much off the trash drops.
  5. ARCHIVED-innoe Guest

    All good responses. I will go on to note that I am in blightfire. Maybe i am unlucky tho. I have seen only 1 pancreas and 2 snake skins and I repeated that kill quest 4 times.

    Also to note, I am a monk so it took me a bit to get magic weapons and once i did, i went after the lightstones. Those helped me catch up on costs.My suggestion of waiting to lvl 30 to have upkeep cost would allow someone like me to have gotten those magic weapons sooner(being able to afford some on the bazaar) and to do a little "padding" for later.

    I am not saying the mercs arent worth it. They are and more. I am just offering a suggestion that would help true noobs in the future.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mardy Guest

    You'll be surprised to hear mercs start charging you at like lvl 9 or 10 if you have a journeyman 1 merc :D It's just that the cost is much lower when you are lower level.
    At lvl 30, I would recommend you head to the skeleton tower. It's NW part of blightfire, near the CR entrance. Go there and kill skeletons. They are great for exp at that level, you'll gain 5 levels quickly. Also, loot everything as they drop awesome vendor loot items, some items selling for over 100pp.
    Hope that helps ;)
    p.s. Sometimes it's not that you need to hunt in new world zones vs old world, it's just finding the right mobs to kill. Example being lower guk is *awesome* for coins, and it's an old world zone. So it isn't that you shouldn't hunt in old world zones. But like any zones in EQ1, there are mobs good for coin drops, and mobs good for vendor loot drops....just as there are mobs good for tradeskill item drops, and some armor/weapon loot drops, etc...
  7. ARCHIVED-The_Bryko_Effect Guest

    This presents a great opportunity to learn vendor trash values. Loot everything you come across, sell them, adn then prioritize by value of drops what area you should focus on if you need to raise coin.
  8. ARCHIVED-Talonthallis Guest

    Set the merc to Passive when not using it. It's last cycle will count down and then you won't get charged until you change it to balanced or reactive or whatever.
  9. ARCHIVED-vendolyn Guest

    Tallonthalis wrote:
    I know I'm doing something dumb here, but can anyone tell me why it's still charging me in passive? I tried this with a couple of mercs on different accounts/characters. Select passive, cycle counts down, get charged (expected), that cycle ends, get charged, rinse, repeat. I keep reading that you get charged one cycle after passive's selected, then it goes into save_your_plat mode.
    I'm certain there's something highly obvious that I'm not doing here, which is causing this. Occum's Razer applies to everyone. The simplest things, however, seem to never make sense to me ;p
  10. ARCHIVED-Mardy Guest

    I initially thought it said I got charged, but then I read closely, it actually said the merc "waived" the charge. Read closely next time to see if it says that.
    So yes, the cycle counts down, when it's done you get charged, that's normal. But if you have it set to passive before the next cycle starts, then once it counts down you won't get charged after that.
    It's quite confusing, I was expecting to not see a message so when I saw the message again, I thought I got charged. But then I read closely, it said the merc "waived" the charge :D
  11. ARCHIVED-vendolyn Guest

    Ahh, that's probably it. I just see the charge. I'll try to read better next time ;p
  12. ARCHIVED-Talonthallis Guest

    vendolyn wrote:
    And make sure that when you click passive you also hit the button to set the action. just clicking the word passive will not change their standing... found that out the hard way
  13. ARCHIVED-Mardy Guest

    ^ Double clicking works :D
  14. ARCHIVED-Geroblue Guest

    vendolyn wrote:
    I had to double click the change from Active to Passive. Otherwise I moved it, but it didn't change over.
  15. ARCHIVED-Sarkaukar-Povar Guest

    Geroblue wrote:
    Aye, that is why I create hotkeys and drag them to a hotbar. Easier to manage.
  16. ARCHIVED-innoe Guest

    all good replies here. thanks for the tips.

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