Merc Slots, when might I need more than 4?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by KermittheFroglok, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering buying my toons more merc slots from the Marketplace. FUNCTIONALLY speaking, is there any reason to have more than 4 total? Don't the J5 healer, tank, cast DPS, and melee DPS all function the similarly or do some of the legendary mercs have bonus abilities? Just trying to figure out if/why I would need more than 4 if I don't care about switching the skin as much as the role.

    Thank you again!
  2. Monkman Augur

    My main and alts have 3-4 slots per toon, I run 3-4x healer Merc Slots on each.


    When merc healer dies, instead of waiting 5 mins, just dismiss that merc and pop another (I believe there’s a 30s or so window)

    When I’m done xping I just run to pok and refill the healers I dismissed.

    Also no extra abilities for legendary mercs, just a skin
  3. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Mind blown, I never realized the timer was for that specific merc., I always assumed it was for the mercs in general! Thanks!
  4. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I've never found a need for more than one :(
  5. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Until recently, I didn't either. But someone left my group the other night and we found ourselves without a healer. It seems convient to be able to switch the roles quickly when people have to drop. I hate having to go back to PoK just for a merc.
  6. Riou EQResource

    If you have multiple say healer mercs you can also flip through them when 1 gets OOM instead of having to wait on it to regen
  7. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Thanks, that's really useful to know too! So if I got the 5 slot pack on the Marketplace I could dedicate one or two to tank, one to DPS, and the rest to healer probably...

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