Maybe Lock the next progression to GoD, OoW or TSS?

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  1. Berkwin Elder

    Yeah we know what Agnaar is like but i bloody love that server. I am thinking of returning, my computer is craptastic so, i wouldn't mind seeing locked server, any of the fore mentioned, or at least to SoD at the most. TSS was one of my favorite expansions but if we did SoD to get the first expansion with mercs. I could live with that, anything past that i lose interest PDQ. anyhow, some thoughts on this be nice. thanks!!
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  2. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    I dont know about a lock at TSS, but I know many people have been asking for a TLP to start at TSS. Its a great place to start a server tbh. You can level 1-75 using only the TSS zones, and it would give the people who normally play on TLP from Classic-PoP and then re-roll on the new server a chance at experiencing some more of the game past the point that they stop playing. Some of the best expansions in the game come post-TSS and it would be great for people to experience them.

    I guess my question would be what turns you off about the expansions after SoD? Also, I understand having hardware issues, I was in that same boat once-upon-a-time. There are many things you can tweak with the options to make EQ run more smoothly, like turning off radial flora, shadows and adjusting the sky and lighting settings.
  3. Xhartor Augur

    TSS is start of EQ strongest era. Which is part of the reason people keep asking for a TLP starting at TSS.
  4. Appren Gnomercy

    Why lock servers when the content and raids actually starts becoming somewhat challenging? Locked servers are have P99 and Agnarr for that if you really want a stale experience.
  5. internalprime8 Journeyman

    The heroic character TLP server was a bust. I don't think a TLP starting at TSS would have enough interest.
  6. 3rdconix Elder

    There is no point of locking a server to GOD, literally 1 expansion after the current locked server (Agnarr).

    TSS is better as a starting expansion for a TLP since it's the last expansion to ever provide content for level 1 to in-era max. It's also the first to do so since Luclin. It also takes place exclusively on one of Norrath's original 3 continents so it's somewhat familiar while being totally new to the rerollers. Providing an expansion that provides that primordial DND classic everquest experience would be beneficial into attracting people not 100% willing to go outside their comfort zone.
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  7. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Miragul was a bust because it started in HoT. That's a little late to start a server IMO. Also the fact that Phinny had just hit VoA when that server launched probably didn't help. There is a pretty big difference between HoT and TSS in terms of what players who have never seen this content before would be able to digest. TSS is close enough to PoP that it would be new while still being somewhat familiar. HoT start was not familiar at all to players who typically play the Classic-PoP eras on repeat. We are talking about a 10 level gap vs a 20 level gap.
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  8. Murdukethegreat New Member

    The best option in my opinion if we ever get another locked server.
    Open 2 twin servers at once server 1 locks at x era while server 2 continues to live.

    Yes, locked servers are not for everyone. However, as Agnarr shows. They have at least longer legs than most servers released post Agnarr that have died.

    Is there a perfect era for the next locked server? Probably not. But 1 more option wouldnt be a bad thing for players who are compltionists rather than tlp recyclers and live players
  9. Xeris Augur

    100% support an OOW or lvl 70 locked server. I've already discussed in previous posts about why I think locked servers are great, but I'll repeat them here for fun and because I'm bored:

    • Locked servers are perfect for casual players. Playing on a TLP is truly a grind. They require pretty high play time if you want to stay current and experience in era content. Many players can't spend 3-4 nights per week raiding PLUS doing solo/group content to keep up with flagging, etc. You can say that "you can go at your own pace," but realistically there are social pressures that make it difficult. If you're in a guild, you have to keep up or you'll fall behind and eventually the guild will pass you by. A locked server eliminates this problem. Only have time to raid once a week? Great. Eventually you will get BIS geared! Maybe it'll take 2-3 years, but as a casual raider you can achieve that.
    • Want to experience all the fun quests and zones and other stuff that you might not have the opportunity to do when you're rushing on a progressing TLP? No problem.
    • Want to take a 6 month break and come back and still have people to play with? No big deal. I took a 3 week break on Vaniki and I was so far behind it pretty much made me want to quit again because of how much time I would've had to spend to catch up. On Agnarr, I can quit and come back next year and my BIS character would still be BIS.
    • Don't care about later eras of EQ? Great. Play a locked server and only play on the content you like.
    • Don't want to feel like your time/money invested in a character is wasted? Play a locked server. Imagine rolling a new TLP, spending $500 on bags, potions, etc, and 6 months later you have to stop playing for 1 month b/c of work and you get back, new XPAC is out, you can't play enough to catch up, so you just quit. Byebye investment. Locked server: not a problem. Your character can be relevant forever on the server, your investment will be much more valuable because you will never be outpaced.
    • Are you a completionist? Play on a locked server. Nobody but the most hardcore raiders are getting fully BIS in most expansions. That's like 100 people per server, tops. Not on a locked server. Even the most casual player can eventually completely max their characters out in CURRENT raid gear, which allows them to feel accomplished and powerful.

    Locked servers are literally a no brainer. The only people who wouldn't think so are people who want to continue progressing to live, or people who don't want to raid the same content forever.
    Granted - the drawback is raiding the same content for many years. A lot of people don't like that, so if that's not for you a locked server won't be ideal, but Agnarr has shown there's a pretty healthy amount of people (enough for 4 large active raiding guilds and a few smaller more casual guilds) who have no issue raiding the same stuff.
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  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Mirgal wasn't marketed and was released at the wrong time of year (November).

    It should have been marketed at those who had quit the live game in the last few years.
  11. Xeris Augur

    I mean, basically none of their TLPs are marketed. They get announced 3-4 weeks before they launch, hardly a marketing strategy
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  12. Gnomie Denser than most

    Honestly I think the problem with heroic character TLP's popularity is just that....starting at level 85.

    When I came back to the game (I had quit in OOW back in the day) I made a heroic character on FV server...I played for about 30 minutes and was so overwhelmed by the amount of buttons and skills on my bars, that I couldn't even play the game.

    When I came to a TLP and played through HoT on it, it was totally different. The growth and additional buttons come slowly so it's not such a shock.

    I think TSS would be a good time to start, because there aren't a lot of crazy new AA buttons and stuff already there..there are some, but most of them start coming in the next few expansions afterwards, so you can build up at a better pace.
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  13. Weaps Journeyman

    Sooooo... One server starts in classic and locks in OoW and the other starts in TSS (or OoW if you prefer that symmetry) and runs to live..?
  14. Panikker Elder

    What about a server that goes to 75 every 10 weeks not 8 not 12 , lock it on TSS for a few months( four to six months locked) make a final GM event then reset the servers and people need to start again from level 1. no items saved, no plat, no krono saved all gone but keep the character for you to delete or start again.. Make it the same rules as mischief. That would be a self resetting server where you start again not hopping over servers every 2 to 3 years.
  15. Baulkin Augur

    Gotta love the TSS Stan's... If you love TSS mischief is there. That being said it's not a great expac to "start over". Considering all the overpowered gear and the trivializing most of the heavy nostalgia content.

    I wouldn't mind locking at TSS, that would be interesting....
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  16. Error404 New Member

    I just want to lock somewhere cause I'm slow.
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Or don't & just go play on Agnarr.

    The number of players who want something locked beyond pop is small.

    AND that small number of players are split apart on which expansion to lock it to.

    A GoD-Locked or a PoR-Locked or a TSS locked each have an absolutely tiny number of interested players each even if collectively you might have 25-50 players who have "TLP locked after PoP" as a common interest.

    This is a server type which is Dead on Arrival, indeed an Agnarr 2.0 that transferred all of its players to Agnarr once it reached LDoN would do much better.
  18. Triconx Augur

    You realize what an obnoxious logical fallacy that is? May as well say "if you want to play in classic, just pick any server and start in classic. There is no need for a classic server to be opened"
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  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    No, what you actually want is to lock everyone else there with you because you're slow, that's fine so long as there are plenty of others who want that same thing, but there aren't.
    I've no objection to locked servers but there is no convincing argument enough people want another one or which expansion it should be locked to, the vast majority of locked server fans are already on one.
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  20. Captain Video Augur

    Believe it or not, there was a time when there were no TLPs, and the people who wanted to play Classic content did exactly that. If demand slacks off, there is no guarantee there will be a new TLP launched each and every year. You yourself have been arguing in other threads that TLPs aren't sustaining high populations as well as Live servers. Should I quote you?
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