May 2016 Producer’s Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Angahran Augur

    The problem is it doesn't get *more* people playing because the only people who will know about it are those already playing since DBG are following in the tradition of refusing to advertise EQ to anyone not already playing.

    All theset new servers do is take people away from their current servers.
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  2. CrazyLarth Augur

    I dont have issues with peeps on live severs playing on the special servers as long as they come to raids on the real servers.
  3. Reht Augur

    Yeah, but the difference with this server from the other TLPs is that they aren't going to stay.
  4. shadowgod Augur

    Sort of true. Someone could email about it and they will make a news article for it so people who go there know.
  5. Hostility Elder

    So any announcement on memorial day weekend?
  6. Rumlebrag Elder

    they should just merge ALL the live servers FV and ZEK not included... Enable PICK zoning and you have high pop server again and ppl to recruit from... Might be a few guild mergers but I am sure it is needed anyways.

    enable instanced raids (those that are on TLP) more modern raids are already instanced and doesn't need it. Back to healthy community... Live servers are kinda boring to log on these day... No life anymore.
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  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    This is just ignorant. The majority of the live servers are fine population wise. The people who can't find groups refuse to accept that they need to make friends and join guilds for groups these days because the community does not trust the quality of the average PUG. Also people go and do older content which they figure no one else their level will want to do, so they don't ask.

    Merging will just make this worse not better because it will kill more guilds than it helps. Because they guilds with trouble recruiting have problems due to things other than server population.
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  8. Mashef Augur

    So the weekend starts tomorrow for a lot of people, are you guys waiting until the last possible second to let us know? IT IS a holiday weekend. Many of us are actually trying to plan around this, especially those of us with the gimpy exp on TLP.
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  9. Rivitt Elder

    If you open the standalone LoN client, on the right, it says, "Redeem a $20 Game Card, get 500 bonus SC." It's a dead link to SOE though. :-( I got excited. Don't you get excited.

    Speaking of Legends of Norrath, did ANYONE get a loot card this month? I always choose Oathbreakers on 5 accounts. Nada.
  10. Rivitt Elder

    Yah yah yah. We've all heard you numerous times. The populations are fine and we all suck.
  11. Rivitt Elder

    • Ugly armor that you have to pay to wear on a blue server. Yayyyy.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would disagree at least from a casual/family guild perspective. At the moment raid guilds are continually draining casual guilds of members and there just are not many enough casual players out there. Xegony has a good population in relation to other servers but things are getting more cutthroat as time goes by.

    As a bystander on the raid guild situation yes the highest end guilds on each server won't have a problem recruiting enough players. They recruit mainly from the lower raid guilds. The lower raid guilds are having problems recruiting not because they suck but because they recruit from two sources, each other and the casual population. Recruiting from each other just moves members around. Recruitng from the casual population is hard because the casual side of things is suffering so much these days. Take out all the raider alts from casual guilds and things are looking pretty bad.

    Do merges drop server populations? I think time drops server pops that's about it. Is there a consolidation of guilds after a merger sure because there are always raid guilds suffering and some win and some lose. Some raiders always want to be in the top tier guilds so people will move around to whoever the top dog is. the top dogs will drop low performers and pick the cream of the crop from other guilds and so it goes the circle of life.
  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Its a month or two when the Live servers are at their lowest population levels. I don't see that as a good thing. Will it draw in people that usually take the summer off? Not sure about that.
  14. utwo New Member

    since when did everquest become raidquset as corwyhn posted above about high end raid guilds drawing from lower end guilds but I don't think we need another server until they merge live servers and try to get the causal gamer back into the game.
    tbm is not a casual expanision at all even highend raid guilds have had a hard time doing group content in full tds raid gear so the casual group in no way do content in tbm zones<they can do some but not all> so db needs to get the casual player back.
    As for a new server we need that like people in hell need firewater fix the current problem 1st like low server count zone crashing and any other bug there is before you move forward if you look at ragefire and lockjaw there population have lost many players as of late but maybe that's the way DBG wants it /shrug.
  15. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    Does DBG even realize that when they make a server that requires a sub, than MAYBE 10-15% of the revenue is from new/returning players the rest is already live players....I mean in reality they aren't really gaining anything when the goal is met, say bye bye to the NEW revenue cause the fun is over and it's back to us LIVE players to keep paying their bills...

  16. Potawatomi Augur

    I'm would venture to say they do but that's a guess, just like your speculation is. Arbitrary numbers aside, 10-15% seems significant so you might want to try a new set of numbers to try and validate your point that the return is minimal at best.

    They wanted to do something like this from the start of the voting for Ragefire so it shouldn't be surprising that they are doing this.
  17. segap Augur

    Seriously, where do people get this drivel from?
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  18. Kaliko Augur

    He must be thinking of Enslaver of Souls mission.
  19. segap Augur

    So, one mission out the whole expansion makes it "not casual"? That mission can be beat with 2 group geared wizards (+tank, healer and filler) for an easy win. More effort, but doable with other group make ups.
  20. Dibab Augur

    Thats gotta be it, because outside of the group missions that reflect the raids i 2 boxed my mer partisans nd group missions (again exuding those mentioned above) as a tds raid tank, but enslaver? I guess i could see that
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