Melee Mitigation / Avoidance.

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Brogett, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. ~Mills~ Augur

    Do you know how many unknown variables are in that data?

    Do you see how the sample size for the classes drastically varies?

    It's far from an apples to apples comparison but yes the sky is falling. Or if we just take this as canon necromancers need 50% mitigation boost thats always on passively so saith the parse.
  2. mackal Augur

    I was mistaken, I was thinking HP which WAR's do get an advantage in (gear at least)
  3. Tanols Augur

    Hey guys if you want to re open the debate over War vs SK vs Pal TAKE IT TO THE TANK FORUMS!! tyvm.
  4. Tanols Augur

    Most rogues went with all Hstr for augs which means they more than likely have a bunch of augs without AC. Berserkers went all HDex which equates to at least 40 AC on every aug if not 44 or higher plus as we saw from tank parses has added mitigation/avoidance benefits.

    There are many ways that melee can play smarter and increase survivability but with the fade nerf and poor mitigation there are simply times in raids when tank dies the next highest person is inevitably several melee classes that one or more are going to end up dead in quick order unless the stars align and by some miracle they get the right combination of heals, limited defensive ability, tank fighting for aggro. Have also seen instances where melee get low hp aggro from AE ramp on an add that spawns and end up dead before tanks get them under control.

    I have long thought that Berserkers at least have had either under powered or restricted use defensive abilities (riposte disc being on same timer as an offensive disc) with no real upgrades or new functional defensive abilities in a long time.

    But then again our primary purpose is to charge full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes and mow stuff down!!
  5. Brogett Augur

    I quit over 6 months ago (and still have no desire to return, so I guess this time I finally kicked the habbit permanently), but pop back to the forums every month or so just to catch up and see what's happening and to reminisce. I laughed to see this resurrected again. :)

    Hope you're all doing well and fighting the corner for melee dps. Being able to survive the randomness, when forced to be in close proximity, is key to balancing us vs range dps that pew pew from a safe distance. (As there'd never be acceptance of danger => more dps, so removing some of the danger for one-off randomness always felt like a key thing to ask for.)

    Anyway, what do I care now! ;-) Still catching up on other games.

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