Mercenary Armor Dye

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  1. VerranaFV Journeyman

    So, I might be in the minority here, but I think it would be awesome if we could modify the look of the armor on our base model mercenaries (playable race mercs like high elves, gnomes, etc). It would be awesome if we could dye their armor in a similar way that we dye base armor in-game. What are your thoughts? This is a feature I'd like to see at some point as it seems like it would be simple to implement and would just shake up the monotony at bit when using mercenaries from the playable races.
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  2. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I like the idea. That would also make it easier to have a twin or 'family member' merc.

    For simplicity, they could use the same prismatic dye and have a single dye for all of the merc armor (since they don't have visible slots)

    Possibly have the chest piece ornament useable on mercs either with the same Hero's Forge unlock as the character or a separate one, but only if the ornament could be removed. But, then also ornaments for the weapon slots, too, would be fab.
  3. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Heroes Forge Ach unlocking heroes forge appearance on mercs would be a good reward for those.
  4. Laeadern Elder

    I always wished they'd just ditch the merc gear idea and go to just letting you use whatever gear you want that is class appropriate and then you could dye that or use ornaments.
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  5. VerranaFV Journeyman

    Thanks for the feedback! I recently came back to the game and wondered why this isn't already a thing in EQ!
  6. Conq Augur

    Merc's are the Devil.
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  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

  8. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Both mercs and pets could need some love. It is a no-go that we still cannot see and manage all their stats and (pet) gear with inventory tabs. Hopefully that will be included in the UI revamp. Dyes for mercs would be a cool addition.
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  9. VerranaFV Journeyman

    Is there a UI revamp in the works? Or is that wishful thinking? Sorry for being out of the loop, been away form the game for a while so I've missed out on a bit!

    But yeah, that would be awesome, better pet and merc management would be ideal.
  10. Stymie Pendragon

    It was briefly mentioned at the bottom of this link earlier this year.
  11. Israfel Elder

    I’ve wondered why they haven’t done this. It seems like a good idea but I wonder if it would be a massive hassle. I imagine finding the best way to implement it is the real trouble.
  12. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Don't forget the dwarven healers in cute little G-strings and halter tops. Would be a good look in say bubble gum pink.
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  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I currently have a clockwork merc, but I would replace it with a player-race, if it meant I could give the merc an ornament set.

    I found out that Iksars looks cool in arx mentis plate...:cool:
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  14. VerranaFV Journeyman

    I also think being able to outfit a merc with a Heroes Forge set would be great. I would settle for being able to customize the dyes of the armor, and equipping actual sets might be a bridge too far, sadly :( Either way, I hope a Dev or two notices these ideas for expanding in-game options as ways to shake-up the status quo and reinvigorate old systems.

    On the topic of mercs, for those of us that use them often, it would be awesome if there were special quest lines (like holiday, special event quests, etc) that offered more Mercenary Contracts in-game!
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  15. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    Yes, they could do more for the special events for those who like to use different mercs. You mentioned you recently came back to the game so here are some mercs that are rewarded from quests you might want to keep in mind when the associated holidays come around:

    Halloween: Frightening Writ

    Frostfell: Contract of the Winter Aviak (this is not really a quest but more about buying a couple things in marketplace and then you get this as a reward

    Confectionary Contract from loyalty vendor

    Tons of other mercs from LON cards and for sale in baz - look for "contract"

    You might have Mercenary Contract in /claim along with other special mercs - not all listed as "contract"

    Here are 2 nice list of "alternate" mercs to look thru
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  16. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    There are 12 items to buy from the Marketplace each ranging from 100 to 500 DB. That's a lot of money (if you buy DB without discount it's $1 USD for 100 DB) for a "quest reward".
  17. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    To bad you cant put hero forge ornamentations on your merc.
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  18. VerranaFV Journeyman

    Being able to change the appearance of the playable race mercs in any way would be amazing!
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