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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Blintok69, Feb 15, 2010.

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    so like many others after many years(5) i have returned to EQ. One thing i cant figure out is how to upgrade the merc. Is this a level dependant thing? I got the best merc i could get at the start. Journeyman Tier 1 tank. Even now 39levels later all i can buy is a journeyman Tier 1. is there a merc level above journeyman? or more Tier levels?
    I can see the apprentise mercs have many tier levels but not the journeyman. do you have to buy a merc in a different (highlevel) zone or does merc get better by himself at higher levels? Is it i have to do quests to get a higher tier merc?
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    I don't think you have too many options at lower levels. There is a whole SOD progression quest/task line that as you move from VoidA onwards you can get new ones that are higher.
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    odyl wrote:
    That's true. The merc does level with you and gets access to new spells and abilities as you go up. And at your level (39 I think you said) they are quite powerful already.
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    I got a 62 enchanter, my wife a 62 druid. We both have Journeyman tank mercs. Ive been told soon...around level 70 say, it would be a good idea to change 1 and get a cleric.
    What level is ideal for going through the progression to get the higher teired mercs?
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    Strakyn wrote:
    You can do most of the OGH progression around 75 with your group (one healer, one tank merc); the enchanter really will make the difference for that. Tier 2 has a couple of tough progression tasks, but again the enchanter should be able to swing the difference - but probably closer to 80 than to 75. Thinking about it, you don't really get a dps dependent task until tier 5 (Tosk); before then it's all about single pulling and crowd control.

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