Merc AA Couterproductive

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ratbo Peep, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    Thank goodness!
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  2. Barda Lorekeeper

    I'm in such a rush because I hate these Heroic Adventures. They bring no benefit to me what so ever. I have max AA, max LAA, end game raid gear. The only reason to do them is to get the bonus AA, so why would I want to "take" my time doing them. I'd rather spend my time else where, like on an alt enjoying fun stuff.
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  3. BoomWalker Augur

    Clearly that puts my group in the 'idiot' section...since the stupidity of a merc is a known while the stupidity of a real player isn't....

    Also, a merc never needs an afk...knows when to med...doesn't run off and do stupid things.....doesn't run around "looking"...etc.

    You get in my group rarely...and when you have to prove your not dumber than a merc and can follow directions as well as a merc.

    If you are not dumber than a merc and you don't annoy me with idiotic idle may get in my group at times...

    Clearly this makes me an idiot....
  4. BoomWalker Augur

    Fun is defined as steamrolling group content with a full group...

    Fun is NOT defined as doing group content with a boxed setup and finding a little challenge in that group makeup.

    Being max exp, max AA, max LAA leaves only max merc AA for some...and those folks are clearly idiots.
  5. Daegun Augur

    Idiotic idle chat?

    The person-person interaction is what makes this game worth it. Even idle pointless chatter is preferable to the deafening silence of being alone. Stupid things happen, but recovery from wipes is proof these days. I don't understand that complaint.

    What I do prefer about Mercs is that they afk when I afk. If I'm doing chores or need to take a break, I don't have to feel bad about making someone wait on me.
  6. Bryan Augur

    At what level, 100? If so that's not really worth anything. And here I've been annoyed at how slow merc AA comes at level 90+. See, I didn't start using mercs until I got my j5 in my late 80s.
  7. Necromonious Augur

    If someone is asking for a group, it probably means they are having a hard time doing the content they are at. By not inviting, you are saying (more or less) "I found a way to do this without help. If you can't also...then I guess EQ isn't for you". Really, that's more or less it what that means. If a person runs into enough walls like that, then they will quit. No sweat, didn't need them anyway right? --> Ghost servers --> merging --> eventually dead game (eventually)
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  8. Barda Lorekeeper

    Man, I must have totally over looked the part in the EULA where it say's "With the payment of your account it is your sole responsibility to ensure that other's have fun. Your own distinction of fun and 'doing it on your own' no longer matters. You have to help everybody who sends you a tell. Only you can prevent forest fires and EQ from sun setting. If your found guilty of these crimes, you will be insulted for your own beliefs publicly!"

    Didn't realize that by playing as hard as I have for all these years to have a great character meant I had to babysit those who just came back, got power leveled and feel entitled to run the new content knowing nothing about their character.
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  9. Axxius Augur

    I see you like making far-fetched conclusions based on random things? Let's see... ;)

    You're a necro. A random person in PoK asks you, "Can I have Clarity please?". It probably means that they have a hard time getting buffs from necros. By not buffing them, you are saying (more or less), "I am not an enchanter". Really, that's all to it: you are a necro and can't cast Clarity. If a person who keeps asking every robe wearer they see for Clarity runs into enough necros, wizards, mages and monks before finding an enchanter, then they will quit. No sweat, they were too stupid for EQ anyway, right? --> Wrong! SOE makes content primarily for people like that now --> Good players quit the game for the lack of content and challenge --> You make bad players quit too --> There is nobody left to play EQ --> EQ is dead! :eek:
  10. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    Heck with that! Send him to Burned Woods!
  11. Necromonious Augur

    I'm not talking about something u are not able to do, like casting a spell ur class cannot. I'm talking about something u were otherwise already doing, and offering help with that. And yes it means exactly what I described. U are saying "it's an inconvienence, therefore I won't, surely he'll find a way or someone else will help". It's basically the Genovese effect, thinking "it's not my problem, it's an inconvienence, he'll get help some other way or someone else will help him". Sure, u are not under any obligation to hinder ur fun, but if everyone thinks this way (as we tend to do, groupthink) then the person doesn't get help and eventually quits

    This wknd, I ran people thru their lv 90 dailies and farming Valley exp for them at a rate of ~100AA/hour without lesson based on their feedback. And the more negativity and elitism I see here on these forums, the more I'll continue to offer to help for free this week. So I guess ur personality will still benefit the greater good in that way ;)