Merc Armor Sets

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Shiea, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Shiea Augur

    Now that I've accrued enough marks of valor, I plan on buying separate armor sets for each of the 3 types of mercs I have (healer focus, wiz focus, tank focus accordingly). While it is only currently 4 slots, having a way to either A) Make the armor bind to the specific merc type or B) Have a "bandolier" of sorts for merc armor where you can just swap all the slots with 1 click. Either of those would work, any thoughts on this?
  2. Tearsin Rain Augur

    it makes sense, but as far as i know from EQ's code there's no way to make that happen, because of how NPC item 'ownership' works and how it interacts with the items themselves.

    the only way i can think of that would work would be if there was some kind of flag on the player that said "all mercs owned by this person has X item in the chest slot", kind of like how mage pets come with gear on them if cast with an EM focus.
    but i can't think of how it would work within EQ's current inventory/item relationship that would let mercs swap a piece of gear on the fly like that.

    hopefully i'm wrong though, that would be pretty nifty.
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  3. Yesway Augur

    Personally, I would hold off on buying merc gear right now. I'd wait to see if they release better versions of it.
  4. Edrick Augur

    It would almost certainly use different currency that you get in T1b or T2.
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