MERC AC nerf

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  1. Siddar Augur

    Drop warrior merc use mage pet to tank and use two cleric mercs instead whatever of mercs you're using now on named. You basically have everything needed to do 95% of group content with ease.

    If you don't already have it buy a extra merc slot on at least two of your four accounts so you can swap merc types more effectively..
  2. Maeryn Augur

    ...SOE shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with you, effective immediately, and/or terminate or temporarily suspend your access to your Station Account and/or all or any part of The Station, without notice, in the event of any conduct by you which SOE, in its sole discretion after investigation, considers to be unacceptable...

    Along with this being the rule that is the most common issue since unattended game play in and of itself is no longer against the Rules of Conduct:

    o Refusing to cooperate with the other parties at a contested spawn site after having been instructed to do so by an EQCSR.

    So if you don't like someone getting AFK merc XP and you can find a halfling GM you just say you want to kill the same mobs that the AFK person is killing, they being asleep, at work or whatever and simply being KoS, using a drinking bird to target and /autofire or whatever will ignore the EQCSR telling them to share the spawn points and will most likely get a world kick.

    Begging you can safely skill up with a gaming keyboard/mouse, drinking bird or whatever other than of course the "any conduct...sole discretion" clause of the EULA which could be applied to literally anything.
  3. Triconix Augur

    Let me know when you find this significantly more challenging content, I'd love to try it, because I certainly haven't found it yet after steam rolling the entire expansion with a single merc healer with the exception of a single quest.
  4. Noirfu Augur

    Wow, I'm very surprised that a warrior plus merc could kill the open-zone combine mobs in Thuliasaur fast enough to do the hail before they re-popped.
  5. SaderakhBertox Augur

    That could be the exception he is referring to, or he hailed with another group doing the same step.
  6. Ruven_BB Augur

    The theme that is coming up over and over is player/merc power has been significantly reduced even on older content. Players accomplish less than they could even on prior expansions after leveling up 5 levels.

    SOE has to be seeing a significant loss in subscription revenue and can't imagine they hit any sales targets the new expansion sales. Would like to see some communication on what is going to happen going forward, because the current direction is clueless.

    They have made the game less fun for groupers and more difficult for them to group, they have a paltry selection of raids available that were by no means finished products when produced, and have made some incredible nerfs to classes and classic game dynamics.

    As to the OP, he isn't saying this merc should tank Arx named, his example used was that a named in older content is now more difficult for a merc tank to tank 5 levels higher than before the changes.

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  7. Taiqwon Augur

    Translation: Check out my e-p33n. I'm so awesome.

    Don't derail the thread.

    I haven't tried using a tank merc since cotf so I can't really add to how they do now, but I used to use one regularly and there were very few fights it couldn't handle as long as it didn't require changing targets, positioning, etc. If it suddenly can't stand up to things that would indeed be a change.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    Tank merc damage is very spikey, watching the HP bar is like watching a good drama and then ....BANG!! dead tank merc.
  9. Nightops Augur

    Band-aids? Nah... SoE has already made it know all mercs will not be able to replace a live player. They have to put the bar in a place where the mercs can be used, but are not capable to do the majority of the content. Be the limits come from tanking named, running oom, doing less dps, or dying to AEs / abilities of named mobs.

    The real problem is with the poster and his game-play or game-choices of classes. If he cant or doesnt group with others, then with 4 boxes, he should build his set to survive on its own. To me, he has redundancy twice within his group of 4.

    The Shm and Enc do not compliment each other. Yes, one has CC while the other has healing, but both have slows, haste, and beneficial buffs so to me, they are more redundant then complimentary. If you have a puller, then you dont need CC.. if you have a solid tank, then you dont need the spot heals. Picking up either into the group would provide more versitility and in my opinion improve the group survivability.

    The mage and wiz are not always redundant, but considering the OP is using the merc to tank, in this case, the mage seems to be relegated to mainly dps with the pet as a back up / emergency tank. If you want to focus on the dps when playing, then keep the enc, drop the shm and pick up an SK and run 2 merc healers. That gives ya the puller & tank while keeping the CC, haste, slows, mana regen, along with the smaller things like agro redux and caster adps.

    Basically, what I'm getting at is no one sets up a box group with clr,dru,shm,brd and expects to be able to produce dps for the current content mobs. The OP should take a look at his play-style and adjust his group to work in a tank box.
  10. Edrick Augur

    You're kinda mean.
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  11. Dognu Journeyman

    Something doesn't add up with the AC, my lvl 100 healer merc buffed out shows 6559 AC. I don't have any merc armor.
  12. Triconix Augur

    You mean the thread complaining about merc tanks when he has an OP mage pet to tank? It's his choice to use a tank merc. People are over exaggerating the difficulty of this expansion.

    He has an enchanter and a sham for slows/extra heals/CC plus a mage for an extra tank (pet) and dps. Is it really a problem with the merc or a problem with how they are being played? More flexibility perhaps? Changing up play style? Adapt to different situations better?

    This thread is pointless and should be derailed asap.

    No, I was refuting the argument that mercs are "barely passable" options when a single merc healer was more than passable for the entire expansion. Yes, I may be raid geared, but what's to say that two merc healers can't keep up a lesser geared tank? That still seems pretty passable.

    I have my box crew, but it only has my merc healer doing the healing. Then I use a necro and a sham (only for the dps merc and buffs when needed) along with 2 dps mercs. The sham goes virtually untouched unless the healer merc dies from a bad pull. I only play on the war and necro 98% of the time. But yes I did the thuliasaur quest, but I needed to use tactics. I got the mobs low hp and killed them quickly back to back to back since the dps mercs were pointless/broken at the time.

    Now that mercs actually work, this expansion is not much harder than CoTF. The only thing that made it "hard" was the length of time due to lack of dps. But that doesn't necessarily fall under the category of difficult...
  13. beryon Augur

    The ac nerf is only at 101+.
  14. beryon Augur

    The thread's about how the ac nerf affects merc tanks, so saying that a merc cleric can keep a raid geared tank up is really irrelevant.
  15. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Most of the replies to this thread have been irrelevant. Suggested work-arounds, etc etc.
    The fact remains that Tank Mers are sub-standard when compared with other Mercs as the baseline.
    All the rest of the comments are not really contributing to the main issue here.
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  16. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    I set out to parse how tank mercs perform, wanting to help the OP. I parsed various classes and a tank merc vs a blue trash mob in Arx Mentis. Summary of the results:


    Tank mercs take a fairly low amount of incoming DPS compared to other classes, although not as low as a player tank (T2 CotF / T3 TDS group geared SK). The merc takes a lower average hit (~7k vs 8k), but has much worse avoidance (22% vs 37%)

    Another big difference between the player and merc, is the SHD has 144k HP buffed, while the merc has only 108k HP. This could be the reason OP is having trouble - perhaps some mobs / named are one rounding the mercs. In this case, I would suggest tank merc HP be increased (though I don't know what would be appropriate).

    I thought the DI spread for these parses was somewhat interesting; note the cleric used SB, mage kept Shield of Fate up and SK used Vizat's Skin (5k dmg absorb proc) and the AC tap.






    Don't forget that mercs are NPCs, not players - their AC is calculated and used much differently than ours. 4800 AC is quite powerful on the tank merc, and doesn't necessarily need to be increased. Instead, avoidance or HP may need to be increased if mercs are making things unbearably difficult. Despite the low-ish incoming DPS of the tank merc, I personally avoid using one at all costs. I would rather (as previously suggested) facetank on a mage than use a tank merc.

    The issue may instead be with NPCs (especially named) one or two rounding tanks, which has more to do with TDS mobs than the merc itself. The trash mob I used hit for a max of 18k, named in Arx Mentis hit for upwards of 20k - the Mayor can hit for over 30k. With ~110k HP, that doesn't leave tank mercs (or their healers) much breathing room.
  17. Marshall Maathers Augur

    Post the damage vs time plots!
  18. Matari Augur

    Better yet, don't post any graphs at all; they are completely irrelevant. The issue is the random damage spikes that nearly one shot the merc (many cases it does). This issue has been discussed until absolute tedium in mage pet thread.

    No one is asking for a stupid merc to better than a PC. All that is being asked is for them to be a viable option in group content
  19. Marshall Maathers Augur

    99 stories about how you can't heal your tank merc isn't going to get change to occur.

    Sony isn't going to taste the salty tears of players that wipe because the merc tank got rounded.

    Graphs, plots, data is how you get change made. THAT is what the mage pet threads showed.

    You will note that I am asking for the plots that show the spikes, that highlight how much damage relative to the merc's hp, they are taking on Arx trash mobs. That info is implicit in her table, but not many people can internalize what 22% avoidance looks like in time vs 37%.
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  20. silku Augur

    Charts, graphs, numbers... they may all seem irrelevant to you. The problem is we humans have a bad habit of confirmation bias.

    Player 1 says mercs suck, SOE has tested them and think they are fine, Player 2 says they are fine.

    Who does SoE believe?

    I say mercs are fine. SoE says mercs are fine. You say they aren't doing fine.

    Who am I going to believe?

    The only way to prove to SoE or to me that they are not actually fine, because our experience says they are, is to give us hard evidence that they do in fact have a problem. Anecdotal data does no good. I can tell stories all I want, but without a log backing it up (and proving it wasn't a one time occurrence) it's really not something that will convince anyone else that their experience of the matter is wrong.