Melee and Spell Spam

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Shay, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. Shay Apprentice

    I really don't care how much a pet, or a tank, or anyone for that matter hits/heals something for. Critical or otherwise. I don't care.
    I want the option to turn OFF the spam.
    I don't need to see other's damage shields spam. I don't need to see "others Direct damage", etc etc etc. But you cannot hide them, there is no option for it. The same goes for melee.
    It's spammy, cumbersome to sort out, and you can't do multiple things at once to a different window either. So I end up having to go click by click by click to filter what I don't want to see to another place where it's not interfering with the stuff I DO want to see.
    Having to sit there for an hour to painstakingly filter through all those options and sub options and sub options of the sub options... no thanks. Give me a way to turn off those crits at the very least, because it's spamming the raid combat to hell.
    Nor do I want 15 windows on my screen, just so I can see if a HoT has worn off someone.
    Everything went to the main chat window.
    So I spent time to disable what I could, move what I didn't need spamming me, only to log in the next day and it all resetting again.
    Also, I don't want "Hide", I want "Off". There is no point the server sending me stuff I never ever need or want to see.
    I'm pretty certain a lot of the lag is due to this overkill in spammy combat messages.
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  2. Shay Apprentice

    P.S. A LOT of the "Critical" spam cannot be disabled in options, there are no dropdowns for them.
    There need to be.
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    At some point these Options window setting should have Hide added to them.

    Options->Chat->Direct Damage (Other Critical Hits)
    Options->Chat->DoTs (Other Critical Hits)
    Options->Chat->Healing (Other Critical Heals)
    Options->Chat->Others Hits (Critical)

    For the time being or for those who only wish to Filter them to a different Chat window:

    Right Click the window you want them in->Filters->Spells->Direct Damage->Direct Damage (Other Critical Hits)
    Right Click the window you want them in->Filters->Spells->DoTs->DoTs (Other Critical Hits)
    Right Click the window you want them in->Filters->Spells->Healing->Healing (Other Critical Heals)
    Right Click the window you want them in->Filters->Melee->Other Hits (Critical)
    There are ways to filter them out of the main chat window however.
  4. Gialana Augur

    Have you tried these under the Chat tab of the Options window? Select Combat for the category

    Melee Crits > Mine Only I'm not sure this really has an effect since there aren't separate lines for crit and non-cirt. Instead, you might need to go to Other Damage Other > Hide.

    DoTs :
    Damage over Time allows Hide, Show, Mine Only, and Group only. Setting to Hide or Mine Only hides both others crits and non-crits.

    For Heals, change Category to Spells:
    There are options to hide or show Heals (Others), Heals (Other Critical Heals), Heals (Your Critical Heals), Heals(Yours), and Heals Received. I didn't test the effect of changing these.

    For Direct Damage, I think you can set the Category to either Spells or Combat.
    PC Spells has options for Show, Hide, and Group Only. Setting to Hide hides others' direct damage crits and non-crits.
  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I said at some point they should.
  6. Shay Apprentice

    Thing is, I don't want to filter them to another window. I want them OFF. Period.
    Same with the texture preloading rubbish. I had mega lag in kernagir the other night and it kept bouncing me back to Brells Rest if I moved a step. And EVERY time I had to "preload textures" even though I was literally there 2 seconds prior.
  7. MmmmBop Wise Troll

    I fully support a request to make others heals / spells / melee hidden with one click and for that setting to remain permanent until you manually change the setting. It's incredibly annoying to fix the settings as much as you can (which isn't nearly enough) just to have them back at the default of showing everything and spamming you to death in raids at the worst time possible.

    Having had this happen to me, I can say it's one of the most annoying things to have ever happened to me and caused me to seriously consider walking away when I couldn't meaningfully participate in a raid because of all the spam lag that I thought I had fixed earlier.