Melee DMG short term buffs

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by StrangerRanger, Mar 8, 2022.

  1. StrangerRanger New Member

    Anyone else feel that a lot of our aa burns and other class synergy's should apply to arrow dmg? Only getting use out of the attack power or crit part of our burns kind of feels bad. also getting nothing out of other class synergy buffs when we are bowing as well. Would be a cool change and would be nice to see some heavy dmg coming from our bow outside of Pureshot. Not 100% a fan of still going in to melee on a ranger.
  2. TsiawdMS I Identify as a Melee Ranger

    do you play live?
  3. Cadira Augur

    Pretty sure most adps abilities DO stack with bow damage.
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  4. StrangerRanger New Member

    i've not seen the synergy buffs get consumed or noticed any kind of dmg increase on certain ones. from what i've found anything that says melee doesn't effect bow damage. Such as the lifesteal clicky. Hunters fury, even our 2.0 epic. i could be wrong tho. And yea i play live.

    The attack power from our burns has a very min effect on our output from what i've noticed. If they do work for Bow dmg its even less then i thought. But lifesteal aura from the little red bottle gives no healing nor from SK epic. Bow dmg is also physical but i dont' think its coded as melee/physical. kind of a spell dmg type like the Heart line spells.
  5. Fintank Augur

    Hit Damage (Spa 185) affects bow damage. Also stacks with Pureshot discipline.
    Blood Drinker's Coating only works for true melee attacks.
    Lich Sting (SK Epic) does work with bow damage.
    Falcon Strike (Ranger Epic) does work with Bow crit-rate but we've been capped for several expansions now.
    Master's Synergy (Monk's) is the only Synergy that doesn't work for us while using a bow.

    A lot of our class power comes from the conglomeration of many things. We're not designed to be a burst class outside of our 20-minute cooldowns, we're intended to be sustained DPS (Ironic now). So, if you were looking at things in a vacuum scenario you aren't going to see exciting results for the majority of our abilities.
  6. Cadira Augur

    Now this I think is false; I did a parse with PS and PS + GoTF or something spa 185 and noticed no increase in max hit, avg hit prob increased cause of the attack but not the spa 185 portion.
  7. Sancus Augur

    They stack. I'm going from 103,830 max non-lucky critical with Pureshot to 127,692 max non-lucky critical by adding Guardian of the Forest. In general, SPA 185 effects that focus particular skills stack with those that focus all skills.

    Edit: Note that two SPA 185 modifiers that work on all skills will not stack with each other, nor will two that affect the same skill (e.g., two archery modifiers). You get highest all skills + highest modifier for the skill you're using.
  8. Cadira Augur

    Werid, i parsed exactly this on a rng about a year ago and didn't find this true. I must have missed something!