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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Bobokin, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Bobokin Augur

    Nerfing riposte this was especially hits rogues hard.
  2. Tolzol Augur

    How would not being able to riposte an attack that would have missed hit a rogue hard? What rogues are tanking?
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  3. kyong Augur

    Not happy with this. Throw us a bone and now re-allow procs on ripostes and lifesap heals on non primary targers. (I'm a rogue my blooddrinkers)
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  4. Bobokin Augur

    Rogues use assassinate to stay alive against blues and greens. This nerf will reduce damage in a toe to toe fight and harm their ability to help lower level group members when needed.
  5. Winnowyl Augur

    I spend most of my time moloing for XP. I can't comment at this time on how the change impacts me, because I haven't bothered to do any grinding since the patch. Once I know one way or the other, I'll comment again. However, a lot of rogues I know also do the moloing thing. Not all of us box a crew or have a set group we grind with on the regular.
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  6. Tappin Augur

    A rogue with current expansion group gear can tank singles (molo), but it’s all about the dps. With longer fights, damage spikes become a huge problem for rogues (not mentioning raid concerns). This issue needs to be addressed by devs.
  7. Izzard of Bertox Lorekeeper

    I think the timers on Counter Attack need some adjustment now. Make it last a few seconds longer and/or reduce the re-use time.
  8. Tolzol Augur

    I mean. How does this nerf change anything for damage spikes for a rogue..... all they did was change that you can’t riposte/dodge/parry/block a missed hit. So regardless you wouldn’t have been hit because well the mob missed. It will slightly lower your dps on a single mob while tanking, more noticeable when tanking multiples. But would mostly only effect you in older content, which i guess sucks but is what it is, since a current content mob is much less likely to miss hitting you. And on raids why would you not be behind the mob in the first place, especially as a rogue? Outside of when there’s a rear emote you just side step to the side until the rear is clear.
  9. Bobokin Augur

    Again, this greatly affects moloing blues and greens because riposte is a huge trigger for rogues.

    On a side note, in real world fencing, attacks that may miss the target are blocked and riposted often. One doesn't wait to see the result before acting. This was simply a nerf to cut down on swarming lower level mobs just like the bard nerf. The devs are making this game more un-fun every day.
  10. Dagum Elder

    Your a zerker with raid gear. Sorry, but I just don't think anything that we said would be something that you would understand. You haven't lived with the rear arc penalty since 1999.
  11. menown Augur

    As stated, this change greatly impacts swarming effectiveness. So you can bet that this change is here to stay. So, what are rogues suggesting in compensation for their lack of molo-ability? I believe the rogue community can come up with better suggestions than just a flat increase to rogue damage.
  12. Myca775 Journeyman

    hmm so does this mean I should ignore agility/AC so the mob can hit me more while moloing so it CAN increase the chances of block, parry, dodge and riposte?? o_O
  13. Smokezz Augur

    Been killing lots of stuff since the patch. It's not a disaster like a couple are talking about. Been molo'n EoK named because I don't feel like pulling my whole crew around to old zones that I can run around myself and kill.

    Just now pulled half the room in Crypt of Sul HA including the nasty golem types, and had no problem killing 6 at once. Exactly like I did pre-patch. Unless you actually have data other than HEY! That patch note makes me suck... the devs are not going to do anything at all.
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  14. Dagum Elder

    Why are you for this change so much? I'm curious.
  15. Tolzol Augur

    Not sure what rear arc penalty has to do with this change at all. This change affects me just as it does you when it comes to moloing. All I’m getting at is your making a mountain out of a molehill and not sure why rogues out of all classes are the ones complaining. I guess i didn’t realize most of rogues dmg came from ripostes all the sudden.........
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  16. Izzard of Bertox Lorekeeper

  17. Smokezz Augur

    I'm not "for the change". I'm saying it doesn't make near as much of a difference as it's being made out to be in modern content. Modern content being at minimum TBM and beyond so far. I haven't done the COTF stuff yet for the chars I'm doing Heroics for right now. It most certainly affects very old content a lot. Get a lot of Planes of Power mobs attacking you and you'll fall asleep while they die if you don't attack them yourself.

    Scream the world is ending, when there really is a major problem. If everyone screams the world is ending over trivial things, the devs will never pay much attention to things.
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  18. Belexes Augur

    I think it is only 2 rogues that are complaining. :) I play two rogues. One raid rogue and one that is 109 wearing a bunch of level 85 stuff with less than level 100 weapons, barely any augs from HoT and only autogrant AA. I don't have problems with either.

    Not sure why life is so difficult for these complaining rogues.
  19. Bobokin Augur

    Sometimes Rogues have to stand toe to toe. Riposte and Assassinate make a huge difference against multiple mobs.

    Removing damage abilities from a DPS class is like saying Warriors should not be able to use armor against mobs that would not have been able to penetrate it. It's not logical.
  20. Maedhros Augur

    This effects literally every melee class. Nothing especially affecting a rogue that is not a problem for any other melee. For a berserker I assume this means less decapitation, which is just as vital for moloing or soloing as assassinate is for a rogue.
    Sometimes you gotta just take your lumps and keep on swinging.

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