Memorial Day Weekend Bonus and Sale!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Hail, Norrathians!

    This upcoming Memorial Day in the United States is a time for us to remember that many of our players – from all across the globe – have loved ones and friends who have served their countries and given the ultimate sacrifice. We are a fantasy game thoroughly not set in this real world, but we are also a community of real friendships that extend well beyond Norrath. We wanted to take a moment to remember, pay tribute, and offer an opportunity for all of us to come together this weekend.

    This weekend, we will be commemorating Memorial Day with in-game bonuses. Take advantage of these bonuses on all servers:
    • +50% Experience
    • +50% Faction
    • +50% Rares
    We will also be unvaulting some items on the Marketplace and a 20% (This means an additional 10% on top of your existing discount) Membership Marketplace discount as well so keep an eye out! We wish you all a safe and happy weekend.

    The bonus weekend will begin at 12 AM PT on Friday, May 22, 2020, and will end at 11 PM PT on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
  2. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Hi thank you for the news!

    Is it possible to tell us why the servers went down today, and what was done :) There is 'talk' about Rollbacks.

    Just want to clarify what happened :)
    PS, Don't you sleep! :D
  3. Sinack New Member

    I still cant login. Which sucks. but apparently many people are on. just me and a handful of others so far.
  4. Herf Augur

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  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Not as much as I'd like to, and the servers went down to address the corpses and the underlying crash issue with The Rathe and Tunare.
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  6. Herf Augur

    FWIW, on Agnarr I gained a lvl just 20 mins before the server downage was announced. And we were in a raid. When servers came up again, still had the lvl and still had the &#()#*)@@ raid lockout of 6 days, so if there was a rollback it was very short.
  7. Rancid Biskits

    This would be awesome if I could actually get logged in. Every attempt has ended in "You have been disconnected." The one time I made it past character select I was disconnected a minute later.
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  8. Nill New Member

    EQ2 started their bonus today and got double xp :( Ty though!
  9. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I can't get the smell from all the rotting corpses in Bristlebane's Lobby out of my nose!! It was like looking at the corpse walls in The Devastation! :p
  10. Fuddlebutts New Member

    Although I have complained in other threads, this isnt the thread to complain about it.

    @Dreamweaver, will TLP packages for the upcomming Aradune/Rizlona be up in the marketplace during this time?
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  11. FranktheBank Augur

    The instance probably closed because technically no one was in it for 3 hours, which is an unfortunate side effect of AoCs and server outages.
  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    No, those will go up after the current ones are taken down on the 27th.
  13. Geoux Lorekeeper

    Dreamweaver, as appreciated as this is, can we get a larger exp bonus? Considering we just came off of close to two days of server downtime and all.
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  14. dreamweaver Community Manager

    EQ2 started a different bonus today, their Memorial day bonuses don't begin until tomorrow.
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  15. Vergo New Member

    Hey I can't even get past the server selection screen. It just locks up. What's wrong?
  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    This is not the place for that question, probably either bug reports or player to player support and likely more information would be needed.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Thank you!

    Now I'm torn as to which char I want to play!
  18. Jam_sandwich New Member

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    ...and some of us are worried about losing 2 days of game time, I thought you yanks were more solemn and proud of your current and passed service people....

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  19. Zinkeh Augur

    Notice it ends the day before the new servers come up. Cute.
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  20. Druk New Member

    Thank you
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