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  1. Mazame Augur

    Ok here is what have learned so far.

    I ran multi account and tested different ways to do things. On the 3 main accounts I am up to 11 Elite agents each but they took different paths to get there.
    My main account has 176/181 agents: This is the strategy I am going to share.
    The next two accounts have 74/181 and 34/181 I wanted to see what would happen if you converted early to get higher level agents as well as other paths you can take. The below info is what I found worked best.

    Quest have both a level (1-5) and a rarity (common, uncommon, rare and elite). It can also have some modifier added to it.
    Example would be Level 1 Easy Common __________
    In this example it a level 1 quest that mod by the word “easy” This means it has a lot of extra Bonus traits you can match and should get to 100% success with limited agents.
    Next the quest list the type of agents needed. This is done as a ! or ? then it list the Job Type and any modifiers.
    ! = Job type is required (this will auto filer all agents that are qualified based on job skill level.)
    ? = job type is not required but will add a % to success if used the job type listed.

    * The level 1 quest are as follows:
    "conversion" all level = 74% base and the 3 agents will take to 100%
    Common Grey = 69% success base
    Uncommon Green = 62% Success Base
    Rare Blue = 56% success base
    Elite Purple = 50% success base

    * Job Types / traits (Job type match adds more than a single trait match)
    The job types are as follow: Artisan / Diplomat / Explorer / Harvester / Marauder / Merchant / Scholar / Soldier / Spy

    **Please know that the extra agent "?" slots adds 0% unless it has the required Job or Trait. You can use the Job or Trait pull down window to search for the required agent.
    If you don't have any that match then simply don't waste an agent filling the extra ? slots as it maybe need on another quest.
    Example Level 1 common research ( this was the common level 1 quest I had open to me)
    Quest name = How was the cauldron Made?
    Success = 69%
    ! = Scholar (1) Bonuses = Dwarf
    With a level 1 = 81%
    With a level 2 = 83%
    with a level 3 = 84%
    With a level 4 = 85%
    with a level 5 = 86 %
    Level 1 Dwarf = 86%

    Now because it an ! it has to be a scholar and the only scholar dwarfs I have are level 1. So I can pick the Dwarf level 1 or the level 5 non dwarf and get to 86%

    As for the ? on the same quest it is a Soldier Bonus = Bold.
    Level 1 = +5%
    Level 2 = +5%
    Level 3 = +5%
    Level 4 = +6%
    Level 5 = +6%
    Level 1 & Bold = +8%
    Level 4 & Bold = +10%
    Level 5 & Bold = +11%
    Unmatched Job & bold = +3%

    So if you don't have the matching job for the ? then you can still send a bold agent to get 3% the level / rarity of the bold agent doesn't change the %. So if your matching a trait only on this quest it 3%

    So one may think that matching Job and trait you would get 8% for level 1-3 and that is show to be true. However on level 4 and 5 it is not.
    Level 4 you get the 6% (job) and 3% (trait) would be 9% yet when picked it 10% that was given.
    Level 5 you get 6% (job) and 3% (trait) again would be 9% but was given 11%.

    So the to my best guess the % add is not a flat % but more like 6.XXXX% and so when combine can push it up to the next %

    *** It is better to have MORE agents then to have Higher level ones. I recommend not leveling up (doing the Conversion quest) with your agents unless you have more than one of that type.

    When to use Conversion.
    You will not need anything higher then common and uncommon until you reach level 3 and start getting level 3 quests. To find out your level click on the stats tab. Each job type has its own level.
    Level 1 quest use the common agents, Level 2 use a mix of uncommon and common. Level 3 uses Icon uncommon and rare to start but will use common for some of the "?" slots.
    The more Total agents you have the better (I can’t stress this enough) you will be able to better match the agents giving you higher success rate. Critical success = 1-3 free agents.
    Max level currently is Level 5
    *** To level an agent use the Conversion quest to convert 3 of one level to 1 of the next level.

    Common = Job level 1 / 3 traits
    Uncommon A = Job level 2 / 4 traits (as you can see level from common to uncommon you get a higher job but lose 5 traits)
    Uncommon B = Job level 3 / job level 1 / 4 Traits (some uncommon will have 2 job types)
    Rare = Job level 4 /Job level 2 / 5 traits (here you’re getting 1 more trait but losing 7)
    Elite = Job level 3 / job level 3 / job level 5 / 6 traits (here you gain 1 trait but lose 9)

    If you only level your doubles then you will be able to keep open all traits you have and add new ones to your option list. Where if you’re converting your singles you hurt yourself greatly in the option you have to full fill quest with the correct agents.

    *** At the bottom of the agent area on the quest is an Incapacitation % this is a chance on the mission of what can happen with your agent Most are just lock out for X amount of time. So again sending an agent that adding nothing to your success only ups your chance of locking out that agent. If it says RELEASED (permanent) it means you will lose that agent forever.
    The Incapacitation % go up based on level and rarity of the quest and I found it to be as high as 20%.
    Recovery quest can be used to get these agents back sooner.

    *** As for what quest to pick I recommend recruitment quest 1st followed by the 6 hours quest whenever possible. The exception to this is the trade skill quest rewards. I will use level 1 common quest and picking the coin as my example. Higher level quest and higher rarity mod the rewards but the principal is the same. The other thing that can modify the reward is quest duration. 6, 12 and 24 hour for standard quest. 36 and 48 hours for recruitment quest.

    You get 3 things for each quest.
    1st the reward this can be coin, collection fragments, trade skill drops, player xp. merc xp. etc.
    2nd is XP for your Job type (based on quest type you pic) Higher level here gets you higher level quest.
    3rd is Bonus rewards for critical success. This is added agents or in case of the conversion quest you don’t lose agents.

    Example of Level 1 common quest
    6 hour = 275 coin
    If you do it 2 times per day you get 550 coin Vs 500 coin for a 12 hour quest
    If you do it 4 times per day = 1100 Vs 900 for a 24 hour

    As you can see the more times you run the quest the more coin you get for the same period of time. Hour ever if you like me and want to sleep or won’t be on for an extended period of time then you will want to pick a longer quest to gain the larger per quest reward.
    Also why you consider agents from Critical success you have better odds to get agents the more quest you run.

    5 quest @ 6 hour = 4 quest per day = 20 chances to get an agent. Even if you only critical 50% of the time you get 10 agents per day
    Where if you do 5 quest @ 24 hour = 1 set per day = 5 chances for agents at 50% = 2 or 3 agents per day.

    * The only reason that Trade skill quest are different is because the reward for the longer quest offer items you don't get in the shorter quest.

    What I have been doing is 2 sets of 6 hour quest follow by a set of 12 hour quest. I do this because I like to get 8 hour sleep and so I sleep during the 12 set. The only time I don't follow this is when i get a recruit mission they are 36 and 48 hours but I will always do them when I see them.

    ***!!!*** I used the Retire button. This lets you kill your agent for the following reward options
    XP towards any job type you pick or get 2 of the lesser agents back. Remember it takes 3 to upgrade so you have a net gain of -1. However when you get closer to the 181 max agents it will take a combination of upgrades and downgrades to complete your collection.

    DO NOT USE the retire agents for JOB XP until you have all of your 181 collected.
    On the Quest Tab you get a list of quest every 12 hour give or take. This list has 2-3 green quest at the top (these are uncommon quest) then is followed by some random grey quest. Mixed in with the grey quest will be 1-2 what I like to call special quest.
    The special quest can be any of the following:
    Uncommon quest
    Rare Quest
    Elite Quest
    Recruit quest
    Recover quest
    At the bottom of the quest list will be the 3 Conversion quest

    Please note that the higher the rarity of the quest the better the reward. Also the harder it will be to find matching agents. You may need higher level agents to complete the quest.
    The upside is that a critical success on these also give more agents. The down side is they give more xp and so if you’re trying to keep your level lower it can throw you out of balance. Meaning you will need higher level agents sooner.

    This brings me back to the topic at hand upgrading your agents. Once you reach level 3+ you will need rare agents if you level slowly you may have enough rare agents that you can keep upgrading your extra agents. If however you been doing the higher rarity quest you may find yourself having trouble completing quest. At that point I would recommend upgrading all of your Common agents. This will give you a large pool of uncommon agents and your double uncommon can then be turn into rare agents.

    You will then have to rebuild your common agent pool. I done this 3 times on my main account due to the fact I maxed my collection task early on and have a lot of level 4+ quest in my list. If I had the chance to re-due my progression I would have balances all quest and kept my level as low as possible for as long as possible.

    In the end my overall strategy for anyone starting out would be to gain agents > focusing on one type of reward. Once you have your agent collection at 150+ you can then focus on the leveling to get better rewards and the type of reward you want. The goal is to unlock your agents at the lower level because you need to maximum options to be able to complete the higher level quest.

    Here is the list of current agents.

    EQ # Elite Agents (13)
    1 ambassador dvinn
    2 avatar of brell
    3 avatar of tunare
    4 emperor crush
    181 fippy darkpaw
    5 firiona vie
    6 first ranger kele
    7 king kazon stormhammer
    8 king tearis thex
    9 marcia attamilgad
    10 mayong mistmoore
    11 meldrath the malignant
    12 phinigel autropos

    EQ # Rare Agents (24)
    13 anitohk the everliving
    14 barrith the brave
    15 bimbalicus the soulbleeder
    16 butler syncall
    17 cavalier devolah
    18 dabner drednever
    19 galeth veredeth
    20 garanel rucksif
    21 gearheart
    22 joren nobleheart
    23 lady chiasa
    24 lord nethryn the arbitrato
    25 lorisyn oakwynd
    26 lyirae oakwynd
    27 maid issis
    28 nylianne the true
    29 nyzil bloodforge
    30 ognit eznertob
    31 overvolt rigster the iv
    32 princess joleena
    33 reaver lebanezer
    34 shifty jenkins
    35 the collector
    36 thubr axebringer

    EQ # Uncommon Iconic Agents (36)
    37 amber
    38 banker rylisan
    39 bilge farfathom
    40 captain silverwind
    41 challice
    42 clockwork viix
    43 commander gearwell
    44 conium darkblade
    45 corflunk
    46 dwigus lowater
    47 elia the pure
    48 ennixy frennor
    49 equestrielle
    50 estrella of gloomwater
    51 farios elianos
    52 forpar fizfla
    53 guard orcflayer
    54 head administrator grigano
    55 kimble nogflop
    56 lanika shadestepper
    57 magus tira
    58 maukris
    59 nybright sisters
    60 overseer gakkor deepscar
    61 peg leg
    62 retlon brenclog
    63 serra
    64 signus boran
    65 sister donna
    66 ssynthi
    67 tandan nybright
    68 the prophet
    69 thistle underbrush
    70 tumpy irontoe
    71 usbak the old
    72 zarchoomi

    EQ # Uncommon Non-Iconic Agents (24)
    73 cloaked dhampyre
    74 cursed remnant
    75 cursed treant
    76 dark elf courier
    77 deathly usher
    78 elder fire drake
    79 elder ice drake
    80 exiled legionnaire
    81 glyphed ghoul
    82 golden haired mermaid
    83 minotaur lord
    84 mistmoore advisor
    85 orc arsonist
    86 orc chief
    87 orc taskmaster
    88 orc trainer
    89 orc warlord
    90 priest of discord
    91 priest of najena
    92 reclusive ghoul magus
    93 shadowman leader
    94 shadowmane warrior
    95 teirdal prophet
    96 trapped elemental

    EQ # Common Agents (84)
    97 acolyte of brell
    98 advocate of Brell
    99 akanon engineer
    100 AkAnon guard
    101 bandit lookout
    102 barbed bone skeleton
    103 blighted scarecrow
    104 captive elemental
    105 cargo clockwork
    106 cauldron cliffdiver
    107 cauldron merchant
    108 coral carver
    109 crypt ghoul
    110 crystallos stone trader
    111 dark reflection poisoner
    112 darkvine entrancer
    113 darkvine nightcreeper (darkvine thistle)
    114 darkvine shadereaper
    115 deathly harbinger
    116 deathspore decomposer
    117 Deep Muse healer
    118 dragnol cook
    119 dwarven blacksmith
    120 dwarven lorekeeper
    121 dwarven trinket seller
    122 Eldritch wanderer
    123 emissary of crystallos
    124 enraged dwarf skeleton
    125 faerie courtier
    126 faerie guard
    127 faerie royal guard
    128 faerie troublemaker
    129 fallen noble
    130 faydark bandit
    131 firstlight refugee
    132 forest gatherer
    133 free diving limnologist
    134 goblin grunts
    135 goblin mapmaker
    136 guardian of the keep
    137 ice drake
    138 inquisitive wanderer
    139 junk dealer
    140 Kaladim guard
    141 kelethin guard
    142 kelethin herbalist
    143 kelethin lorist
    144 kirathas druid
    145 kirathas villager
    146 masked changeling
    147 nightrage decapitator
    148 nightrage narcissist
    149 nightwalker scavenger
    150 orc emissary
    151 orc legionnaire
    152 orc scoutmaster
    153 orc slavers
    154 pixie jongleur
    155 pixie trickster
    156 rogue clockwork
    157 scavenge diver
    158 scion grave scourer
    159 servant of the ancients
    160 shadowy scrivener
    161 siege specialist
    162 sleepers acolyte
    163 sneering gargoyle
    164 soul seductress
    165 steam trader
    166 steam zealot
    167 steamwork hunter
    168 steamwork mender
    169 steamwork shock trooper
    170 tormented dead
    171 trueborn embalmer
    172 Tunarian scout
    173 undead barkeep
    174 undertow skeleton
    175 unrest noble
    176 vicious worg
    177 wandering greenblood
    178 wandering minstrel
    179 wandering tinker
    180 werewolf gypsy

    Please forgive me if it feels like I am jumping around from topic to topic. I took many of my posts from the eq board and guild boards and combined them. this information was gather over time and I combined everything I learned and updated into this post to help those with questions. If you have question about something I didn't cover or want clarification on something posted above please post and let me know I am happy to answer quest on the boards or you can send me a tell in game. I am on Xegony as Mazame or Akomode
  2. RPoo Every time I open my mouth I stuff my foot in it.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Can't say that I will make any use of it but mad props for being helpful!
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I was told there would be no math.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    Thank you for taking the time to put all this together .. it has been very useful .. I have not really been interested in the Overseer system in general , however I do like the graphics reminds me of the LoN card game ..
    are those Pic files in our system somewhere, or are they stored server side ..
    I have found the overseer to be Entertaining when I have nothing to do or I find my self afk for long periods (days) at a time ..

    also the color you used to list the Uncommon Non-Iconic and Uncommon Iconic are very hard to see the names .. is their a way to view it better ?
    Edit: nm I saw that when i reply'd to your message it made the list more readable . also i cut pasted it to word and made it more color friendly :p

    So thank you again for your time and hard work ..
  5. Mazame Augur

    The pic can be found in you eq folder in the folder called overseer
    Zamiam likes this.
  6. Kiizze New Member

    What is the point of having so many agents of the same type, you can't use more than 1 at a time - I find it frustrating that I have more than one elite and nothing to do with it
  7. Andarriel Augur

    All you can do is retire it. but maybe hold onto them as eventually there gonna be something higher than elite.

  8. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    While that's certainly true of the Elite, Rare, and Uncommon Iconic, you can use the Non-Iconic Uncommon and the Common ones of the same type. I tend to hold onto my Non-Iconics as much as I can, and just trade up the Iconic ones.
  9. Mazame Augur

    *** Overseer *** (test update notes - 5-12-20)
    - A new Recruitment quest is now delivered to the offered quest list every rotation.
    - Uncommon and Rare Iconic Recruitment quests have had their duration reduced from 48 hours to 24 and 36 hours, respectively.
    - Iconic Recruitment quests now have higher-level versions, which grant more agents than their lower-level equivalents.
    - Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests now have level 2-5 versions, which grant more agents than their level 1 equivalents.
    - Recruitment Quest Party slots no longer require specific agent rarities, meaning any agent with the correct Job at the correct rank or better can contribute to the quest's success chance.
    - - Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests now require only 12 hours to complete, instead of 24 or 48 hours.
    - - Common Non-Iconic Recruitment quests have updated start and completion descriptions.
    - Rare and Elite Recovery quests are now available at level 1 in the Recovery category and require fewer agents and lower job ranks.
    - - Recovery Quest Party slots no longer require specific agent rarities, meaning any agent with the correct Job at the correct rank or better can contribute to the quest's success chance.
    - - Recovery quests have updated quest text.
    - Added a cap on quest completions per rotation.
    - To make Non-Iconic Agents more viable at higher quest levels their Job Ranks have been increased by 1.
    - - Increased the Job Ranks of Common Agents from 1 to 2.
    - - Increased the Job Ranks of Uncommon Non-Iconic Agents from 2 to 3.
    - Fixed the success chance display to be consistent between offered quests and active quests.
    - Improved the usability of the Available Agents section of the Offered Quests tab on smaller window resolutions.
    - Fixed active quests to be consistent when switching zones or logging in to a different character.
    - Changed the highlight text color on the lists of quests and agents so that there isn't yellow text on a yellow background.
  10. Mazame Augur

    With the changes to Recruitment quest agents should come a lot more often.

    What this means is you will be able to upgrade agents to higher level sooner. This should be a big help to prevent leveling of quest to fast. In the fact that you should be able to keep your agents leveled on par with the quest offered.

    Also changes to the recover quest will help get agents back sooner.

    With changes to the non icon job level it should help with the success % of level 2 and 3 quests.
  11. Mazame Augur

    The main point of extra agents is to convert them to higher level agents. You can also down grade them for a chance at 2 lower level agents you may be missing.

    Once you have all 181 agents then you can turn your extra in for XP to your quest level so you can get better quest with better rewards.

    Once you have all agents and Max progress then there no point after that for now.
  12. Kiizze New Member

  13. Kiizze New Member

    And I am now finding my non commons are being banished etc more often - 5 agents in 3 quests
  14. Mazame Augur

    Sounds like your doing higher level quest. The higher level do have higher incap %. I try and do the lowest quest I can that fits my time table to avoid this.

    Also are you sending them out at 90% when they are getting incap? or are your in the 70-80% range?
  15. Hegsheoshed Elder

    I am noticing the same thing as Kizze. I send out the A-Team and I find out later on I sent out the B-Team riding in a cart with a crate of unstable Tick Tock Blast Bombs for them to sit on. It would be nice if the incapacitation risk went down the more you match the agents to the job.
  16. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Which is why they should have put the leveling mechanic on the agents as opposed to just general Overseer stats. As agents levelled, they could reduce their own chance of being incapacitated instead of always relying on the utter randomness of it all. But, it is what it is. :D
  17. Kiizze New Member

    Mostly over 92% - I expect if it's lower than 90% its going to fail and they may be banished/wounded. I have no issues with my other accounts who don't have as many rares but they have more success, which I thought the higher level should be having
  18. Kiizze New Member

    okay I'm just about done with Overseer - my major account is given quests that require up to 6 agents - and I just did one with 5 - 97% - it failed (as so many are now) and I lost 3 agents of the 5 - that they obviously made it ridiculous to get higher agents when you clearly can't succeed. My lover level with less uncommon gets lower level quests with 1-4 agents and get regular criticals and rarely any failures.
    I was enjoying overseer and initially felt it was a great addition, now I am de-motivated to even open it.
  19. Mazame Augur

    I this why I was telling people not to level up / level as slow as possible. for level 1-3 you don't need rare agents. when you get to level 4+ the quest take more agents and you need a lot of rare+ agents to be successful..

    For anyone starting out. two tips ..

    Wait for the patch on wed. it will let you get agents faster.

    Level slow ( do different type of quest to level slow as possible. )
  20. Mazame Augur

    Posting here to keep info together

    the short answer is the higher % were all ways on the level 5 quest. Just most people never saw level 5 quest. The change was they added levels to the recruit quest.
    The off set to this is they also added more recover quest.
    The down side is most people Recover = level 1-2 and most people Recruit = level 5 so until you get recover up in level you may see more higher level agent in recovery.
    They also up the job level of the Non Icon agents. So with the higher % on incap. I recommend using the lover level agents when possible.

    As for the changes in the bonus. It will take me more questing to confirm but I had posted that the level 2 and 3 quest were harder to get above 95% because of the removal of the double traits. It looks as if this may be an adjustment to help solve those issues.

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